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“be aware of those inconspicuous and overlooked details of life”

Oh’ naturral

“You can’t have any excuses. Excuses are a real problem with people, you can fail at things, you could try and not be able to do it. But the excuses for why you can’t do it, or why you’re going to fail, or why you don’t feel up to it today, or why you’re tired. That’s all BS, if you want to move forward, you got to experience some falls, you got to slip, fall down. You got to get back up. You got to try and fail...Because if you don’t fail, that means you weren’t trying hard enough. If it’s difficult to do, you’re going to F*#k up along the way, and some people can’t handle it” - Joe Rogan
If you listen to this person, I guarantee that you will hear something inspirational at one point🤜🤛
⚠️Now I’m not going to lie... I am not gifted nor do I have great genetics. I’ve always had small legs, which I still have... but I am slowly improving them. A while back, I took notice that my upper body portion dominated my Physique. I took action and started to relentlessly hit them twice a week and now they are looking way better than they did a year ago. I still have a lot of work to do. Especially on my calves☠️ but I’ll manage to bring them up as time goes on🥃
(Picture quality is pretty bad because my hands wouldn’t stay steady after the workout⚠️)

Patience is the key to success, unleashing our new collection of clothing very soon 🔥 .
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I’ve been experiencing injury after injury (both reoccurring and new) so I decided that maybe it was best to take a break and let my body heal. I haven’t been the the gym in about a month and a half and now, it’s time to get back into it. Last nights mini deadlift session of 225 3x6 just to kinda ease my body back into training mode. I also squatted, but I didn’t get a chance to record. Now the only way to go, is forward. .
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Waiting for my moment... ⌛️

Just tryna be a Dorito chip

There is nothing that can stop someone who will never quit. Nothing that can overcome someone who has no limits. Nothing that can divide a team who has become a family. Love my brothers. #Whitley #rdc #35 #BAM #350 #photography #playoffs #forthewin #clicheapparel

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