yum! 🍋

Só eu que estou ansiosa para a volta da Clem #twd #twdbrasil #clementinetwdgame

o h b o y 🐝

this look super wack, I'm embarrassed 🤠👌🏼

Might have went a bit overboard with the white gel pen 😅

#clementine #clementinetwdg #clementinetwd #clementinetwdgame #twdg #twdgame #twdgfanart #twdclementine

I probably won't be posting for a little bit because my dog just passed away... Hope you guys understand...

God I can't wait for Season 4

Such beautiful eyes 😍

Ahh sorry I haven't posted in so long! I'm currently working on some art trades but enjoy this quick Clementine sketch I made!! I used a few refs and I like to think it's old clem with her younger hair or something. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Use your imagination I suppose!
I'm very proud I made this in like 20ish minutes especially seeing as though I can't draw humans for my LIFE!! But. There is room for improvement!! -
Hope y'all enjoy this! 😁
P.s. it looks better irl because I have terrible lighting and angles :'^) Also, WHY DOES IT LOOK SO BRIGHT

Be careful Javi

Drop the gun 🔫 and turn around slowly

Don't underestimate her

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