Youth lead the way. They should just be able to be kids, you know? Instead they’re out on the street screaming to the city of Seattle and the rest if the world that we are in a climate crisis and we need to change the way we are doing shit now before it is too late to turn back... which we pray it isn’t already. Will we be able to tell our children (biological or of the soul) from our deathbeds that we did EVERYTHING we could? Even if that only meant showing up for them when they needed us most? #youthleadtheway #climatejustice #climatejusticenow #seattle #thisiszerohour #parenting #motherhood #mothering #motherearth #pachamama #feminine #kids #youth #plantfortheplanet #350seattle #father #fatherhood

At the Earth Avengers workshop at #ERYEucc did a great food map of a beef taco to illustrate how we are complicit in environmental and social justice issues in the choices we make every day. Thanks to our illustrators and to all who participated! #climatejusticenow #foodjustice #environmentaljustice

Ireland Becomes First Major Country to Divest from Fossil Fuels.
After passing through all houses of government the plan to divest from over 150 fossil fuel companies will take affect in September. Ireland will be the first major country to take such a bold step in combatting man made climate change. $350 million will be divested from the fossil fuel industry.
The move came from their commitment to meet goals set at the Paris Climate Agreement.
Let's see the green wave set by the Green Isle sweep the world!
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We are so proud of our friend Tammy, who will be marching with @thisiszerohour in Washington DC on July 21st. The youth are the future, and this is Zero Hour to act on climate change. 🌎
Raise the climate sign high and proud!

#youthriseup #ThisIsZeroHour #climatechange #actonclimate #climatejusticenow

Why do you support the Portland Clean Energy Fund?

#climatejusticenow #pcef #cleanenergy

In der Schweiz gibt es dieses Jahr wieder die @climategames.ch in Basel. Dieses Mal vom 3.-13. August und am 10. & 11. August finden die Aktionstage statt. Mit einer kleinen Überschneidung lässt sich das sogar mit dem Camp und den Aktionstagen in Leipzig verbinden ;) Das dritte Foto ist übrigens in Freiburg entstanden. Dort findet ihr inzwischen auch an vielen Orten unsere Sticker. #systemchangenotclimatechange #endcoalnow #climatejusticenow #pödelwitzbleibt #kohleerSetzen

Viele fleißige Hände haben viele Stunden lang Banner gemalt und hatten dabei viel Spaß :)
Nächstes Mal kannst auch Du dabei sein - einfach unsere facebook page im Blick behalten.

#klimacampmuenchen #klimacamp2018 #klimacamp #klimagerechtigkeit #climatejustice #climatejusticenow #bannerdesign

After a rainy day we were very glad to make it to #Manila from ElNido. The locals we’re getting ready for the #TyphoonMaria #climatechange always hits the poor hardest. We all need an urgent transition to a greener world 🗺 through #climatejusticenow

Ein weiteres produktives Arbeitstreffen in den Räumen der WoGeNo. Du willst mitmachen? Schreib uns an info@klimacamp-muenchen.org oder schau auf facebook vorbei :)
#klimacamp #klimacampmuenchen #klimacamp2018 #climatejustice #climatejusticenow #klimagerechtigkeit #klimaschutz

Sarah Taylor of the 350pdx North Portland neighborhood team gave us a tour of some of the fossil fuel infrastructure in Portland yesterday. It’s shocking to see this “Pipeline Crossing” sign right at the bottom of Cathedral Park. NoPo is home to too many “industrial sanctuaries,” read: dangerous, toxic, fossil fuel infrastructure, and oil tanks.

#keepitintheground #waterislife #climatejusticenow #cathedralpark #olympicpipe

In awe of the stories that @ourclimatevoices is working to generate into this world. As @ourclimatevoices shares: "When the collective impact of climate change disproportionately affects low-income people, women, and people of color, it is illogical, and immoral, that only a select few have the platform to speak about environmental injustice. This is our world and our earth. New voices bring both fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to climate change.” Through carving out the space to listen, OCV is offering intimate insight into what a community-powered future can look like. I feel grateful to know and be inspired by founder @clairealetta & was particularly impacted by Azaria Mendoza's story this week given our shared landscape. Notes Mendoza of @thisiszerohour: “For oppressive systems to change, we have to have confidence that we can make a difference. We must believe that freedom, liberation, and a fossil fuel-free world are possible in our lifetime." Here's to continuing to build the world we want through story & sustainability & sacred activism. 📷@austindrawhorn

In my natural habitat #ClimateJusticeNow #ActOnClimate

A message to all of you - our wonderful supporters around the country: "It was incredible to look around at the sea of orange at the Our Climate Your Say Wellington public meeting! People kept coming up to me and congratulating Generation Zero on all the hard work we've put in to get the #ZeroCarbonAct to where it is today.
We're all part of something that is changing history and people really do care about it!" - Lisa McLaren (ZCA National Convener)
THANK YOU for being part of our movement. Even by encouraging just one other person to support this proposed climate law, you can make a difference <3
[Photograph is of Lisa at the Zero Carbon Bill meeting at Pipitea Marae, standing to ask the question, "how will the Government ensure the principles of climate justice and honouring Te Tiriti o Waitangi are embedded into the #ZeroCarbonAct in a very practical way?"- credit to Rick Zwaan]
#allthefeels #zerocarbonact #realclimateaction #wellington #love #marae #ourclimateyoursay #climatejustice #climatejusticenow #nz

Activism isn't always protests, sometimes activism is storytelling.
It can be exchanging bits of your home & culture with different people so they know why/what you're fighting for and that they should be fighting for theirs too.


Don’t dump on our future! When companies dump toxic waste in our communities it is our children who are the most vulnerable. Pictured here is one of our youngest Greenaction members wearing her #Greenaction shirt this weekend at the IEN Protecting Mother Earth conference.
We do this work with and for the children because we care about ensuring and protecting their right to a healthy future. When we do this work we know that no hearing is too long, no protest is too loud, and no action is too risky. When it comes to protecting our children and their future, we are all in!
#children #futuregenerations #riseforclimate #climatejusticenow #health4all #greenaction #environmentalist #environmentaljustice #cleanitup #protectourplanet

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