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THROW UP - My favourite climb from yesterday’s #harrowall session, A competition style V2/4. This is the second take, moments before the heel on my slip-on climbing shoe decided to slip off. I sent the project but the clip looked untidy, aided by laces here I go again.🤮👏

HARRO’WALL - Was this much fun... Leo perfectly displaying exactly how much fun we had @harrowall opening night this Friday. This place and the vibe was amazing! 👏👯‍♀️

HAND OFF 2 - This is my second pro climber “hand off”. Previously I lost to the awesome @alexhonnold, the images are in my Instagram feed some where. This week I compared my delicate hands to the inspirational Nina Caprez, the results are easy to see.🖐😅 Thanks @ninacaprez it was such a pleasure catching up with you.

NINA CAPREZ | ARC’TERYX PICCADILLY | #BEAWERSOME - I’m not one for writing inspirational quotes, they’re easy to type and often the writer rarely backs them up. I do believe in actively trying to inspire someone everyday. I refer to it as “being awesome”. Help a friend or stranger feel awesome, be awesome for someone else, or just show them how awesome they actually are.
Arc’teryx Piccadilly, Nina and Jen thanks again for Tuesday night, the event was inspirational, you guys are awesome. 👊💭

ARC’TERYX PICCADILLY | NINA CAPREZ - On Tuesday night @arcteryxpiccadilly welcomed @ninacaprez from the mountains and into my favourite city. I can’t thank them or Nina enough for such a fantastic inspiration filled evening.
Crack climbing has been on my climbing bucket list for a minute and now caving is right up there with it.
PHOTO: This picture was shot by the lovely Arc’teryx team. ⚡️🧠

“SMALL STEPS” - A fun dynamic V6/8+ from Stronghold’s current black circuit. Not the sort of V6/8+ I mentioned in my last post and I am sure climbing it statically would increase the difficulty. It may be an easy climb... but it still counts... 👣🤷‍♂️

TRY HARD - I have spent a ridiculous amount of time at Stronghold in the past week, all in the name of self improvement. I aim to climb their black V6/8+ grades and in the pursuit of wanting to climb them consistently I have learnt a vital lesson.
TRY HARD... Work hard, train hard, pull hard, press hard stay focused and then try even harder. 🚫🛌

ROCK CITY V6 - Friday nights ProblemSolver and Strongboard session DONE!

It’s been another good week at Stronghold. I haven’t sent any black projects but my progression on them and their 45° Strongboard now feel larger than microscopic.
From the few black V6/8+ projects I’ve been brave enough to attempt, this is most definitely the favourite. The moves are supercool, even if I can’t pull them off yet. 💪😂

ROCKCITY V6 - As promised I’ve been motivating myself and projecting a couple of Stronghold’s black V6/8 problems. Aspiring to better myself can be so uninspiring, “climbing” the 45° Strongboard and V6/8 routes means I’m falling off absolutely everything, I never realised how comfy these crash mats are.
Four days in and something clicked, the improvement was microscopic but I felt and saw it... I love this process. 〰️🔬

BLACK DAB - Sunday night @stronghold_uk and the last of their “easier” white problems went down. The remaining whites are hard and overhung, which is a good thing. If I want to climb better I need to project the harder routes and dabble in their black circuit more.
In my next session I need to find, film and fall off my second black route. ⚫️⚪️

CLIMBING HOLDS - Sunday afternoon on Stongholds beautiful Strongboard. 👾🤯

I’ve obviously returned to bouldering full time. I love sports climbing but have climbing strength and bouldering grade goals I have every intention of achieving. My plan is to lead climb once a week. Hopefully this will help maintain my stamina and keep the falling fear at bay. 🍋🧗‍♀️

PURPLE IS THE NEW BLACK - Colour coordinated crushing. 6BPLUS 🍆😈

Back @thecastleclimbingcentre climbing lead with a bunch of new friends.
I was there for a short lead session, before what turned out to be an AMAZING “climbers dinner”. 🥐🧀

TRAINING DAY - It has been nearly two wonderful years since I began climbing. With only a single climbing related injury requiring a lengthy break away from the wall, I decided last week was the ideal time to start climbing specific training.

Long ago the guys @archclimbing advised me not to consider finger boards, not until I had been climbing for at least two years. This weeks not quite my second year anniversary but now feels like the right moment to apply some @eric_horst and @eva_lopez_rivera science to my climbing.
I don’t have any training targets yet, I’m simply looking forward to any improvements training brings. Today was also my first send on the 45° Strong Board, another training tool I’m excited to get stuck into. 💪👨‍🏫

TWO WHITES - I decided to work, train and climb at Stronghold this afternoon. Working from a climbing gym brings me one step closer to living the dream.

One week back bouldering and I’m feeling and pulling on strong again. After this afternoons finger board session, I managed to flash one white V4/6 problem and send another. This lock-off to lock-off route was my favourite.🥛🐇

LADY ROSE V2/V4 - Don’t you just love it when the last hold isn’t the end of the struggle... @clare__rose climbing and squeaking her way up the Stronghold top-out last night. 👊🏼🐭

STRONG TEAM - Another good day at Stronghold, I spent the latter part of the afternoon crushing and joking with the Stronghold Crew. Unlike the amazingly talented ladies, I didn’t flash this white top-out V4 problem but with a little beta help from Alessio we all got it done. ✊✅

CAFFEINATED CRUSH - I love introducing climbers to @stronghold_uk. Everyone’s initial reactions are different but I’m yet to meet a committed climber who hasn’t thoroughly enjoyed their first session.
@ismini99 was know different at first the accurately graded V1/2 problems felt too demanding, then the caffeine and her mojo kicked in... After that nothing less than heel hocking and pinching her way up their sketchy V4/6 routes would do. 🙋🏻‍♀️☕️

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