A tinted moisturizer with SPF protection?? Yes please!!! 🎉Dew Skin Moisturizing Coverage provides sheer, lightweight hydration and gives skin a luminous glow! ✨ Plus, it helps protect from sun damage, so it's great for all the bright Spring / Summer days ahead. 👌☀️😎 shop link in bio, or message me to help you find your shade 💜

🌍Happy Earth Day!🌍
(Sunday, April 22nd)
Make the switch to products that are safer for yourself and for the Earth!

Beautycounter makes it a point to create products that are safe in every aspect.
Just a few examples...
•Our new, one-swipe makeup wipes are biodegradable. •Our sunscreen doesn't contain Oxybenzene, a common ingredients found in conventional sunscreens that are harmful to coral reefs. •We source packaging that is free of harmful chemicals and that is recyclable.
♻️ We only get one body and one Earth... let's take care of them!💚 *Offer good Saturday, April 21st and Sunday, April 22nd*
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Skincare delivered right to your door 🏡 ... And in some cases to my door for pick-up 🎁! How convenient is that tho, seriously?!
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New lip colors and it's Friday!! We have a busy weekend and I can't wait to conquer it with my family. Share in the comments what you have going this weekend.
Checkout my stories to see the color intense twilight lip stick on! #shoplinkinbio

Guys I’ve been using porcelain Tint Skin and I just tried out Linen and holy smokes I’ve been using the wrong shade all this time! New love for Linen Tint Skin over here! I have 3 samples just like this to send out, who wants to give it a try?! #beautycounter #betterbeauty #cleanercosmetics

#fridaytruths it’s hard to pick just one! 💄💋 >>SWIPE>> for new, safer ingredients, long-lasting shades.

It was love at first sight💖
When I was making the switch to Beautycounter, I had a hard time giving up my four Urban Decay Naked Palettes. I loved my palettes, but I knew that I needed something that was safer and better for me. ✨Getting the Ultimate Nudes Palette was the best cosmetic decision I’d ever made. Infused with cocoa seed butter, the colors are beautiful and glide on so smooth. 18 shades in 3 different finishes to create a versatile palette for many uses. It also comes with a double-sided brush and removable mirror, perfect for traveling.✨ Beautycounter’s palettes are all limited edition. If you don’t have one, you’re missing out! Once they’re gone, they’re gone. Grab yours now!

New for your lips! 💋💄
Link in Profile 👆🏽

Are You Feeling: Sophisticated? Glamorous? Girlie? Elegant? Vibrant? Whimsical? Check out our 8 new shades of Color Intense Lipstick 💄. You're bound to find one that suits you. Oh and by the way, each batch is tested for heavy metals to make sure it meets our strict safety standards. We have an industry-leading standard of safety so you can be confident about what you're putting on your lips 💋 #betterbeauty

So I decided to go with Garden Party 🌷 Color Intense Lipstick. It's a much brighter pink than I would normally wear (I absolutely love my lip sheer in Petal) but I was up for something different! What do you guys think? #gardenparty #beautycounter

And so it begins....the stealing of the makeup. She is definitely not even close to being old enough for makeup but when she is it definitely puts my mind at ease knowing I chose beautycounter for #saferbeauty #cleanercosmetics. And yes I'm just now getting around to putting on makeup today 😬#momlife.

Check these colors out!! I am totally a gloss girl, but recently found myself loving the Lip Sheers as well! I’m going to have to try The new Blush Shimmer Gloss and Lily Sheer! What’s your preference? 🤔You can get a close up of each by visiting my site! Check out my link in bio! #lipstick #lipgloss #lipstickaddict #saferskincare #cleanercosmetics #betterbeauty #knowingbetterdoingbetter #nontoxicjourney #love #colors #leadfree #safetyfirst #smoochsafer #smooches💋 #makeup #mua

It’s a game changer when “POTENTIAL” becomes R E A L I T Y.. I’m probably a bad friend for never realizing how many of my friends are struggling with skin sensitivities... but it just wasn’t really something we talked about. I’ve been S H O C K E D by how many of my friends have certain ingredients they are working to avoid because of negative interactions!
I wanted to share @beautycounter because it was “pretty” and “clean” sounded “cool” and “in” (and hello discounts!!) But after hearing about my friends’ struggles I’m just so excited to be able to share something that is having such a positive impact in their lives!
What if these friends never had to read a cosmetic label again because they found something S A F E that W O R K E D for them?? What if no one ever had to worry about the chemicals in their cosmetics because they supported a company who helped change the industry??
This is much bigger than I realized! More inspiring than I dreamed! And I’m pumped to be a part of the change!
Anyways! Anyone want samples?
#thistimeitspersonal #saferskincare #cleanercosmetics #betterbeauty #knowyouringredients #sharingiscaring #motivationthursday #inspiring #empowering

Switch to safer lipsticks!💄
Lipsticks are commonly found to contain heavy metals. Heavy metals can cause damage to your hormones, and other common ingredients, such as formaldehyde, can lead to cancer.😳 At Beautycounter, our lipsticks are safer. No heavy metals! Using plant-based ingredients to moisturize. No synthetic flavors or fragrance. 💋Get rich, moisturizing color with the safety you deserve.💄Shop our new Color Intense Lipsticks, I’m wearing 9 to 5! 🎉Don’t forget to make a purchase by April 30 if you want a free gift from me!

If we do a pop-up store in #nyc I will FLIP out! Can they hire me? I'll get a nanny. Or weekly field trips at bare minimum. Guys! Who is coming with me!!? What is happening?! #donteaseme #greggholler #nycneedsbetterbeauty #cleanercosmetics #saferskincare #betterbeauty #beautycounter #newyorknewyork

One of my top five that I can’t live without is the Beautycounter+ No. 1 face oil! Never in a million years would I have thought about putting oil on my face, but now I cant imagine how I ever did without! From someone who suffers from melasma and skin discoloration, this has been my hero product for sure! Brightens and evens out my skin tone, while delivering maximum hydration and protection! The fact that it’s safer is the icing on the cake because #ThisTimeItsPersonal! Thank you #Beautycounter for changing my life in so many ways! #whybeautycounter #betterbeauty #saferskincare #cleanercosmetics #oil #faceoil #beautycounterconsultant #takethejob #knowingbetterdoingbetter #nontoxicjourney

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