Is there anything cuter than a bright fluffy bum? Now the weather is warming up, let’s get some fluff love happening! Share your gorgeous fluffy bums and help spread the cloth love! Don’t forget to tag the cloth nappy shop you got them from and let them know how much you love your nappies!
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So in love with my little niece. She’s already being my little eco warrior wearing her reusable cloth nappy. So proud @bre_wright90 💖

With nappies this cute, why wouldn't you?? 🤷 Junie totally agrees 😄
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Rainy days call for Sunshine! ☀️ #HolaOrion

This print makes all of my Lisa Frank-80’s baby dreams come true. Chasing Rainbows by @smartbottoms. Thanks for the awesome placement @naturalokiebaby! 🦄 #SmartBottoms #SmartBottomsChasingRainbows #NaturalOkieBaby #unicorn #clothdiaper #ecotoddler #ClothIsCuter #MakeClothMainstream #DiapersInTheLaundryNotInALandfill #LisaFrank #girlmom

We can't wait for this print to come back in stock! Rumour has they're only a few weeks away 😍😍😍 Stay tuned
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📷 @emilykcreative

Strawberries: What a wonderful afternoon supporting our local strawberry farm and such a treat eating all the juicy berries! Love the solid coloured @bedhead_hats and the red looked stunning in the strawberry patch! Can’t wait to pair this hat with Ford’s @bubblebubs Candies - going to make a cute summer outfit!

Do you have a school, kindy, community organisation or charity group that is looking for a fundraiser that's a bit different? Sick of the lammington and pie drives, the constant boxes of Freddo frogs and The Entertainment book that always gets left at home when you really need it?
Well, we have teamed up with Seedling Baby to bring you this awesome Wet Bag Drive! It's pretty simple really, we supply you with everything you need to put together a great fundraiser, you get orders from your community of these gorgeous wet bags for only $25 each, you return the order forms to us and then we get the wet bags to you to deliver. Plus, your school, kindy, community organistaion or charity group gets to keep $10 from each wet bag you sell and you also get to feel good that you are doing something sustainable - win, win really :)
If you are interested in more information, send us an email (info@nestnappies.com.au) and we will get you everything you need :)

The hanger is real || I’m out of the house till after lunch today so to avoid being caught out and having to buy something I’ve packed myself some snacks.
My reusable coffee cup is always with me, Just in case I ‘need’ a coffee - highly likely. So is my drink bottle - I aim to drink 2-3 of these a day. Teaspoon from my cutlery drawer and awesome mini cooler bag that is the perfect size for in my handbag.
Anyone else get insanely hangry??

Honeybuns and company... honeybuns 🐝, sunshine ☀️, and midnight 🖤

I forgot to put the wheelie bin out last night 😒 It’s my least favourite chore (equal with folding washing). This photo represents me at 6:30am this morning when I heard the rubbish truck turn into our street. Our bin isn’t even a quarter full this week so I didn’t have to chase the truck down the street in my PJ’s 😂😂😂. I just rolled over and went back to sleep 😴
Anyone else had to chase down the rubbish truck?

Good morning!: Feet firmly on the ground, ready to run around!

Härligt 18-pack på väg!

Buttons at the playground. Ahoy, Sunshine and Navy.

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