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I've battled #clinicaldepression for years and years and years...... My mommy just said this to me, and it helped...... Maybe it will help you too.

It's World Mental health day and on this day many people and myself are fighting a battle.
I was taken out of school for 3 months when I was in primary school because I had a serious bout of depression.
I was put on medication but not consistently and because of the lack of proper diagnosis I kept falling in and out of deep depression all throughout High School.
I went to university and failed a subject twice, was told I am lazy and missed countless classes because I couldn't get out of bed. I couldn't get out of bed for a week. I was tired of being miserable.
After 4 suicide attempts I finally decided to get help and was diagnosed with clinical depression and was put on chronic medication.
I have friends, family and in a healthy relationship.
I am working and getting encouraged and praised to create more.
However, I am high functioning. I might laugh, smile, go out to socialise and dance, but I have depression and it will always be with me.
I will always be sad and I have to convince myself that suicide is not the answer.

If you know that someone in your life is suffering with a mental illness please take the time to check in. The amount of times someone reached out to me while I was thinking of suicide is ridiculous. It doesn't take much to be kind.

This is what depression looks like.

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Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's #clinicaldepression

First, @mainedcm called our attention to it. Now, it is a serious ALDUB tele-movie on #clinicaldepression . LOVE IS.... on Oct 21, 2017 @eatbulaga1979 @noivcalderon

Glad dad made the drive to Athens, sucks that it was for this game #clinicaldepression

The days are getting easier. Living is getting better. The thought of “the end” is getting farther away. Smiling is effortless. Getting out of bed isn’t a struggle. Crying is a thing of my past. I’ve never been one who liked the thought of needing medicinal help for my issues. I thought being that sad was normal, and that everyone was just as good at hiding it as I was. Never wanted to be on “happy pills” But I was low. The absolute lowest I’d ever been. I wanted to run my car off the road anytime I was behind the wheel. I thought about watching myself die in other people’s eyes. I thought about taking one too many pills. I would think about all the ways I could stop the hurting and the sadness. Then I would think about my son and pull myself together to make it through the day. It has been this way for many many months. Until one day I knew that if I didn’t get help I’d die soon. And that thought terrified me. So I made an appointment and got myself on the road to recovery. It’s ok to need help. It’s ok to NOT BE OK. It’s ok to need a little boost or something to stop the pain. Happy pills make it possible for me to live my life again. I’m getting better. One day at a time. #mentalillness #mentalhealthawareness #clinicaldepression #happypills #roadtorecovery

Don't let anyone shame you for having a mental disorder or feeling sad. You're human you're allowed to cry, get mad, and be tired. This was not for "attention" this is to show you that it's ok to be young and a little sad, but never to give up. It's ok to ask for help and it's ok you don't need to be happy all the time. ♡
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Don't let anyone shame you for having a mental disorder or feeling sad. You're human you're allowed to cry, get mad, and be tired. This was not for "attention" this is to show you that it's ok to be young and a little sad, but never to give up. It's ok to ask for help and it's ok you don't need to be happy all the time. ♡
#nichememes #nichememe #niche #meme #anxiety #depression #social#socialanxiety #clinicaldepression #starterpack

Clinical Depression Treatment – What You Need To Know #ClinicalDepression, #ClinicalDepressionTreatment

I don’t know if any of y’all are religious. I personally don’t consider myself religious. But CS Lewis is someone that really matters to me. His book A Grief Observed is a beautiful meditation on loss and grief. I’d give it a look. #depression #clinicaldepression #beinghonestinahardplace #sexaddictions #depressed #anxiety #panicattacks #grief
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The book is available on Kindle at a special price until launch tomorrow. “Full Circle - Building Resilience in Business and Life from the Jagged Edges of PTSD”.
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It’s always strange to revisit a place where, many years ago, you used to spend a lot of time. Especially when that place, in your mind, is tied to someone who is no longer a part of your life.
I was referred; by my GP, to Birmingham Healthy Minds for an assessment. It was suggested to me that I might benefit from some CBT, to help me with my relationship with disordered eating.
The woman who assessed me today, her name was Hollie, was incredible. The way she spoke to me, her tone of voice, put me at ease from the moment she introduced herself. She told me how much time we’d have to talk and walked me through what she was interested in covering with me. She told me her objectives, reassured me about confidentiality and helped me fill out one of those “In the last 2 weeks I’ve felt...” forms. She read the notes that I wrote and told me that they were a better summery than what she sees from some Doctors!
And then I talked, I cried, I told her about my experiences over the last two years and I feel like I accurately portrayed what I needed to. Hollie was incredibly professional AND empathetic, as I opened up to her. She gave me room, she made eye contact and gently nudged me into providing her with what she needed to help me.
I’ve had SO FUCKING MANY of these assessments now. I’ve always found them difficult. My history is long and complicated and professionals have never hesitated to make me fully aware of that (like I didn’t already know) until today.
We agreed that CBT would be good for me and she assured me that she could tell that I was willing to put in the work - of which there would be lots and it will be hard. She also made me understand much more about why I need “break” period, between leaving Group and having further therapy, which I have hated the thought of in the past. I should be starting at some time in January.
This has been a massive breakthrough in my quest to find suitable, short term, professional support, to help me manage my mental health. I could weep. In fact, I have... A lot.
Don’t give up, gang. The right help for you is out there and, if you feel like you need it, I urge you to not stop looking until you find it!

Depression is a real medical condition that affects so many dear sisters...Did you know that women are twice as likely to experience depression than men? Here's the thing, it looks different in different people.
📍Some women have a somatic presentation: this means that their depression manifests physically. Chronic fatigue, chronic headaches and body cramps are all physical problems that can be rooted in depression. 📍Other women experience depression in an emotional manner. Signs include persistent sadness, hopelessness, tearfulness, and sleep problems. A classic sign of depression is called "early morning awakening" when one wakes up before their alarm clock. 📍Depression is categorized as "major depression" if it lasts for at least two weeks. - many women suffer from “adjustment depression,” meaning they experience a depression reaction to stressors in their life or a life change. These symptoms typically dissipate with time. 📍Depression is not a spiritual problem! It's a psychological problem due to complex factors including hormone imbalance, neurochemicals, stress hormones, genetic vulnerabilities, and thinking styles.
📍If you experience depression, it's not a personal failing or character flaw, it's a medical condition. Friend, you deserve treatment. Take heart in knowing that this doesn't reflect on your virtue or beauty as a woman of Christ. 📍Depression is isolating, and increasing social support is a key step to recovery. I fervently believe that Christ never wants us to suffer alone, and that's why He instituted the Church. I encourage women with depression to make it known - step into the light with trusted family and community. Maybe that means asking your priest for prayer and blessing, starting a novena for recovery, or seeking spiritual direction. 🙏As vital as prayer and spiritual healing is, it is not a replacement for psychotherapy and medications to treat depression. 📝A note on suicide: If you ever experience suicidal thoughts that are placing your safety at risk, you need to get IMMEDIATE help. That means going to the ER or calling 911. You can also call the National Crisis Line (1-800-273-8255). Dr. Rose 🌹

Charles Manson died yesterday, today. Parents talked. We listened. Never will forget. Guess he is now learning that what goes around, comes around. Circumstance is everything. We humans are a weird lot. #philosopher #lifeawayfromlife #kindness #fabulousworld #artanddesign #contemporaryart #coconuts #clinicaldepression #abstractart #srilanka #srilankaness #tatemodern #ngvmelbourne #notmainstream

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Johnny's back unharmed. Cocky. Confident. Vagabond debonnaire. Realise he's a roamer like me, anywhere is home. It's nice to see him. #rain #artforum #artanddesign #abandoned #dogs #clinicaldepression #life #fabulousworld

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