It was great to stand in support of START HERE, START NOW, @EHCSanDiego's environmental justice assessment of the Climate Action Plan. The time is NOW for safe, efficient, transit for San Diego! #InvestInEJ #ClimateJusticeNow

Wir sind am Wochenende dabei und wollen mit euch gemeinsam in die Aktion zivilen Ungehorsams von @ende__gelaende gehen! Hierfür wollen wir uns bereits auf dem Camp treffen und organisieren. Treffpunkt ist das Infozelt auf dem Camp!
#kohleersetzen #kohleersetzengoesendegelaende #endegelände #climatejusticenow #hambibleibt

Rehearsing for our upcoming Climate for Change event. 27th October, Cuttleslowe Community Centre, 3-5pm. Email implexa.dance@gmail.com for more information. Be there! #performingarts #contemporary #implexadance #contemporary #dance #contemporarydance #auditions #climatejustice #climatejusticenow #performance #performanceart

I’ve BEEN avoiding talking about the recent @IPCC report. When I read about it, I felt scared and despondent and I didn’t know how to speak about it with optimism. Many people responded by saying we should be making small changes, but in my heart I knew that this problem is about so much more than that. It’s about government and corporations coming to the party too.

For anyone who doesn’t know, the report describes how the world has a mere 12 years to turn things around in order to limit rising temperature to 1.5ºC and prevent the ultimate and unstoppable climate change catastrophe.

First things first, I’ve realised such gloomy forecasts are bound to make us feel this way - but they don’t have to! According to Nobel Prize winner of Economics, Paul Romer, it is definitely possible to reduce carbon emissions enough in this time.

So what are some of the things we CAN do?
Speak up!! Voice your concerns to government and support local movements like @350Africa and Earthlife Africa who are working tirelessly to hold leaders accountable to the realities of science and the principles of climate justice.
Support your local divestment movement like @fossilfreeSA who are pushing asset managers to make it possible for people to invest in clean energy and take their money out of the fossil fuel industry.
Eat no/less meat and dairy and eat seasonally available, local produce.
Fly less and drive less - walk, carpool, take public transport, cycle.
Refuse and reduce plastic use.
Save water and energy.
Don’t waste food / let food waste go to landfill #compostthatshit.
Remember that just because this will take mass action, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t act! Even in the face of the scariest possibilities, I vote for climate optimism and action! 🌍

Absolutely incredible turnout at the demo against fracking today at PNR. Really hard to estimate but we reckon over a thousand! And Lula was so well-behaved too! So happy to see the #frackfreethree rallying the crowd to take direct action against #fossilfuels
#climatejusticenow! #plummerterrier 💚

"Ang mga puno't halaman, bakit kailangang lumisan?" #ClimateJusticeNow

October 13 dawned with the season’s first frost and a chilly breeze off Lake Michigan in Chicago’s long stretch of lakeside prairies south of McCormick Place.
The cold northeast breeze brought plenty of birds to this little-known nature sanctuary and participants on the Chicago Ornithological Society-Sierra Club trip had good looks at some of the 35 species found on the trip and fleeting glimpses of many sparrows that popped up out of the prairie grass and right back down out of sight.

Frack Off Tag Oil

NOTHING has ever been more important in human history, to fight for than Climate Justice. This isn't funny, it cannot be ignored any longer. We MUST unite, sacrifice and make radical changes. We WILL fucking die- everyone from the most innocent new born to most prominent and wealthy individual WILL DIE, WELL WITHIN THEIR LIFETIME. There is no escape from the planet and making it inhabitable seels our fate. Make every excuse you like but the bottom line is, those excuses won't amount to a single thing when you're unable to protect your child, your family or your loved ones from the very ball of dirt they live on.

There is no room for "polite discussion" or personal beliefs- because that's what it is if you choose to turn a blind eye. Your choice. Scientific fact is God's gift of reason to the human race, don't be a dumb ape. Why would you want to smack God in the face by continuing to defile the beautiful habitat we have been given? Money's great and so are jobs, when the human race isn't near Extinction. A lot of good all of that money will do when you have no access to water or food. Resources run out, we need to atone and put forth some effort. It's inconvenient? So is a blistering hell on Earth. Maybe this is God's way of punishing us for not appreciating and properly taking care of what was given to us... Why continue to be ingreats? I don't know about you, but I believe in redemption and that you can change.

Climate Justice isn't a choice, anymore than you're given the choice of freedom or prison, if you've killed someone- Justice is for all, not just one.

I'm not religious however I was raised as such. At this point I'm willing to do anything to save the planet and that means getting through to as many people as I can. Please help me fight. There are so many resources online to guide you on how to help.

#climatejustice #climatejusticenow

Dr. Sarah Stapleton from the University of Oregon College of Education will present tonight on Framing Climate Change Education Around Social Justice to Engage Broader Audiences.
Her presentation coincides with National Earth Science Week and Global Climate Change Week. Her presentation is tonight (10/15) in building 19 room 226 from 4-5:30pm and is open to the public. We hope to see you all there!
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Soest! Lasst uns singen! Der Klimaprotest ist überall, auch bei uns! Erhebt eure Stimme.

Treffpunkt ist am Mittwoch um 18 Uhr auf dem Marktplatz Soest.
Wir bringen Songtexte mit, ihr eure (auch gerne ungeübten) Stimmen.
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Amazing night watching ANOTE’S ARK and a Q&A with former president Anote Tong. An amazing film highlighting the issue of climate change and the risks facing the island republic, Kiribati. It is one the of first nations to experience climate migration as their islands increasingly experience flooding from sea level rise. A powerful and timely film in light of the recent IPCC report saying we have about 10-12 years to make prolific action against climate change.
#anotesark #worthawatch #effa2018 #climatechange #climatejusticenow #todaynottomorrow #actnow #globalproblem #notnationalproblem #cutemissionsnow

Climate change does not respect border, it does not respect who you are - rich and poor, small and big. Therefore, this is what we call global challenges, which require global solidarity. —————————-——————————-———— Ban Ki-moon 🌍♻️✊🏽 #hambibleibt #climatejusticenow

Scenes from the March for Climate Action in Geneva, Switzerland on 13 October, 2018, which was part of a Europe-wide series of demonstrations to demand Action on climate change. Activists from the Global Campaign to reclaim people's sovereignty, dismantle corporate power and stop impunity joined in the march.
There is need for urgent global action to avoid a climate catastrophe, and one UN Treaty may be the beginning of a solution.
#BindingTreaty #StopCorporateImpunity #corporatepower #UNHCR #UN #Geneva #Capitalism #Resistance #stoplandgrabbing #globaljustice #justice #climatejustice #climatejusticenow

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