First official weekend of summer is here, let's make one for the books 🌴☀️🌊🍪

No sink to wash hands while you are on vacation? 😨 Kids touched that slimy bug on your hike? 🐛 Not a problem!
CLEAN Hand Wash On-The-Gogets those hands clean, wherever you are. This easy-to-use, no-rinse formula, gets into every nook and every cranny thanks to the handy spray nozzle. Formulated with skin nourishing Calendula flowers and soothing Aloe, CLEAN uses the power of pure essential oils to get your hands fresh and dirt-free. Fast absorbing and conveniently-sized, this is a must-have for every “ewwww” situation. 👍💦 #rusticmaka #natural #alcoholfree #cleanhands #vacation #beach #fun #family #handcrafted #handwash #handsanitizer #essentialoils #aloe #calendula #cleaningredients #staycool #kids #organic #nongmo #healthylife

Snagged a couple new goodies that were released at Convention 🙌
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This #TGIF avocado toast got mad game. It’s just beetyfull, @heartforhummus 👌🏼😍.

Sad but true.. One of the things I struggle with most in my business is the expectations! Our products really do work, but NOT OVERNIGHT! I know it sounds crazy, but you WILL NOT lose 20 lbs. in 5 days! Maybe not in 1, 2 or 3 months.. But you WILL see and feel some results. Every body is different. ⠀
With time, consistency and dedication, YOU CAN reach your goals, but It will take some effort. ⠀
Want help with craving control? More willpower? Balanced blood sugars? Want to experience reduced inflammation and increased energy? I got you! ⠀
I have a special gift for the next 3 people ONLY that sign up as an Ambassador or preferred customer and are ready to take back their health! ⠀

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The more you know! It can be a huge challenge trying to navigate through the list of ingredients on many products. Certain items like fragrance and paraben always stick out as the bad guys, but sometimes it’s just a struggle to make sure a product is safe to use. My PSA of the day is to make sure we all have both the ThinkDirty and the EWG Healthy Living apps on our phones. Think Dirty has a built in scanner! While not every item is in the system, most are. The more you know, the better you can do!
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Tackling the piles of laundry and overdue cleaning! My new favorite thing is super concentrated cleaning supplies that last forever!! A capful of the Thieves cleaner makes an entire 16oz spray bottle of all-purpose cleaner for just pennies! And you know, I'm all about saving those pennies! .
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Sooo excited!! Thank you @summerfridays for sending me the jet lag mask. This is just what my skin needs! I love how it is super hydrating and has clean ingredients. Not to mention the founders are some major #girlbosses 💙!! #tgisf #summerfridays #jetlagmask @marianna_hewitt @laurengores

✨RECIPE✨ Are you up for a challenge? We have a special recipe for you today: caramel sauce with Tamari for vanilla ice cream 😮 It's sounds crazy, we know, but believe us, you won't regret it! Follow the recipe and enjoy 😉 👉🏻 Melt 2 cups of sugar into a golden caramel. Leave it aside for a few minutes to cool it down a bit. Add 1 cup of coconut milk and stir. At the end add 2 teaspoons of Tamari soy sauce. Serve with plant based vanilla ice cream. Yum! #iliketofurecipes

✨RECEPT✨ Sprejeli smo izziv in našo Tamari sojino omako uporabili v sladici 😮 Za vas sicer ne vemo, a pri nas je v teh dneh sladoled na meniju zelo pogosto. Tokrat smo izbrali preprostega vaniljevega in si zraven pričarali čisto posebno karamelno omako. Sprejmete izziv tudi vi? Sledite receptu 👉🏻 2 skodelici sladkorja stresemo v kozico, pristavimo jo na srednje velik ogenj in z metlico mešamo toliko časa, da se sladkor stopi v zlato karamelo. Kozico odstavimo in počakamo kakšno minuto, da se malenkost pohladi. Nato vanjo vlijemo 1 skodelico kokosovega mleka in premešamo. Na koncu dodamo še 2 žlički Tamari sojine omake. Preden karamelo postrežemo s sladoledom, počakajmo, da se ohladi. V hladilniku jo lahko hranimo še kakšen teden. #iliketofurecipes

Patricia Crews!! You look incredible! 5 days on Joyōme, y’all! This is after struggling with melasma for YEARS! 😱 I am constantly amazed at the results we’re getting from these two powerhouse products.

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This is Jennifer Ranz's results after 8 DAYS!!!! This is what she has to say: “This is MY neck you guys!!! I’m blown away!
MELASMA •SUN DAMAGE •ACNE •ACNE SCARRING •HYPERPIGMENTATION •FINE LINES •DARK UNDER EYE CIRCLES• DRYNESS •DULLNESS and so much more... Stop spending money expensive creams that are actually killing the good bacteria on your face that is there to help the skin microbiome. 😱 If we take care of our skin microbiome it is the key to anti-aging. “No other product, both prescription or over the counter, is using THIS many active ingredients, at THESE effective concentrations, with THIS science and technology behind it. It’s approaching skincare from an entirely NEW scientific direction.” — Dr. Sarvenaz Zand

ONE step in morning and ONE step at bedtime. That’s it!

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Oil Pulling.
Sounds weird. Sounds gross. Seems difficult. The truth is this new morning ritual for me is something I actually enjoy doing now. So, what is it exactly?
If you’ve never heard of it, basically it’s putting oil in your mouth (I use coconut oil), swishing it around for 10ish minutes, & spiting it out. Yeah. Weird, I know. The benefit? It’s supposed to “pull” out the toxins that hide in your mouth (which claims to support your overall health), improve your gums, & whiten teeth.
A couple of tips if you’re going to try: •use organic oil- you want the stuff you’re using to not be filled with a bunch of junk! •do it first thing before you eat in the morning •it might take some time to get used it & 10 mins can seem like an eternity! (I was only able to do 4 mins the first time! Just do what you can!) •don’t spit it in the sink because it can cause a clog. Instead- spit into the garbage or the toilet •then brush your teeth like normal.
Anyone already doing this? Anyone going to try? I’ve linked @osmiaorganics article in my profile if you want to read more, Sarah does a great job of explaining all the in and outs! Have a great morning everyone ☀️ ps- this is my coconut oil I keep in my bathroom. I live in CA, hence why it’s melted.

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