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"Designer Clownfish" (Amphiprion) ⠀

Designer Clownfish with their unusual patterns make them very popular with hobbyists who appreciate unique specimens. ⠀

Who has Designer Clownfish in their aquarium? Post a picture we'd love to see them! ⠀
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Went on a whirlwind 5 hour visit to Monaco today. It did not disappoint! 🇲🇨

The Colour Purple
Keeping on a purple theme from yesterday’s shot of a jelly, here’s a distant but less mobile relative, an anemone.
Seen here balled up, they do this at certain times of day.
Cnidaria like jellyfish and anemones are animals, which some folk are surprised to discover.
They’re also somewhat carnivorous too, ensnaring some fish with their stinging tentacles. However a large proportion of these anemones are fed with nutrients extracted from the ClownFish and Porcelain crabs faeces, that live within their protective arms.
From a photo point of view I’ve deliberately included a diver as it gives some context to a reef scene like this, and is useful for non divers to gain a sense of scale.
Even if that scale is somewhat exaggerated by the use of a fisheye lens!!

My birthday present to myself: a new fishy. Everyone meet Phoenix the flame angel.
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What do you grow in your refugium? #mangotango

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