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When I started my page I never really "promoted" the fact that I had scoliosis. Not because I was trying to hide it but more because my scoliosis doesn't define me. I've never seen myself as having much of a problem and I definitely never saw myself as disabled as some doctors like to put it. Quite some time ago on my page I posted a photo similar to this and I was in shock at the response. Between comments,emails and direct messages I had gotten thousands of messages regarding my post from other people who have scoliosis. It made me realize that by sharing my story and my struggles it actually HELPED and inspired people. Which has always been my goal. I never realized how many people actually suffer from scoliosis (I wouldn't say I suffer, but I know many people do). I'm sharing my story again to share with you all that no mater what obstacles you may think are getting in the way of your goals and dreams, you can still achieve anything. At its worst my spine was curved 92 degrees. It is now in the 70s and still improving with the help of Dr. Morningstar (my doctor that treats scoliosis in Michigan). As a disclaimer- I CANNOT PRESCRIBE OR RECCOMMEND SCOLIOSIS EXERCISES TO ANYONE ELSE. Although I am a personal trainer, I am not a doctor. My back exercises/stretches are prescribed for me and my case. For those wondering, I never went the surgery route for many reasons and have always chosen to take a more practical, holistic approach with my health. When you see people on social media and think their life, body or anything about them is perfect.. think again. We all have struggles (whether people chose to show it or not). This angle of my back is the most flattering.If you stand on my right side you can see my back ribs protrude out.You can even still see it in the photo.My entire torso is crooked and short due to my spine being so curved (my photos are almost always my best angles so don't be fooled if my back/torso look straight😜) I share this again to show all of you that if I can reach my fitness goals,chase my dreams,build my own brand, partner with one of the biggest names in the fitness industry @1upnutrition, etc.. then you can reach your goals too💕💪

Vegan vanilla chia crêpes 😍 👉🏻 the recipe is on my blog now - Link in bio👆🏻🥞💜
What are your favorite toppings? 😋 I topped mine with nut nougat cream, blueberries, blackberries and granola this time 👌🏻🎉
Wishing everyone a beautiful thursday !😘
☀️Guten morgen ihr lieben!🤗☀️
Heute gibt es vegane Vanille Chia Crêpes 😍👉🏻 Das Rezept ist jetzt auch auf meinem Blog - Der Link zum Blog ist oben in meiner Bio👆🏻🥞💜
Was sind eure liebsten Toppings? 😋 ich habe mich diesmal für Nuss-Nougat-Creme, Blaubeeren, Brombeeren und Granola entschieden 👌🏻🎉
Ich benutze übrigens immer die Chia-Samen von @raabvitalfood 👍🏻 Die gibt es eigentlich in so gut wie jedem Reformhaus/ Bioladen oder im Online-Shop 😃 *Anzeige/ Empfehlung
Ich wünsche euch einen schönen Donnerstag !😘
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you have life, therefore today is a good day. toastin to YOU! happy thursday y'all 👋🏼
what i'm puttin' back- rye sourdough toast, ghee, avo, fried pasture raised egg, smoked salmon and sunflower sprouts 😻
carbs, fats, protein.. LIT.
#shutthekaleup #realfood #cleaneats

yesterday i spent the morning in providence & then decided to visit my college campus, Providence College @provcollege since I was in the area and I hadn't been there since graduating almost ten yrs ago (huh 🤡🚸⚠️) it brought back so many feels- i was super nervous, excited, and really thought about my life walking thru campus about how different it is today, than what I truly expected it to be. back then, I had this whole plan, everything laid out to the day, year, obviously none of that worked out for reasons you come to discover later and i am in such a different space than I ever thought I would be in- i didn't really decide what i wanted to do, be, or anything really until so much later in life but looking back and understanding today, it was worth waiting, making a leap, making a change to doing exactly what I wanted to do now, later on, & doing a path that was more meeee 🤸🏻‍♀️ I finally feel rooted, grounded 🌲 I guess, the point of this, isn't to be sappy, but just a reflection of all these years of unknown, making the changes, waiting, all really lies in the power of you 👊🏼 etc etc! So don't be so hard on yourself you will figure it out! Just go for it! 🤙 you can catch it in my stories yesterday! & disclaimer I did not run track! 😳 I swam! 🏊🏻‍♀️ but this was the only spot someone was around to snap a pic 👀 You can check more from my stories here 👉🏼 http://www.providence.edu/continuing-education]

Happy Thursday!!! 😎 Roasted up my last sweet potato in Extra Virgin Avocado Oil this morning to have for breakfast before work and paired it with Avo Slices w/ TJ's Everything But the Bagel Seasoning, Pasture-Raised Organic Eggs scrambled in Himalayan PS Ghee 🍳, & Organic Berries // I'm all for simple breakfasts lately that allow me to get a few extra min of sleep 😴 Hope you're all having a great week so far... the weekend is in sight 👏🏻 χσχσ αℓℓу

My fruit plate brings all the boys to the yard 🎶
Tag your favorite male vegans in the comments! I'll tag mine in the photo 🕺🏼

☀️ Good Morning, hope you woke up with a SMILE! The air is so fresh, and I'm soon off for a Run before heading to work. Buuut, first things first: Have to show you yesterdays #postworkmeal aka #heaveninabowl (yes, my fav hashtag!). Creamy STRAWBERRY-VANILLA Protein Porridge (Protein by @purya.superfoods) topped with Banana, fresh Strawberries, red Currants, Coconut Chips and melting Strawberry-Protein (!) Chocolate by @pumpinpanda 🍓🍫 I'm totally honest: This was one of the yummiest bowls I've had. What is your fav Porridge Combo? 😛
Enjoy your day to the fullest?l, it's almost weekend!
Einen schönen guten Morgen euch!
Eine Frage vorab: Weiterhin auf deutsch und englisch schreiben, oder "reicht" euch nur englisch!? Heute geht's nochmal arbeiten, aber erstmal eine Runde laufen. Morgen und am Samstag habe ich frei 🎉 Habt ihr schon etwas für das Wochenende geplant? .
👉 Für extra cremige Konsistenz 2tl Guarkernmehl von @vitanatura_plus in eure Porridgemischung geben. I LOVE it 🙉 Ihr könnt sogar etwas auf euren Einkauf sparen, wenn ihr meinen 15% Rabattcode "insta15eva" verwendet. Es lohnt sich ❤️.

Toast ✌🏼 Ways.  It’s no secret, I LOVE a good toast.  Decided to work from home again today which means breakfast with the kids and more time to make something for myself.  Had two slices of organic whole wheat #toast topped with @cedarsfoods artichoke spinach spread, an egg  and the last of my @hamama_greens micro greens and another with @woodstockfoods almond butter and strawberries.  Paired these toasts with @chameleoncoldbrew cold brew coffee @vitalproteins collagen peptides for a killer breakfast.  Happy Thursday loves!
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Anorexia. A monster that's always been living inside you but waits to attack you until it finds the right moment: when you are at yor weakest. Once it awakens, it starts to slowely and silently eat you from inside. You aren't even aware of it, you might get stomach aches, you might lose appetite, you might get a wrong body image of yourself. Whatever it is that anorexia does to you (there are different kinds of these monsters), you feed her by losing weight. It grows and grows until it's strong enough to control your mind and your actions, strong enough to destroy you. You cannot escape it, it's too strong and you're just a tiny weak thing on the ground, unable to fight against it. The less you weight, the bigger it grows. You feel worthless and the idea of fading away doesn't even feel that bad anymoe, no one wants to live with such a monster inside themselves. Anorexia is such a strong and powerful monster and it's almost impossible to escape that vicious cycle she puts you in. Food, calories, weight. Planning, controlling, restricting. That's all that matters. It's horrible. It's painful. It's tiring. It's draining. You want to escape. But you can't.
That's exactly how I felt/feel about anorexia. It's a monster inside you. But I'm here to give you hope. There is a chance to get better, to get healthy! I really really advice you to go to hospital/clinic first so that you're actually forced to gain weight. The illness inside you just can't do anything against that. Once you're at a more acceptable weight, recovery might be easier. You need to fight. You need to put effort in it. You need to feed yourself in order to destroy that monster. The less you weight the more it grows BUT the healthier you get the more it shrinks! Please never ever give up, it is possible, find motivation to fight that monster and beat her! I know you can do it if I could do it!!!💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 (to those who think its' photoshop, go and educate yourself, it's time to know about such illnesses, everything else is embarrassing!)


¤¤ Little Changes are 🗝
// If you want to lose weight the easy way then make small realistic changes that will last a life time 👌
|| Potato 👉 Sweet Potato
|| Bought baked beans 👉 Homemade beans
|| Cheddar cheese 👉 Reduced Fat cheddar
|| Salt 👉 Chives -
¤¤ Who says you have you miss out?! 🙄
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Gotta get out of my comfort zone ✨💫🌻

Hi I'm Katie and I am more than my body.

I am more than the amount of muscle I have.
I am more than the amount of fat I have.
I am more than a number on the scale.
I am MORE THAN my outward appearance.
I am a sister. A friend. A daughter. A girl who has a huge heart for making a difference in the world. I love laughing, cookie dough ice cream, photography, writing, and learning about everything and anything.
Fitness is a giant part of my life but not my whole life.
I don't spent my entire day in the gym or scrolling on insta.
I am a REAL person (say what!!)
My account is meant to be REAL and RAW- highs and lows and show the lessons I learn throughout my journey because I am FAR from perfect.
A lot of it is Fitness, some of it is food, some of it is just me doing me because in the end I'm Balancing Katie and I encompass all parts of my life🤷🏼‍♀️😊
I love meeting and connecting with so many amazing people so feel free to always HMU😉💕
I hope you can follow along and I can inspire people that being healthy encompasses more than your body❤️ #MorethanMyBody

💜 Dragon Fruit Smoothie 💜

I love dragon fruit, it makes such pretty smoothies 🤣😍 Todays smoothie was - 1 banana
- 1 tsp @hybridherbs pink dragon fruit
- 1 tsp maca
- #moonjuice vanilla mushroom protein
- 1/2 c frozen raspberries
- nut milk of choice
Blend and enjoy 😋😋

How @wildhealthy from team IHS fuels up after teaching a spin class. Chipotle baked beans, brown basmati, ratatouille, parsnips and beetroot humous. What goes into your nourishment bowls?

Hello les gourmands!

Alors ici journée bouclée et bien remplie avec à la clef une séance full body du #summer guide avec @cfstrongsexy !! J'y ai ajouté un petit gainage de 5 min!

Ce soir un petit chili sin carne avec du riz noir de Camargue! Il est excellent en goût mais également pour la santé puisque son ig est plus bas que le riz blanc. Et vous quoi de bon au menu pour ce soir?

Bonne soirée😙

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Aprende a equilibrar tus platos para lograr un buen nivel de energía y vitalidad... Haz tus meriendas y toma buena cantidad de agua durante todo el día. Te invito a participar en nuestro reto 21 días por tu bienestar y comienza a construir la salud y la figura que quieres. Mas información envía la palabra RETO al WhatsApp +584125363577. . . .
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It's moments like these where I am reminded of the goodness of God in our lives. We just bought a house in Texas when two months ago we didn't even know we were moving😱🙌🏻. We are in a season of suddenly's and momentum like never before. All I know is I don't want to miss what He is doing in the earth today. I'm diving in headfirst even though I don't know what it will look like and there are so many unknowns. I don't think I would have it any other way. It's a real faith and trust journey, but I'm I'm in for the long-haul! Saying yes is a risk, but it's a risk worth taking. I'm overwhelmed by His love 💛

Food always taste 10x better in another country

Magical smoothie bowl situation w/ all the toppings happened this morning. Strawberry vanilla smoothie base (@toneitup vanilla protein + frozen strawberries + MCT oil + collagen peptides + macadamia milk + chia seeds) topped with ripe local peaches + coconut flakes + mint + blueberries + @drinkwelo coconut cashew probiotic bar crumbles + hemp seeds + @pearlbutter beauty butter (you can melt and drizzle but I love the consistency of coconut butter like this)

Good skin days are my fav 😎 when you eat clean, it really reflects on your face!! After three days of eating fries, drinking alcohol, and barely sleeping this weekend in Vegas, I was feeling it 🙈 having issues with your face? Your diet may need some tweaking! Email me at contact@pencilyourselfin.com and let's work on it together! 💪🏻😉 in the meantime, cut out processed crap, eat real foods, and cut down on your SUGAR intake! And try my green smoothie from this am👇🏻
💛1 cup ice
💛2/3 cup almond or coconut milk (my fav is @thenewbarn)
💛1 cup spinach (tasteless but filled with all the nutrients!)
💛1/2 banana
💛1/2 cup bluebs
💛1 tbsp raw cacao (I use @navitasorganics 🤓)
💛2 scoops collagen (for your skin, hair, nails, gut)
💛your fav vanilla protein
💛2 tbsp @bulletproof MCT oil (good PHAT!)
💛1 tsp matcha power
💛1/2 tsp cinnamon
#superfood #smoothie #skincare
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A typical lunch...and I always have a quest bar for "dessert!" #questbaraddiction #ieattwoaday #cleaneats #canyoufindthechiweenie @questnutrition

It's certainly been a while 😎

Niçoise eating with a twist. Salmon and sweet potato crisps change it up and the fabulous thing is that it's @whole30. As a lifelong passionate foodie, I delight in entertaining, and there is no better party item to gather around than a lovely, luscious salad. Remember, your salad is only as good as your ingredients, so start with lovely lettuces, spectacular marinated protein, marinated onions, and add a lovely surprise like these sweet potato crisps. Don’t forget to fill in with items like olives, avocado and other bits of loveliness. This salad is special enough for a party and divine for a weeknight dinner and most of it is do-ahead! Check the stories for a step-by-step of how we got here and join us this weekend for a New York field trip with @nocrumbslefts_kid. Recipe on the blog so if you're looking for the recipe, go to my Instagram profile and click the link to get there.

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