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Sunday funday in these fun onsies from @ilovemoodie. They have ZIPS, my favourite thing. Flick through the pics ๐Ÿ™Š. Because you all are such amazing followers I have a discount code 'TRIPLETS' for 30% off ๐Ÿ˜.

She gets so excited when the wind blows in her face. Her body tenses up & she giggles and squeals. It's the cutest thing! She has been the happiest little bug the last few days, I guess she likes her parents wild ways ๐Ÿ˜‰ #indyllew #weloveyou #theluckyfew #sedona #arizona

my littlest and by far the neediest baby we've had, i can tell already tell she's going to run the house in a few months.

Well...now that I'm almost 21 weeks, I'm finally taking the official "halfway" photo with the chalkboard. Chasing a toddler around this time definitely makes milestone sessions a bit of a challenge. :D Baby Sutter #2 is one wild lil peanut! Kicking and rolling around in there! Still don't have much of a bump for almost 21 weeks, but baby looks healthy and the fluid levels are fine...so that's what matters! :) We made it through the most tempting part of the ultrasound on Tuesday without cracking. Scott and I looked away to ensure nothing popped into the screen that would reveal the gender! :) We've made it this far! What's another 20 weeks, right?! :) #sutterrainbowbaby @thebump

I'm posting this photo for two reasons, one to thank my gorgeous sister for this beautiful and delicious butterfly cake. Second to give you a piece of advice never talk about the shape of the cake beforhand as they won't accept any other cake.
ุงูŠู† ุนูƒุณ ุฑูˆ ุจู‡ ุฏูˆ ุฏู„ูŠู„ ฺฏุฐุงุดุชู… ูŠูƒู‰ ุจุฑุงู‰ ุชุดูƒุฑ ุงุฒ ุฎูˆุงู‡ุฑ ุนุฒูŠุฒูˆ ู‡ู†ุฑู…ู†ุฏู… ุจุฑุงู‰ ุงูŠู† ูƒูŠูƒ ูพุฑูˆุงู†ู‡ ุฎูˆุดฺฏู„ ูˆ ุฎูˆุดู…ุฒู‡. ูŠูƒู‰ ู‡ู… ุงูŠู†ูƒู‡ ู‡ูŠฺ†ูˆู‚ุช ุฑุงุฌุน ุจู‡ ุดูƒู„ ูƒูŠูƒ ุงุฒ ูŠูƒ ู‡ูุชู‡ ู‚ุจู„ ุงุฒ ุชูˆู„ุฏ ุจฺ†ู‡ ู‡ุงู‰ ุณู‡ ุณุงู„ู‡ ุจู‡ุดูˆู† ุญุฑูู‰ ู†ุฒู†ูŠุฏ ฺ†ูˆู† ุฏูŠฺฏู‡ ูŠุงุฏุดูˆู† ู†ู…ู‰ ุฑู‡ ูˆู‡ูŠฺ† ูƒูŠูƒู‰ ูพุฐูŠุฑูุชู‡ ู†ู…ู‰ ุดู‡.
ุชุง ุชูˆู†ุณุชู† ู‡ู… ุงุฒ ุฑูˆุด ู†ุงุฎูˆู†ูƒ ุฒุฏู†.
Special thanks to @shimlaw for saving me.

No one ever wants to spend money on something like appliances, especially when we are trying to save. Good thing Kennedy enjoyed washer and dryer shopping and thinks the washer is the coolest invention ever. Oh kids ๐Ÿ˜‚
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Another birthday celebration! This time for Sloan and I (mine was yesterday and hers is Monday!). Thank you for all the birthday love yesterday!! My heart is more full than my belly. And that's saying a lot ๐Ÿ˜‰.


This happy guy is on the blog with the @lorenacanalsrugs review! The company and the product is fabulous. Go check out their social cause for every purchase! These rugs are natural and WASHABLE. That's a must for me with these boys. #momlyfe #momtips

...and just like that, it's suddenly summer.
Okay, wait, it IS still April, right?
But today it was 93 degrees, and my boys found their thirteenth and fourteenth ticks of the season already.ย ๐Ÿ˜ณ
And even with all that, I'm deliciously ย happy that the warm nights invite me out onto my back porch, lit by paper lanterns and fairy lights. My little house feels so much bigger when I can sit in my screened-in summer living room and listen to the birds settling and the trees rustling.

10 April 2017| #6months14days old| #latergram #baby #charlizewynter life as a #babymuso #drummer #drummerslife ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿฅ๐Ÿ‘ถ๐Ÿปโค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜ #loveher so clever bubba!!! ๐Ÿค— #loveofmylife #babylove #mummysgirl #documentlife #mummyblogger #momlife โค๏ธ @highoncharlize

We got to enjoy a teeny tiny break today from all the crazy hustle bustle of life. Ah, a break! Staring at the sun setting and trying to calm my mind and body knowing that my to-do list is like completely maxed out ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿผ happy Saturday, friends.

119|365 Daddy had a meeting for work in Savannah. Since it was his birthday we all went along for the ride so that we could spend time with him. Family trips are truly one of my favorite things. All cramped in 1 hotel room, sharing 2 beds between the 5 of us, long car rides. It sounds miserable when you think of it in those terms, but when you really break it down it is TIME. Quality time with all of us together all day... every day... several days in a row. It is talking, laughing, experiencing things for the first time together, swimming, cuddling, snuggling in bed after a long day. Its extra treats and places where normal rules don't necessarily apply. And every time I am amazed at what great travelers you all are. It blows me away.
Today we went to the Savannah train museum. It was hot and humid. We took a little train ride, learned some historical facts about the train station, and we even got to ride on a hand car. Before we left daddy bought you and Sam a toy from the gift shop. You had your heart set on this one and Sam adores you so he followed suit.
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I hope you're as excited as this little guy to play in the spring SNOW!! โ„๏ธ

Oh how I wish this was my view right now ๐Ÿ˜ We love to see Magpie traveling the world! Thank you so much for the sweet picture @loved_by_luca!!!

A penny for her thoughts. I always wonder what little ones are thinking as they look into my lens. #melissahelmanphotography #outdoorphotography #children #pittsburghphotographer #greensburgphotographer #clickinmoms

Best news evvvvvva! Princesses are coming BACK this Monday. I will open a PREORDER for allllllll of the princesses May 1 at 10:00 am PST. Preorder will be open for 1 week only. Necklaces will ship approximately at the end of May for all those summer Disney trips. They will not be available again until Christmas after this order. ๐Ÿ“ท @amelia2014_ Wearing our Tinker Belle necklace.

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