BETA BREAKING - Yesterday’s training session @stronghold_uk was so unstructured.
I had work to handle between climbs.
Very cool friends to be friendly with.
And was pleasantly surprised with an invite to watch a screening of @tommycaldwell the Dawn Wall, with the awesome Strong Hold crew. I decided to ditch my training session, coffee and climbing with @mrcracksandjugs and @imoanchristie wins every time. This white V4/6 was part of my warmup, what I enjoyed most was breaking @alienperspectives set beta. 🤯👊

FREERIDE - I felt elated sending this V4/5 problem last night. The way in which it was sent, brought more joy than the send itself.
A week of feeling weak and destroyed while climbing, meant I was PSYCHED after sending this route with minimal attempts and in a controlled manner. 👊🏾🍑

TRACKSIDE STRUGGLE - I had an awesome (I say that word a lot) weekend in the picturesque Derbyshire countryside, climbing and failing with @mrcracksandjugs.
I arrived in the Peaks without a plan, but left with another project. The classic Trackside 7a boulder problem.
Never before have I grafted so hard and not sent. Playing this clip back, I now know the changes I need to make, but the send will have to wait. 😣🤯

THATGOODGOOD - It’s felt like an eternity since I’ve been psyched about climbing indoors. @archclimbing North has always been a quality bouldering spot and right now they have some great routes bolted. This V2/4 was last nights favourite, the dynamic move looked cooler and more controlled on my flash attempt but whatcha gonna do... Wrapped in @cracksandjugs latest merch and it’s pink for a little extra psych. 🎀👊🏾

THE BAND - The brilliant weather and that bus stop. The sweaty hike and that suitcase. Coffee conversations and steak & ale pie... I love this album. 🥁🐑

THE GREEN TRAVERSE - Pulling faces and strange shapes, while working on the classic Green Traverse.
I’ve had great times climbing with @graxl_lise and @laurinoandrea this summer, and with a few more trips “planned” for the winter. This image serves as a reminder... Warm up and stretch vigorously before turning up at the crag. ☀️❄️

Mr HYDE - Capturing my best side. 👹😂

HERE’S LOOKING AT YOU, CLINT. - Shot by @tallguysdontdyno 👊🏾📸

THE TANK - It’s such a good looking stone. I could have shot this clip from a better “climbers perspective” but the view would have been wasted.
We’re climbing Panzer, a two star pump inducing V4 traverse. After watching this clip again, I have a funny feeling we topped-out too early (I’m still unsure). I loved the psych @kemball @tallguysdontdyno & @laurinoandrea brought to this climb - so here’s the upload.👊🏞

BEAUTIFUL BURBAGE - Funny the way life plays out. On Tuesday the weatherman said this weekend was going to be a disaster, by Thursday the weatherman’s predictions had improved to “really, bad”. We considered cancelling this trip but nothing awesome has ever happened while sitting on your sofa, so we jumped on a train and headed north.
The weatherman wrong, he was so wrong hahaha. Calling the conditions perfect is no exaggeration... someone hand me my sunblock and Bermuda shorts. ☀️🇬🇧 @laurinoandrea @tallguysdontdyno @kemball

“DAH” - The problem that got away. I don’t remember this problems grade, so let’s just call it hard. A clip from my final session @tokeiubud 🌼🌴

I MISS TOKEI - That is all 💚🦎

TOKEI UBUD - After a beautiful day traveling around Bali and an epic afternoon @balibirdparkofficial. I chose to spend some of my evening in Ubud’s best bounding gym. (@tokeiubud is also Ubud’s only climbing gym 😉) .

I was unable to send this 7a when I was full of energy and “new gym psych”. There’s know logical reason I’ll send it now I’m exhausted. 🦎🐘

WE OUT THIS B**** - Our last day in Ubud was filled with colourful markets, traditional weddings, religious festivals, insane traffic and a couple of coconuts. 🥥👰🏽 #loveUbud #I❤️Ubud #compassion #deities #bali #hindu #picoftheday #vscogram #love #baliholiday #balinese #balidaily #baliindonesia #balibible #balikpapan #balilife #karma #temple #gardenofthegods #clintyclimbing #vsco #love #ihateheights #beautiful #inlovewiththecoco #markets #imoutthisbitch #wedding #shopping

TOKEI UBUD - This problem and the green route in the background were some of my personal favs. They contained a bit of everything, dynamic moves, high feet, powerful lock offs and a beautiful rose move. I never did manage to match the last hold on this 7a+ but enjoyed the process.

@mbirama I love your work Dude. 👊🏾👌🏾

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