One of our biggest pet peeves over here—when women don’t use their voice and their power to speak up for other women when they most need it. We’ve seen it all too often from the boardroom to you name it other women cowering back from advocating for or lending her support to another woman who in that moment needed it most. Today we are sharing our platform to increase awareness around issues that we see far to often against #womenofcolor We demand #justiceforchikesiaclemons

We learned SO much about how to close the gender pay gap last night! Thank you #DigitalKnack. Here’s a pro-tip from our spirit (salary) guide @cassierosengren. “Stop using the words “I just”, “I was thinking”, “I should” and “maybe” when you are in offer negotiations or discussions on your career advancements. They reek of self-doubt during a conversation you need to be self-assured. You can be direct without being combative.” We’re on top of it! ✅ #WIMMIES #ClosetheGap #wagegap #genderequality #equalpay

Gotta love @plies he joke around but also speak the truth. #CloseTheGap #RaiseMorePoliticians

This might not be a nice perfectly-shot picture as many #instagramers strive for but it also represents life in #chile .
Today I went to #viñadelmar to witness with my own eyes how the mayor was going to react to #corruption accusations and leading the city in a record #deficit of 13.500.000.000 Chilean pesos... Many protesters outside of the building were young people and none of them went inside whereas people at the conference belonged to a much older generation. I don't need to be an expert to see that there is a HUGE gap between generations and I really hope that the #municipality will work in the future on closing this gap. Shouldn't we try to include every citizen from all social classes?
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Hoy fui a #vinadelmar para ver como iba a reaccionar la alcaldeza respecto a las accusaciones de corrupción que dejaron a la ciudad en un déficit de más de 13.500.000.000 pesos. Los #protestas fuera del edificio involucraron muchos jóvenes que no entraron a la charla mientras que la gente en la sala eran casi todos de la tercera edad. No necesito ser experta para saber Que hay una brecha grande entre generaciones y ojalá el municipio trabaje en el futuro hacia la inclusión de otras generaciones.¿No deberíamos hacer un esfuerzo para integrar todas las clases sociales ?
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two lesbians in a gym, 2009 and same two lesbians outside the gym, 2018 #lesbianvisibilityday #closethegap


Oxfam is so excited to be hosting Minister for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Affairs Rachel Stephen Smith at our Close the Gap forum.
Minister Stephen-Smith is an ANU alumni who has formerly worked for the Department of PM and Cabinet and at the Aus Embassy in Washington DC.
She’ll be reflecting on what the ACT Govt is doing to help #CloseTheGap
7:30pm, May 7, Law Lecture Theatre


The national gender pay gap in Australia is 17.3%, that’s a difference of $284.20 in earnings PER WEEK! . Australia also dropped from 15th place on the global gender pay gap in 2006 to 36th place in 2015. As of Nov 2015 - Regions with the highest paygap are
WA- 24.9%
NT – 20%
NSW – 17.9%
QLD 17.6%
VIC – 14%
We must not stay silent any longer. Stand up review your results and your role and learn when to ASK for that much deserved pay rise! My goal with ignite is to empower to do more and be more and to stop being so agreeable. Just imagine if we lived in a world where women were treated as equal! The possibility for economic growth becomes apparent.

So glad I attended the South Carolina Public Health Association Mid Year Conference today. The topic was Mental Health IS Public Health. It was very enlightening. This brother gave an AWESOME presentation on African American Perspective in regards to mental health. Race is topic that normally a topic that makes uncomfortable but its so necessary in eliminating disparities. Dr. Miller kept it "G" & ROCKED it! He's an author of a WHOLE textbook. The inquisitive #geek in me is so excited to read it. #Salute 🙅🏿✊🏿 #positivemales #positiveblackimages #author #professor #socialworker #nurse #publichealthprofessionals #closethegap #eliminatedisparities #SCproud #nofear #holistichealth #holisticnursing #WakandaForever #fortheculture #positiveenergy #goodvibes #joyfullyyours #Godisstillamazing #callusblessed

As #womenatweb facilitators from Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya we are working on bridging the digital gender gap in our region and ensure women are #digitalcitizens @womenatwebtz @dwakademie_training #empowerher #womenintech #closethegap #herAfrica #digitalliteracy #femenistinternet #myfutureisfemale

It’s more to it than protesting or referring to each other as kings & queens 📚
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Never been much of fan of plies music but i support his words here .... #investInthingsofValue

Perhaps my career is leading me to be a politician? #salute #closethegap #true #makeadifference #improvelives

The realest words I've heard all year... #facts #realshit #raisemorepoliticians #closethegap

71% of all new STEM jobs are in computing, yet only 8% of STEM graduates are in Computer Science. That’s a SERIOUS shortage of CS majors.

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A quick selfie with my husband ❤️😊
Gender equality isn't about exclusion it's about standing together in the face of inequality.
One of my favorite quotes from @justinbaldoni is “You can’t begin to talk about gender equality unless you want to also talk about the things that are wrong with traditional masculinity. We have to acknowledge that we are part of the problem." #standtogether #closethegap

Jet setting across the globe to reach a classroom near you. From London to NYC, we have our coaches all over the world instilling the “love” of reading as as we know this is how we “can change the world in a moment”, one reader at a time. #WeLoveReading #ReadABOok #DiscoverAWorld #ChangetheWorld #InAMoment

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