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This booty workout is 🔥WATCH and try this exercise next leg day! Follow for more fitness tips🏃🏾‍♀️
For more workout ideas, click the link in my bio and get your workout guide today! .
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Three for Thursday 🙋🏼 the light in my room is poo so had to up the brightness which is why they are a bit grainy soz-As someone who used to have rly low body confidence and quite a tricky relationship with food I know how damaging statements like "kinda wanna look good naked but kinda wanna have tacos" can be- or references to having a bikini body vs having some type of food. I actually used to post stuff like that on my account if you go back- it used to motivate me- because my mindset was all wrong- I was driven to see things as a binary- bad/good foods or fun with friends vs looking good. That is what these types of slogans perpetuate- I get this is a bit of a rant and that in a way they could be funny- maybe I'm taking it too seriously- HOWEVER a lot of people suffer like I did with a bad attitude towards food and a desire to change their bodies. I have no issue with people wanting to change their aesthetic i am doing it myself, however I have an issue it with it being portrayed as a punishment or as though in order to look how you want you're going to have to give up loads of stuff- of course you can't have McDonald's every day (and shouldn't anyway bc that's just not gonna be nice for ur heart n whatnot) and there will be some sacrifices BUT to say that you can't have alcohol or any kind of fast food or anything ever is absolute bullshit and I am living proof of that- I'm not naturally skinny I've lost weight and fat and put on muscle and I eat healthy nutritious foods as well as less nutritious but v delicious foods. There aren't good and bad foods- there is no such thing as a "cheat" if you're not on a diet- you shouldn't be on a diet bc that's temporary and it means when you stop what will happen? You need to change your lifestyle- but in my "lifestyle" I sure as hell want to party and have fun. Summer is a time for BBQ s and ice creams on the beach- yes u may want to feel a bit more body confident or get a bit more in shape - that's fine (also fine to look however the hell you want) but you need to enjoy life- stay active, stay fit but make sure you are happy and not doing anything too drastic! Sorry if this isn't v coherent!#thetinytank

How would you de-seed a pomegranate?
I am super delighted to announce one of my favourite insta account's workshop Bella here, @ful.filled photography and food styling workshop in San Francisco coming up next month (this awesome video on how to de-seed a pomegranate is from Bella's page). I have connected with Bella ever since I started instagram a little over a year and half ago and she is one of the most caring, most genuine and most supportive souls on here. Sadly I can't attend the workshop myself but if you're interested you can find out more about the workshop through the link in my bio 🤗❤️

🥑🥑 ain't cheap, so I'm savoring every damn bite of this || @thebigmansworld microwave English muffin (serious life changer for my busy morning peeps!) with avo + hot sauce. I also ate the other half (duh) plus some mango because fruit is magical and no one can stop me from eating it.
PS I've made the English muffin recipe as written with oat flour, and also brown rice flour, buckwheat flour, and whole wheat today, so use whatcha got!✌🏼 #emilieeats

Pasta de pollo y espárragos. Via: @ideastasty por: @bientasty ingredientes:
150g Pasta Penne
4 dientes Ajo
150g Pechugas de Pollo
Sal y Pimienta
1/2 Taza Caldo de Pollo
150g Espárragos
1/4 de Taza Aceite Oliva
1 Taza Parmesano
2 Tazas Tomate Cherry
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Pirinçler çeşit çeşit:) siyah pirinç,kızıl pirinç, basmati pirinç. Hepsi birbirinden lezzetli ve sağlıklı birer karbonhidrat kaynağı. Denemediyseniz denemenizi tavsiye ediyorum. Organiksatinal.com a girerek alışverişlerini yaptıktan sonra hediye çeki kısmına kullanıcı kodu olarak : denizengin yazdığınız takdirde %10 indirim alabilirsiniz. Herkese iyi günler diliyorum. #cleaneating #muscleandhealth #musclebuilding #musclepharm #aminoasit #organiksatinal #gymflow #gymtime #gymfood

She's killing it 💪🏼

I didn't sleep well last night, but I did wake up
My muscles are sore, but they work
My wallet isn't full, but my belly is
I may not have all I want, but I have all I need
My life isn't perfect, but it's pretty damn good

Hellooooo it's me again🙈 Hope you guys recognized me on yesterdays picture😅 Won't blame you if you didn't though. Anyway just zoom in on this pic if you wanna clearly see my face again with the typical 3 meters long hair💁🏻 People always think long hair is great but in reality it sucks. Most pics end up with me having a mustache cause the wind blew my hair in my face👨🏻😂
Also I'm sooooo sorry for not being on track with answering all your lovely comments and the #imreswarriors feed😶 (I still read everything!!👀)Obviously walking the show last monday was more than I've done in months so it took loads of my energy. I didn't have time to rest cause there were some things I had to do and I also wanted to edit & upload the vlog. You can find the link in my story!🎥
I spent the first part of today being in bed without my phone so I wouldn't be tempted to do insta shit😅😂 Then I suddenly felt super sad cause I'm missing the gym and truth be told I almost cried💔 That's how much I'm missing the gym. Trust me it's hard to be a fitness blogger when you're not allowed to work out for months😭I get to insta stalk all these hot girls who do go to the gym and it kinda makes me feel like an insta famous couchpotato🥔✨
Anyway I wasn't gonna drown in self sorrow so I went for a walk (yay) and ended at the supermarket to buy a pint of chocolate icecream🙈 Might have to go again cause I already finished it😅it's that time of the month so I definitely deserve as much icecream as I can eat💁🏻 What did you do today??💕
Oh and also; omg there was such a big thunderstorm in Amsterdam⚡️ I've never heard or seen something like it. Haha even saw some adults running on the streets so fast you'd almost think they're handing out free Ben&Jerry's🙈😂


20 minute run while my boyfriend had the pups in the dog park. I wasn't fast but it's hot and I've always been slow but able to go longer distances without stopping.
I struggled so hard to get exercise today. I was tired and didn't want to go to the gym, then i was going to go until i sat down and 10 minuted turned into 40 🙄. But i brought my headphones to the dog park just in case, and while it took me 15 minutes to convince myself to go for a run, i did it.
Little choices like deciding to go for a run or to eat my prepped meals are what will get me to my weightloss goal.
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Cheeky snack because I'm more hungry today and getting impatient for dinner 🙊 and I love these pea snacks!👌🏻

Breakfast at 5.30pm again 🙃
Only 2 nights left and I honestly couldn't be happier 🙌🏼
But if you haven't tried this Breakfast before WHY not?🙋🏼
Grapenuts are super high in protein and are such a nicer texture than oats with a breakfast like this 😍
They come in a cereal box and the only place I can find them is in Tesco ☺️
#healthybreakfast #proteinbreakfast #healthyfood #healthyeating #cleanmeals #cleaneating #cleanlifestyle #fitness #fitnessmeals #motivation #healthyliving

OMfreakingG!!!! This is the best thing ever!!!!! No nasties, low fodmap, paleo, organic and unbelievably delicious!!!!!!!!! I am beside myself!!! They do other flavours too... #paleoathome #paleo #cleaneating #paleoicecream

Love a good Waga's... one of my fave restaurants. This is Firecracker with brown rice 😋

Spinatsalat mit Hähnchenbrust. Die ist allerdings irgendwo unter der Avocado, den Süßkartoffeln und Heidelbeeren versteckt.
Ich hab gleich für morgen zum Mittagessen mitgekocht.
#mealprep #cleaneating #healthyfood #paleolifestyle #paleo #fitfam #foodpunkchallenge

Roasted corn & avocado salad 💚

As a competing athlete I go through cycles of dieting to meet weight for competitions, or bringing my body fat down low to step on stage. I'm just going into that cycle now, so my calories are dropping slightly.

O don't like feeling hungry or feeling like i'm on a diet, so I plan my meals carefully, making sure I have lots of volume meals to fill me up. One of my favourite ways of doing this is with cauliflower rice and seafood. Ultra low calories, incredibly good for you, and doesn't leave you hungry.

Tonight i have king prawn fried cauliflower rice with red peppers and cherry tomatoes.

200g cauliflower, blitzed in a food processor,
200g king prawns
130g chopped red pepper
100g chopped cherry tomatoes
Spray oil

Sautee cauliflower and red pepper until soft.
Add cooked king prawns and cherry tomatoes and cook until warm
Season with salt and pepper

Serves 1, 295 cals, 30g protein, 24g carbs, 2g fat

#naturalbyemma #instarecipe #fatlossjourney #fitness #naturalfood #cleaneating #lowcarb #lowcarbdiet #lowcalorie

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I've been a little MIA because I was putting all my energy into preparing for a job I really wanted. Today I found out I wasn't successful. At first I was shattered. I poured my heart and soul into my pitch but at the end of the day my vision was different from what they were looking for. For a second I doubted myself, my skills and my creativity but then I snapped out of it. I AM GOOD ENOUGH. This job wasn't meant to be. I see now that my creativity wouldn't have been able to flourish as we didn't have the same ideas. But you know what something better is going to come up. Something that is more suited for me and my ideas. When one door closed, many more open. •

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People will doubt you ,people will disgrace you , if you know what is your goals you dont listen to them ,you just hear some noise , i never stop dreaming i will always chasing my passions thats what makes me live !!
Passions and dreams are the aim we live ! This is how we become better person! Like it or not im passionate person i keep my promises,my goals till i reach them !

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