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Thank you for your chemistry too 😍

#CLIF4 #lastepisode #thankyouforwatchingmyphotos

Thank you for our chemistry in #Clif4! So is it a Yes or a No? 🌹 #警徽天职4 #thecelebrityagency

Coming to u 6sept 9pm ch8....#警徽天职4 #CLIF4 #viewing@newCampus #mediacorp

越拍越像真警察。Right? 😜😜😂😂 #clif4

It has started! Are you here yet? Quick rush down now! #clif4

So that was my first LIVE radio interview! Hope you were listening to YES 933FM earlier today!
Really had a great time chatting with the awesome DJs @limpeifen @jefffgoh

And don't forget to catch tonight's episode of 《CLIF 4》! See you on TV tonight!

#CLIF4 #警徽天职4 #yes933

🤓🤓😍😍💪🏻💪🏻 #Repost @ch8sg with @repostapp
Having problems putting together the clues to form the address? It's SSSGT Teo Kwee Xiang to the rescue! For those who have yet to play, head on over to @special_investigation_section_ now! Submit the correct answer and you could unlock Round 2 with a surprise instore. Let's go!

A warmth and sweet hug between both of them ! Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers in the world 🌹 miss you En, it just like back to those days which is lack of updates of her
#ruien #瑞恩 #huangzhijie #clif4

选美 出院 了
#警徽天职4 #CLIF4


Reunion of the CLIF 4 team lol! 😎😎😎 Great seeing you both @elvinngchoonsiong @yahuiyh at the Hometeam Festival 2017, I miss the fun time we had last year during filming! Hope we can act together again in the future channel 8 dramas!
#HTFest2017 #CLIF4

Wishing Happy Birthday to the superbly sweet, friendly & talented #yahui ! Best known as Hong Jinzhi in #118sg and it's ongoing sequel #1182sg and as Wang Shishi in last yr's #clif4 . Glad to have celebrated your bday 🎂 during a few of your birthday gatherings, and I recalled singing to Backstreet Boys' #aslongasyouloveme during the one in 2011 😅😸🐰 who could also forget the time that we held a BBQ feast at a chalet back in 2013? In any case, may your life continue to be filled with happiness, and may your career continue to prosper 😉😁💗

Happy Birthday 😊🎉 to @yahuiyh from #starsearch2007, known for the role #hongjinzhi in #118sg, #wangshishi in #clif4 #yahui

Finally #yahui has her first solo #8days cover after being in showbiz for a decade 😁😸👐💕 who could forget the time she debuted at the same time with #andiechen #desmondtan in Star Search 2007, and cast in mostly girl-next-door roles? Nowadays she is best known as Hong Jinzhi the wanton mee seller and elder daughter of Hong Daming & Meimei in #1182sg and doesn't mind getting mistaken for Paige Chua at times. She had also put on weight for her role in "Marry Me" and donned a fat suit for "Life Is Beautiful", as well as played a police officer in #pointofentry season 3 and last yr's #clif4 🚔Oh yes before I forget, her birthday is coming real soon 😆

#CLIF4 x #Rescue995
The baking weather did not stop the crowd.
Switch to Channel 5 to watch us LIVE telecasting,
bringing you our very own talent from Home Team! 👮
#htfest2017 #hometeamfest2017 #hometeamfest #hometeamfestival #hometeamfestival2017 #igsg #singapore #htvolunteers #hometeam #spf #scdf #cdau #recruitment #hometeamns #anationoflifesavers #lifesavers #paramedic #policeofficer #onehomeoneteam #sgsecure #ns50

"मधुबनी चित्रकारी" Dear friends, am thrilled to let you know that my works displayed at Artsafe Gallery got prominently featured in the last night's episode of Singapore's popular soap 'C.L.I.F. 4'. Running currently on #MediaCorp #Channel8, #CLIF4. drama highlights valor and pride of #Singapore Police Force. It was a great honor for #Madhubani #Art to be the theme of last night.

साभार @jhasweta
#mithilapainting #madhubanipainting #folkart #swetajha
#Madhubani #mithilaart #mithilaartist #art .....
Mithila | Maithili | Maithil
मिथिला | मैथिली | मैथिल
Many More to come.... Stay tuned. .
Follow us @beingmaithil .

续 警[4] , 留长头发又来绑架诗诗。。oh wait... wrong show... 🙊

CLIF4 #Huangzhijie #Ruien behind the scenes of #sa2017sg and some pictures of her!! 😎It's a shame that she did not win the all time best actress.. But no one wins all the time 😊

Pics CR. @rbkd

#sa2017sg #sa2017 #clif4 #Huangzhijie #ruien #starawards #rbkd99rosesand1crown #rbkd

#SA2017SG Best Director winner Martin Chan Fook Shin (for #CLIF4) said that if there is a chance, he'd love to make a C.L.I.F. 5. What do you think?

"I have been volunteering with the SPF for slightly over a year as a Volunteer Special Constabulary. I joined this to fulfil my childhood dream to become a police officer and so far.... (cont)" A step closer to being a police officer with a chance to be on tv alongside with local celebrities? Visit us at humansofntusg.wixsite.com/story to read more about her story and other interesting ones by humansofntu too!

The year which @yahuiyh got the Top 10 awards 😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥 We all can see all her hardwork in the recent dramas such as #houseoffortune8 #118sg #1182sg and #clif4. Let's vote for her and bring her 2nd awards in the acting career! ❤
☎ : 1900-112-2009 / vote at toggle.sg
等久, 一定会有 💓💗💕

Today is the last day of work for my AP @kchie , for the last 2 years plus, half of my directing career so far, we are together in 4 dramas, 3 as my AP. Beside my wife, the person I see the most and spend the most time with for the last 2 years is with her.
Thanks for your responsibility,dedication and love for your job and comrades that made my job and a lot more around us so much easier. Bet that after u leave then they will realise u had been taken for granted for so Long. Understood that u leave our dept because of your disappointment in a lot of ppl and the shit u had to take from them at our work, but hope there are even more that are here that left u with more happy memories den nightmares!
All the best in your future endeavours and congrats to your future employer in advance cause they got themselves a gem. Pls dun forget to jio me out more often for happy hours and desserts! All the best to you my Favourite and Best ever AP!

#第一主角 #CLIF4 #真探 #手牵手

3 upcoming All-time Favorite Artistes, who have had at least a decade of experience in showbiz, featured in this wk's edition of #iweekly . The upcoming #sa2017sg on April 16th marks the first time in ard 13 yrs that sees more than 2 recipients for the prestigious award. The last time we saw that was back in 2004 when Zoe Tay, Li Nanxing and Chew Chor Meng became the inaugural #超级红星 having won 10 consecutive Top 10 awards.
1) Firstly we got #joannepeh who started off as a contestant for Miss Universe Singapore 2002, and soon made her acting debut in 九层糕 starring alongside a hunk whom she would end up marrying by 2014. She rose to prominence with her performance in The Little Nyonya in 2008 and beat hot fave Jeanette Aw to win her first Best Actress award in 2009. She then won Best Info-Ed Programme Host in 2011 and won her 2nd Best Actress award in 2012. Joanne is also best remembered for her role as ASP Liao Xinyi in #clif1 #clif2 #clif3 🚔. She recently made her drama comeback in #dreamcoder8 which ended its run last week.
2) #quanyifong who joined then-SBC at the age of 16, she played Guo Minghui aka Blur Queen in the first season of Don't Worry Be Happy (1996), only to be replaced by Lynn Poh for subsequent seasons due to law breaking. She overcame a failed marriage and a few controversies to earn 10 straight Top 10 awards as well as awards for Best Variety Show Host and Best Info-Ed Programme Host. She recently starred as Aloysius Pang's mother in last yr's #youngandfabulous
3) #elvinng started off as runner-up for School Belle & The Beau (predecessor to Hey Goergous) in 2005, then immediately starred in dramas like 活下去 (alongside Joanne) and 爱情零度C (alongside Rui En, which soon led to the formation of the coupling #ruivin ). Despite getting negative feedback for his role in Kinship, Elvin nonetheless strived on and won rave reviews for his performances in Together and Breakout, which led to him becoming the first Rocket Award winner. He had portrayed Sgt Zhang Guixiang 🚔 in CLIF 1, 3 and #clif4 , and can be seen in #1182sg as Jinzhi's bodyguard Deng Bo. He is only the 4th male actor to win 10 consecutive Top 10 awards.

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