BOC CREW - Two years ago @BocCrew was just a powerful, emotion triggering video I stumbled on by mistake. After a day in the company of @mikhail_martin I’m excited for the future of climbing. In the United States, United Kingdom and the world wide climbing community... Watch this space!

Check-out the Boc Crew on Instagram, YouTube and social media. I look forward to hearing what you think? 👊🏾🌍

THE MIKHAIL CONNECT - Friday was a very cool day!
I spent the afternoon climbing, eating and drinking with @mikhail_martin, co- founder of @boccrew and an all round inspiring Dude.

While climbing the entire competition circuit at my home gym @stronghold_uk , we discussed how to make a positive impact on the world’s climbing scene by introducing more diversity into our climbing community.
It was surprising to discover the different challenges and similarities people in our two countries share, but refreshing to hear that the solutions are relatively simple. 👩🏾🧔🏻

ALMOST VEGAN - This picture was taken twelve days ago, this post marks the end of my Peak & Dorset insta feed. Although I’ve climbed outside since then, it feels so long ago already... Time for another trip I think.

ALSO... I saved a lamb from a painful death, I’m almost a vegan. 🌱🐑

KICKIN IT WID THE KOOL KIDZ - Climbing and chilling with goood people while in Dorset a week ago.

N.B. The women on belay is @jessgribble and she’s Awesome! 🕶🍉

NINE YEARS ABSENCES - I enjoyed climbing this line, I even enjoyed falling from it but, I wasn’t really happy until I sent it.
“It’s taking part that counts”... Who are you trying to kid, that quote drives me insane. I’m climbing a gigantic rock, getting to the top is what counts. 🤷‍♂️🌟

I LOVE TO HATE CLIMBING - That love hate relationship only rock climbing can yield. You love being at one with mother nature, you love spending time with friends. Yet every so often, normally half way up a route you can’t understand why you put yourself though it and scare yourself silly. You actually hate climbing... Until you clip the anchors and the world becomes all lovely again. 💛💔

I was successful in sending a couple of 6A’s and this 6A+, while climbing in Winspit Quarry. “Think About It” the route featured in this video, was the longest and most challenging.
The send wouldn’t have been a smooth without beta help and a belay from @mr_cf... THANK YOU DUDE 👊🏾🎯

SUN KISSED DORSET - The same sunny day but a different location. The same canvas home but a different, equally as awesome squad. A different rock type but the same climbing goals, have the best time possible, climbing a 6A or higher. 🌞🧗🏻‍♀️

SUNSET ON THE PEAKS - The last three days climbing in the Peak District have been absolutely amazing. This climbing adventure was stuffed with so many mini adventures and cool people but now @jdubtubtubber @cracksandjugs and I have to leave.

I still have enough energy, psych and skin left to keep climbing so will be travelling 393 kilometres south. I’m en route to Sunny Dorset and more climbing shenanigans. 🚙👋

BOULDER PAD PARTY - Our third and final day in the Peaks and the sun was blazing.
It was so hot my eyeballs were sweating. Fortunately the rock @cracksandjugs chose to climb was shaded from the sun.
The Green Traverse Boulder is covered by a massive tree canopy, it’s the perfect problem to project in this heat and the perfect location for a “boulder party”. 🤸🏻‍♀️🎈

HARPUR HILL - Day two in the Peak and it was all about lead climbing.
When people mention climbing in the Peak District they’re normally referring to bouldering or trad climbing, but the area has some decent (if extremely windy) sports routes.
This was my second time climbing lead outdoors ergo my goals where simple, climb a 6A or higher cleanly, climb it well and have fun. The session went as planned I managed a couple of 6A’s Sleeping Sickness being my fave and my first 6B named Sleep On It.💨 🧗‍♂️

NOBODY’S BUSINESS P3 - 15 minutes before this shot we were total strangers. By the time @jdubtubtubber CRUSHED our team send boulder it felt we were old friends. 😎✋

NOBODY’S BUSINESS P2 - Half way up the slab section of Nobody’s Business, The climb finishes at the right hand side of the smaller boulder... A Sweet Team Send👊🏾💚

NOBODY’S BUSINESS - From sitting at the slot in the slabby side of the boulder, climb into the groove above 6B. @cracksandjugs climbing the first of our team send boulders. 👊🏼✋

IT’S NOT A PEBBLE - September 2017 was the first time I laid eyes on Deliverance, back then the line looked impossible. Half a year later and the 7B+ dyno now appears achievable. I didn’t manage the send on this trip, but it’s nothing a little climbing gym training won’t fix.

After attempting and failing at Deliverance I decided it was best to save my skin (It had to last a week outdoors) and try something new. The featured video was the “weekends” first send, the line is called Pebble Arête 5+. Played back in double time. 🌈🗽

SET FREE - If we’re heading to the Peaks then of course The Pebble and Deliverance we’re on our radar. Standing at nearly three times my height (of 6ft4”), the thought of sending any classic Pebble problem was impossible for my ego to resist.
A send here would also tick one of three goals I had set for this trip. 🤯👊 @cracksandjugs

THE GREAT PERSUASION - Our plan was simple, we didn’t actually have one. Climbing outdoors was the only concrete decision we made, after that we just went with the flow.
Whenever @cracksandjugs and I embark on an adventure, the coolest most random, karma infused events usually take place.

We managed to blag a free car and then decided to head towards the Peaks. Before leaving London we were gifted a weekend’s supply of delicious fresh fruit. We adopted a lovely lady from more than 5700 miles away and spent the next three days crushing all over Derbyshire (Hey @jdubtubtubber ). We even managed to hustle a free camping pitch two minutes drive from the crag, when lodgings in the entire area was sold out... There is so much more to say and write but I’m bored of typing so here’s a photo. 🌞🌾

ENDEAVOUR - Climbing and finger training, flexibility, body position and pig headed determination are all things I need to work harder on. The grind never changes, the harder I climb the harder I have to work at these and the more important they become. 🏜🤸🏾‍♂️

ALONE ON THE WALL - Everyday on the wall’s a good day! 🌑😁

SUSTAINED - I’ve never felt like my climbing’s hit a plateau, two years on the wall and my climbing career is still blossoming at a satisfying rate of knots.
This problem is the longest most sustained @stronghold_uk V6/V8+ climb I’ve projected. The aim is to send in three sessions or less, although the moves exiting the tunnel and heading towards the finish are so impressive, struggling on this climb for longer would still prove rewarding.
“Nothing happens before it’s time.” (Quoting my gran) 👵🏽🧠

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