This photograph of Ariel was taken just days after he abducted Michelle 😱😱😱
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Amanda And Her Mother😍😍😍
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Cleveland Abduction (crime/drama) based on true story.
IMDb: 6.6
Release date: 2015
A single mother who becomes the first victim of kidnapper Ariel Castro finds herself trapped in his home for 11 years, where she eventually becomes a friend and sister to two other women who are taken captive by Castro. ———————————————————————
My opinion: The most important element that leads to the success of a film is the story. It is rare that the basis of the film exists and the film is not at the desired level. Exactly the same as here. A sad and an emotional story. It is bad that she has been living a miserable life for many years. what has made it worse is that the kidnaper is someone who she used to know and trust. And the worst is that even after she has liberated, there was none to be supporting and caring because simply she missed nobody. The weakness of the directing and camera angles has underestimated this film. In general, not a bad film, a strong story and a weak execution. My rating is 6/10
اسم الفيلم: Cleveland Abduction
تصنيفه: جريمة/دراما
سنة الانتاج: ٢٠١٥
تقييمه: ٦.٦
مبني على قصة حقيقية.
لا يصلح للمشاهدة العائلية.
قصة الفيلم: تدور الأحداث حول إحدى الأمهات التى تقع ضحية للخاطف (أرييل كاسترو) حيث تجد نفسها محاصرة في منزلهِ لمدة 11 عاماً، وفي نهاية المطاف تصبح صديقة وأخت لإمرأتين أخريين الذين أسروآ من قبل كاسترو.
رأيي: اهم عنصر لنجاح الفيلم هو القصة. من النادر انه يكون اساس الفيلم موجود ويكون الفيلم مو بالمستوى المرجو. تماما نفس الي صار هنا. قصة حزينة ومؤثرة. من السيء انه كانت تعيش حياة بائسة تعيسة لسنين طويلة. الي زاد الموضوع سوء هو انه الفاعل شخص كانت تعرفه و تثق فيه. و الاسوأ هو انه حتى بعد ما طلعت ما كان فيه احد تلجأله لانه ببساطة محد فقدها!. ضعف الاخراج و التصوير الركيك قلل من شان القصة كثير. حتى طريقة السرد كان اكيد ممكن تكون افضل. بشكل عام فيلم مو سيء بقصة قوية و تنفيذ ضعيف. تقييمي ٦/١٠. ——————————————————————
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Ariel Castro Photographed In Late September 2002
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I know I’m gonna get the “Eww” or “Are you serious” In the comments but I am wishing Ariel Castro a happy birthday in Heaven. I know what he did in his life was wrong,But everybody has a heart and NOBODY is a monster. Even if people do call him a monster he isn’t. He had mental problems and was a madman. But people never think to look at the good side of him. Like he was a good father,And a nice person occasionally. What he did to those 3 young women was horrible but also what he is being remembered as is. RIP and Happy Birthday In Heaven.
#arielcastro #clevelandabduction #happybirthday #heaven

Michelle Knight On Dr Phil 2015😍
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Amanda And Jocelyn 2013,Jocelyn is so cute😍😍😍
#amandaberry #jocelynberry #clevelandabduction

اسم الفلم|#clevelandabduction #cleveland نوع الفلم|#اكشن #جريمة #مغامرة تقيم|9/10 للمزيد من الأفلام فولو ( @jordan_kw_movie ) 💕

This Is The Street Where Gina DeJesus Went Missing. So sad to look at.
#ginadejesus #clevelandabduction

This Is The Burger King Where Amanda Berry Worked. I’ve got to go get food there someday!!!.
#burgerking #amandaberry #clevelandabduction

This is the exact family dollar where Michelle Knight came across Ariel in 2002. It is very eerie to look at this. I’d like to visit that family dollar one day because of its historic event.
#michelleknight #familydollar #clevelandabduction

This Is A Photo Capture Of Castro’s Backyard. The girls didn’t get to go to the backyard very often,But when they did they were chained and dressed up. In 2011,The neighbors reported a naked woman crawling across the backyard on a Chain. But the cops didn’t take it seriously. Sad,They could have been freed 2 years earlier if the cops would have done their job!!!.
#clevelandabduction #backyard #arielcastro

This is personally one of the eeriest photos I’ve seen. And here is why. These photographs were taken in 2001. BEFORE Any of the girls were abducted. And he has master locks on his basement door. Did he have a Victim before Michelle?,What do you think?. #clevelandabduction

These photos here were taken in the basement. The one on the top left was the Motorcycle Helmet That Ariel Would Put Around Their Heads. It was hard to breathe that way,So they would go unconscious many times. The other photos are of Michelles Wig. The few times that the women went out,They dressed up. They had to wear a wig and sunglasses. Disturbing.
#clevelandabduction #arielcastro

This Is The Bathroom Inside Ariel Castro’s Home. Much harm also took place in this bathroom. Ariel raped Amanda in the shower,Michelle’s aborted baby Came Out as she sat on the toilet,And they only got to bathe once a week.
#clevelandabduction #arielcastro #crime #interestingcase

Basement Photos. The top left Photo is what it looks like when your about to go down into the basement. You go down about 3 steps,Then take a Right and go down the wooden stairs. The picture on the right is a view of the pole that all 3 women were tied to at one point in time. And at the lower left is a view of the heavy curtain covering the stairway.
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Castro Photographed In 2004 with his instrument. He played in a local band which often aired on tv. Who would’ve known his situation while watching him play music.
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This Is Ariel Castro’s Gun. The Type Of Gun Is A Revolver,And Was Purchased By Castro. As you can see there is a lock on the gun. A thick puck was streamed into the gun and came out the other side,Which was padlocked. The reason to this is because if the girls grabbed his gun while he was gone or sleeping,They would have to have the key to unlock the padlock. How creepy.

A Series Of Alarm Clocks Were Visibly Shown On The Interior Of Castro’s Door. If Anyone Approached The Door Or Twisted The Knob,The Ending Would Not End So Great,As The Captor (Castro) Would Be Alerted.
#clevelandabduction #arielcastro #crime #kidnappingcase

This Is The Bedroom Where Amanda And Her Daughter Jocelyn Stayed. As you can see there are drawings on the wall and the window is boarded up with 2 loose doors. Disturbing.
#clevelandabduction #amandaberry

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