Contact Isabella M ‘19 or Allison Z ‘19 w/ any questions! #zerofoodwaste #foodwastechallenge #cleanyourplate #boardingschoollife #readyformore #Repost @agreenerblue with @get_repost
Join Andover Eating Awareness Team (EAT) this Friday from 5-7pm in Paresky Commons for the 2018 Food Waste Challenge! One clean plate makes a difference. For more information, visit fowachallenge.com

I unfortunately had to go to the mall.....not a fan of blatant, superfluous consumerism but as I walked through the food court @devonshiremall I noticed this sorting station. I approached the two gentlemen behind the sign to ask them what they were doing and if they were composting the food scraps, not sure if they knew what I was talking about. Just wondering if there’s more information on this program. #sorting #zerowaste #cleanyourplate please comment

Beberapa tmn request share resep, udah ada di cookpad yah sebagian,,silahkan diceki-ceki..😉. Ini mumpung lg sempet aja copas2 yg di cookpad, dicoba ya gaes..😁
Tumis pare teri medan belimbing wuluh & pete
2 buah pare ukuran besar
1 ons teri Medan/ teri nasi
3 buah belimbing wuluh, cuci bersih, potong2
3 butir tomat hijau kecil (tomat utk tongseng), cuci bersih, potong2
3 buah cabe hijau besar, cuci, potong2
11 buah cabe rawit setan, cuci bersih, Iris2 tipis
7 butir bawang merah, cuci, Iris2 tipis
5 butir bawang putih, cuci, Iris2 tipis
1 papan pete, belah2
3 sdt garam halus
1 sdt gula pasir
1/2 gelas air matang
Cara membuat:
1. Cuci bersih pare, belah jd 2 bagian, buang bijinya. Potong2, kemudian rendam didalam air garam, remas2 agar kadar pahitnya berkurang & warna tetap hijau segar walau ditumis, diamkan 10-15 menit, lalu tiriskan.
2. Rendam teri dlm air panas kurleb 15 mnt, kemudian tiriskan, lalu goreng hingga coklat keemasan, angkat, sisihkan
3. Tumis bawang merah, bawang putih, cabe rawit setan & cabe hijau besar hingga layu & harum, Bubuhkan garam halus & gula pasir, koreksi rasa.
4. Tuang belimbing wuluh, pete, tomat, pare & teri, aduk rata sebentar.(sy suka segala sayuran yg ga over cooked selain utk menjaga agar kandungan gizinya ga berkurang juga utk menjaga rasa, tekstur renyah dikunyah).
5. Tuang air, aduk hingga mendidih.
6. Siap disantap. .
#tumispare #tumispareterimedan #bittergourd #bittergourdstirfry #veganfood #veggie #vegetables #healthyfood #foodelicious #cleanyourplate #foodtography #nomsg #nofilter #PawonAnie

I don’t like to see pizza go to waste...

Never get bored with bitter gourd.. 💕❤️💓 *tumis pare Teri Medan belimbing wuluh Pete .

#tumispare #tumispareterimedan #bittergourd #bittergourdstirfry #veganfood #veggie #vegetables #healthyfood #foodelicious #cleanyourplate #foodtography #nomsg #PawonAnie

*mom put peanut butter in bowl 10 minutes ago* #chillinwithcoby #ilovepeanutbutter #cleanyourplate #maltipuglife #yums #sillydog

I’ve been working on my grip strength by hanging from the pull-up bars on my squat rack until failure for a few months. (Not solely for grip strength, I’ve read a lot about hanging and it’s benefits to your shoulder and spine). However the gains in my ability to hang on make this a time consuming endeavor, so I’ve switched to hanging for three sets of 3 minute intervals just about every other workout. My new goal is to pick this motherfucker up using only the internal diameter. Can’t manage it yet, but researching ways to get there, including forearm exercises and finger strength workouts. #cleanyourplate

Today is the Weigh Your Waste event, 5 - 7pm! Come out tonight and learn tips about limiting food, water, and paper waste with every meal 👍 #alb_dining #healthyplanet #foodwaste #cleanyourplate

Don’t stop get it, get it.
Mixed greens
Alfalfa sprouts
Pea shoots
Red onion
Roasted beets
Goat cheese
Candied pecans
Ground chicken

Olive oil
Apple cider vinegar

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