Damn a mexican wears a tie to work and everyone thinks someone died. The funny thing is all the other engineers wear ties regularly #mexicanproblems #mexicanproblemas #cleanog #oldguysrule

I can without a doubt say one of the biggest lessons I've learned over the past year : don't be afraid to do the work. Days like today and weeks like this week put the BIG picture in perspective. I'm happy to be on a team that believes in me and has allowed me to prove myself. Haters will tell you it's photoshopped or that I just ended up here by accident or that I stole someone's opportunity; but the one thing a lot of people won't ever acknowledge is that Day In and day out in any role I've had in this industry and community at the end of the day: I WAS WILLING TO ACTUALLY DO THE WORK. thank you to @therealgreendragon for all you've done in the past for me and for your continued dedication to providing the finest and most innovative medicine to the patients and connoisseurs across California and I look forward to furthering that tradition as we grow and expand in all ways!
Thank you for putting me on #ganggang #GreenDragonGang #timewaitsfornoman #getundertheumbrellaorgetrainedon #yourfavoritetrappersfavoritetrapper #realOG #cleanog #terpproof #yourfavoriteEAfavoritefarm #oftenimitated #usedtothis #spoiled #spoiledgang #710

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