We got to meet hope & winter in real life after watching them in dolphin tale 2 for 2 years! #clearwater #clearwateraquarium #dolphintale2 #winter #hope #nicolas #dolphins

Look at the size of this Turtle Skull ! Its real too !

The Clearwater Aquarium do do much to help all the animals !
#clearwateraquarium #stopplastic #protectsealife

Did you know your reef can clean itself? 🐠 Starfish are a great way to agitate your sand bed and keep algae under control. They’re also an amazing addition to any aquarium!

#floridaquarium #clearwateraquarium #reeftank #aquarium #coral #starfish

Go meet so great animals and staff at the #clearwateraquarium @cw_aquariums It’s a lot of fun🐬🐠🐟🐢

Sea life boat ride with Phyllis ⛴ #clearwateraquarium #fun #water

Sea Life boat tour ⛴ with Captain Gary⛴ and crew. #clearwateraquarium @cw_aquariums

Shout out to the under rated flame hawk. 🔥These guys always look grumpy probably because they lack a swim bladder to keep them afloat! They spend most of their life perched on rock or coral and swoop down to catch their pray! This unique characteristic earned them the name #hawkfish


Today was such a gorgeous day and we finally made it to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Julian has been watching the Dolphin Tale movies, which were filmed here, and was so excited to see Winter and Hope and see the Aquarium. Great little day trip for us! 🐬
Kennt ihr den Film Mein Freund der Delfin? Der wurde im Clearwater Aquarium gefilmt und vor allem Julian liebt die Filme. Er war so aufgeregt dass wir es heute endlich mal dorthin geschafft haben und dass er die Delfine Winter und Hope sehen konnte. Und das Wetter war einfach himmlisch wenn auch etwas kühl, vor allem nach dem U Wetter gestern! 🐬
#julianandalisara #clearwateraquarium

Have you had a chance to visit @cmaquarium yet? You should! The day was educational and fun! Not to mention it’s an excellent cause you’re supporting by visiting!

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