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We can’t get enough of our W Line Brightening Serum. It visibly reduces pigmentation and brightens skin without harsh skin whitening chemicals like hydroquinone and mercury. #SmartSkinScience #BSKIN

🍇Vinoperfect Concentrated Brightening Essence by Caudalie🍇
Unique Ingredients : (taken directly from Sephora)
▪️Glycolic Acid : Sweeps away dead skin cells.
▪️Organic Grape Water 100% : Soothes and moisturizes.
▪️White Peony Extracts : Enhance luminosity.
My Review :
🍇Packaging : It comes in a tall glass bottle. The glass itself is quite thick but appears to be great quality. The cap is plastic and the bottle has a plastic dispenser on top. I like the design on the front and the back has direction for use in 5 languages but no ingredient list or product description.
🍇Product : The essence is a transparent light yellow/off white colour with a watery
consistency. It does have a scent which is sweet - likely due to the grape water. It absorbs into the skin very well and is very cooling and refreshing when applied. It leaves no residue, dries matte and is able to be layered with other products. There is no irritation, tingling or redness noted with use.
🍇I do not like applying essence with a cotton pad, so I transferred the contents into a spray bottle. I enjoy the orgitsanic ingredient list and do feel like I am putting a high quality essence onto my skin. In terms of brightening, and retexturing my skin, I can’t say it really did that in a noticeable way. It may have subtly made a difference but having hormonal breakouts intermittently during its use also lended to more skin sensitivity, uneven texture and acne spots which probably didn’t help.
🍇All in all, I think it is a good product but have not seen enough “wow” effects to re-buy. Note - don't forget to wear sunprotection with this product as it contains an AHA. If you’ve tried it, what are your experiences?

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This is the CHERRY ON TOP 🍒 of all of the other amazing products I have been using from Rodan + Fields! My skin just stepped up to a whole new level!
I definitely chose the best company to start a business for with our incredible Drs creating these amazing innovative products! 🔬
If you’ve just watched my Instagram story you will see that I am so passionate about this new super serum and I cannot wait for you all to try and see it for yourself! 💦
Don’t forget about our 💯% 60 day money back guarantee. Available NOW.

A sunscreen that doesn’t make half the beach’s sand stick to you – brilliant! Dry to the touch powder formulation, it is unlike anything you have ever felt before & perfect for all skin types. #klimbymichaelklim

WAR ON WARTS!!! Our Electrocautery treatment is a safe and painless process of removing warts.

Visit and avail of this service for a clear, flawless skin!! #electrocautery #wartsremoval #flawlessskin #clearskin #browboxbymooi #mooinailbarandaestheticspa

part dos

day 58- here's a throwback bc i've been sick all day and looked like shit

i should start owning stuff like this

aw throwback to earlier in the year

There's a pot of gold at the end of this deal! Exfoliate your way to perfect skin with this 250g gold body scrub, designed to moisturize, brighten & repair after just a few uses. Reveal a glowing & youthful complexion in no time! #GoldenGlow #SkinCare #ClearSkin #BeautyRegimen

day 91- today was my last dress rehearsal for the choral festival :(

part 1

Activated charcoal face mask detoxes your skin of acne, oil, and toxins #facemask #activatedcharcoal #charcoal #charredface #bathbox #crueltyfree #naturalskincare #clearskin #acne #oilyskin

pt 2

Sleeping 💤
Sleeping is absolutely essential for luminous skin.
Our skin cells rejuvenate and repair whilst producing new collagen at night when we sleep. Getting 6 to 8 hours of sleep each night will make you see the vast change as your skin will appear plumper (due to the production of collagen), radiant (the boost of blood flow to the skin) and moist.

For the finest repair and rejuvenate, make your bedtime around 10 pm and apply your active night mask on your serum as the skin is more receptive to active ingredients when we sleep.✨
My favourite is Sisley Black Rose layered over La Mer the Regenerating Serum. @sisleyparisofficial @lamer @briqueskinhealth
#skincare #sleep


day 130- i used to hate having big eyes 🤷🏽‍♀️


here comes the spam

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