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Give me a sling and I can take on anything! #closeenoughtokiss #babybird

The Boba Wrap in super soft Bamboo is back in stock! Available in two gorgeous neutrals at boba.com 💙

Den bette gut der har haft sig en hård dag, forkølet og nu også med feber 😷 Det er hårdt at være syg for første gang - også for moren, men så er sådan en vikle altså guld værd 💙 handsfreehugs#morlivet#barselsliv#babywearing#closeenoughtokiss

Hello to all of our new Aura Leaf parents out there 👋🏽 we’ve been getting lots of questions lately about the names of each of our colorways. If you’ve just recently joined our tribe, information is in order! Each Aura Leaf colorway is inspired and named after a crystal or stone. It usually reflects the slings appearance but we secretly hoped that you would look up the meaning of each stone or crystal if you were called to. The journey of parenthood stirs up so many emotions that things you may not have dealt with within yourself tend to pop up during this evolutionary time in our lives. It was our subtle way to send our fellow mamas & papas a little hope and encouragement via their Aura Leaf. That they may select a certain colorway, look up its meaning, and find that it was exactly the support they need at this time. For example, this is ✨Sodalite✨ it’s blue color with white or grey markings work with your throat and third eye chakras to connect you more deeply to your intuition. Sodalite eases anxiety and panic attacks and is said to help self expression and self confidence. By balancing out emotions, Sodalite connects your logic to your intuition, allowing you to make clearer and more aligned decisions. With emotions already running high in parenthood, and so much different advice on how to raise our children.... a gentle reminder to delve back into your own intuition- what you already KNOW and FEEL is right for you and your baby- is exactly the hidden message Sodalite and other Aura Leaf slings hold for you ♥️ Do you already have a favourite Leaf? We encourage you to search up the meaning of its name and tell us below 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽if it resonates with you, we’d love to hear !

mama & lil mama 👯💕✨

Don't know what my girl and I would do without our #mobywrap
#closeenoughtokiss #carseatblues #giveittime


The enticing new limited edition range of Soul Onbuhimos are crafted by hand with hand-woven cotton fabric panels beautifully coordinated with our Monochrome cotton fabrics for the base and straps. Each panel features beautiful prints inspired by nature -- falling leaves, delicate paisleys, trailing vines. Stay tuned to know more :)
[Image Description: A woman is carrying a toddler in a Soul Onbuhimo. The woman is looking behind at the child and both of them are smiling.]
#Soulslings #SoulOnbuhnimo #Limitededition #momsofinstagram #babiesofinstagram #babywearingmom #wearallthebabies #carrythem #wovenwrap #babycarrier #attachmentparenting #closeenoughtokiss

I had a fabulous morning talking about Slings and enabling a lovely bunch of mummies to babywear - her is me & my Newborn dolly trying the #NEW Joy and Joe Bamboo Wrap which will be released this weekend!
Order now (before Sat) & use code "JJBAMBOO" to get a 20% discount! (RRP: £36.99)
It's a fabulous sling - comfortable, light, easy to wrap with & comes with a super cute little pixie hat & storage bag 💖
#joyandjoebaby #carrymyjoy #joyandjoebamboo #jjbamboo #stretchywrap #preorderendssoon #babywearinglove #wearallthebabies #closeenoughtokiss #farehamslingmeet #slingswing @marvelsandmeltdowns

Såhär gör du med en ekologisk manduca-sjal. Näin sidot manduca-luomukantoliinan. This is how to tie an organic manduca wraparound sling!

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Today we have lovely tester from #borninabarnfiberarts visiting. I had the lovely opportunity of testing her sister #otherworlds and this is as lovely as her sister. #handwoven #keepingthemclose #closeenoughtokiss #borninabarninsweden @bethannporter #toddlerwearing #bäranära #bärabarn #sjalbarn

This is Julie! She's our demo doll and makes our job a bit easier. She's weighted, and perfect for learning new carries - or for if your baby hasn't arrived yet! Get in touch if you’d like to have a shot of one of our carriers using Julie 😊👶🏼

' Observing you experience the world is an incredible experience for me also. .
Your attention to everything nature has to give us - colours, smells, sounds, shapes.
You are a little #explorer ' .
One of my intentions with creating my brand 'Wild Bloom' is to help new parents to get a deep connection to their babies right from the start. In everyday life we are often overwhelmed by all the work that needs to be done besides caring for our little one. Carrying your baby close to you while still having your hands free to do all the daily tasks is giving you and your baby so many benefits - it is hardly possible to count all the positiv effects and feelings such a good bonding will give you both!
Your Babe will have great value for those bonds you develop througout life - bonding is essential for laying ground for a good self esteem, for emotional balance later in life and research even shows that people connect more deep and lovingly with a partner later in life when they experienced close contact with the caregiver being carried right from the beginning of their journey into life...
Keep your little wild bloom close to your heart.

I går var jeg så heldig å få filme denne fabelaktige jenta i hjemmet hennes💙. Hun viste frem masse reaksjoner, bevegelser og reflekser som vi ser hos nyfødte babyer.
Som takk fikk hun (og mammaen og pappaen) et bæresjal fra KAM Care Design. (der fant hun seg umiddelbart godt tilrette☺️).
Tusen takk til dere som har tatt kontakt og takket ja til at babyen deres kan filmes! Jeg trenger å få filmet enda noen flere babyer under 2 mnd! Babyen kan være rolig, urolig, "sånn passe urolig/rolig"... Alle babyer er like aktuelle!☺️ Om du er gravid og nærmer deg slutten må du også gjerne ta kontakt, så kan vi avtale å møtes etter at babyen din har kommet! Du må bo i/rundt Trondheim. Videoer/bilder vil først og fremst bli benyttet på lukkede medlemssider i Lillemini Medlem, mens noen bilder/korte videosnutter vil bli lagt ut på Insta/face. Som takk får du et Lillemini svøpeteppe eller et elastisk bæresjal fra KAM Care Design. Du får selvsagt opplæring i hvordan du bruker dette! Om dette er aktuelt for deg, ta kontakt på: SMS: 99252054, e-post: epost@lillemini.com eller send en PM på insta/face.
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Don't know what my girl and I would do without our #mobywrap
#closeenoughtokiss #carseatblues #giveittime

Black Friday starts Thursday at 10 am cst!! Checkout our sneak peak!


Wrapsody’s artisan ring slings feature comfort channels that support your back while the lightweight, hand-batiked fabric keeps you cool and happy.

Vorige week kreeg ik de draagdinsdag- tag door van @marjoya.nl . Mijn antwoorden op de vragen en stellingen lees je nu op The Baby Project. Draag jij je kindje ook zo graag? #durftedragen

No, were not speaking double Dutch! These are the names of some popular woven wrap back carries. Have you tried them? What's your go-to back carry?

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