Smoothie bowl am Morgen vertreibt Kummer und Sorgen 😉 oder hebt die Stimmung 😊 #smoothiebowls #foodpunk #cleanchallenge #healthyfood #guterstartindentag #teezumfrühstück #chiasamen #seeds

Sobriety looks amazing on me #cleanchallenge

Day 4 is here!!!! Time to make those living areas decluttered and all sparkly!! I was a bit short on time today (you might’ve seen in my stories) but still managed to pull all the furniture away from the walls to dust and vacuum and already that feels so much better!! ⠀

TODAYS HOT TIP: is from the absolutely wonderful @the.smallest.things_ _⠀

- Less is more, but make sure that everything in your living areas has a place to live⠀
- Tidy your main living areas everyday, clean well used surfaces each day and deep clean it once a week⠀
- Reset any play areas regularly throughout the day and encourage play in specified areas⠀
- Make couches a no food zone or be prepared to spot clean!⠀

Remember if you lovely people are coming into this challenge only now... I will be resending all of the checklists PLUS a bonus checklist to y’all on Saturday morning. Annnnnnnd I will be announcing a few giveaway prizes for some wonderful peeps who has been working hard at their checklists!! So much to look forward to 🤗

The flaws that mistakes I make that's the real me. Trying to spread hope to those still struggling. #reckless #change Keep from the bad habits. No one is perfect. Judgment day will come until then all the criticism doesn't count. #live #love #life #faith #grow #cleanchallenge leftpic#downfall👎🏼rightpic #rising👍🏼

Someone out there is fighting this very second.
Fighting to believe their mistakes aren’t proof that they’ll always be a fuck up
Fighting to feel worthy amidst that their moments of weakness
Fighting to forget the scars and damage they’ve done
Fighting to forgive themselves for the damage to themselves and others they’ve done
Fighting to convince a world that they’re REALLY TRYING HARDER than the world around them believes
Fighting all the triggers around them that have made them feel like they HAVE to use in order to cope with XYZ better

Fighting off the judgements of others around them that look at them as “ just another junky “ instead of AS A PERSON
Fighting the thoughts inside their head that tell them ........ “ just give up , just one more time, just today I’ll start over tomorrow, end your life you’ll never get better, there’s no hope, no one will know just give in, there’s no point in trying I’ve always failed “

This is only a window inside an addicts world and the mind they have to fight the world with DAILY
There is FREEDOM just get through TODAY . Get through this second than fight the next second. You ARE a HERO. You’re YOUR Hero. You’re their FUTURE HOPE. You are proof of the light at the end of the tunnel. You are brave and courageous. It takes a lot of inner strength for others to know only your darkness . Most of the world around you hides theirs and will NEVER Dare speak about their dark secrets, but your addiction has forced the world to know your dark secrets. Your secrets aren’t who you have to be. They CAN BE who you USED TO BE . Just simply decide to fight today 💋

The Clean Challenge is right around the corner. Are you food prepping or meal prepping? More through link in bio.
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#Repost @dianacatanoaia ・・・
“Vizibil mai fericita cand imi stiu tara un pic mai curata! #CleanRomaniaChallenge @sanziananegru .
Mereu binevenite aceste initiative, laudabile si de promovat! Cu siguranta de invatat din ele si de dat mai departe, sunteti de acord? @danielamacsim, @inesnerina, @emanueliuhas, @green.mama.blog, @adelamotu 🌿🌿🌿 .
Multumesc pentru challenge @georgiana.cnst! ________________________________________________
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I figured I'd share one of the rare photos of me high on opiates (on the left). Missusing them. Highly addicted. I gained 70 pounds on them but I didn't care as long as I got to escape from everything. I never allowed photos cuz I was ashamed of who I was and how I looked. Then I became sober and discovered recovery. I've never been so much at peace in my life. I did lose a little weight. But meh ...if I'm never down to a size 5... I'll live. Because I have a program that works and I never graduate which is amazing. I love who I am now. I'm at peace with my past and I dont future trip any more. These programs truly work if you work them and continue to work them. Thanks to all who have aided in my recovery not only in addiction but in my mental issues. This program is fucking incredible. #6yearsopiatefree #cleanchallenge #opiatefree #serenitycouragewisdom #meetingmakersmakeit #12stepstoserenity #recoveryispossible #coda #alanon #na

"On 8/22 I celebrated 3 years clean and sober from my deep addiction to opiates. 8/20 - is the fateful day that I overdosed three years ago and the day that changed everything.⠀
Laying in the ICU and hearing the doctors tell me the paramedics worked on me for 45 minutes until I was fully back scared me.⠀
It didn’t ‘scare me straight’ but scared me because I no longer knew who I was.⠀
Once I made the decision on 8/22 that I wanted to live a better life, I never thought the hard work would be so rewarding.⠀
My life has become something I am proud of and I couldn’t be happier that I have fought against addiction all these years.⠀
Many more wonderful sober years to come!"⠀
Congratulations @ccandrea15 we are so happy that you live to tell your story! It is sure to be an inspiration to many! 🙏

#cleanchallenge Post a pic of yourself in active addiction and one of yourself in recovery. 12 years between these two photos, sobriety is the best thing that ever happened to me. Altho that pic of me with the gigantic Jack Daniels is pretty amazing I can’t lie 😂

Today is Overdose Awareness Day, and while many overdoses are unintentional, sometimes they are not. As a collective, we need to raise awareness and help share resources to even our strongest of friends and family members. 🖤⠀
It could help save a life..

now (2018) and then (2013). yikes. 03.31.2015 there are many ways to find recovery #whateverworks #cleanchallenge #nowandthen #overdoseawarenessday

The guy on the left wasn't doing so great. The guy on the right today celebrates eight. 8 years living life sober and making it better as he gets older. Be happy, be humble, be true and be you.
#cleanchallenge #sober #soberlife #bongoocho

"A little over a year ago I found myself, the most hopeless I’ve ever been.⠀
I didn’t know how to cope with anything in life, or life in general.⠀
I was depressed and suicidal.⠀
I ran, and I used drugs and alcohol as my tool to escape.⠀
They worked for a while until they didn’t.⠀
I was stuck with myself, by myself.⠀
I had burned every bridge and was harming everyone around me. I had no where to go. I was given the ultimatum to go on to the bitter end, or accept help.⠀
I was defeated, so I accepted help.⠀
What I was doing was not working, for a long time.⠀
I had to drop all of my ideas and conceptions on life so that I could become open minded and have a new experience. So that is what I did.⠀
I've been sober now since 5/7/17.⠀
With spiritual help and guidance, I have created a life for myself that I never even thought possible.⠀
Today I can sit with myself.⠀
I no longer have to harm myself or those around me to gain a temporary amount of ease and comfort.⠀
I am accountable.⠀
I am honest.⠀
I have been given the ability to genuinely care about others.⠀
And most importantly I am free.⠀
This is all an ongoing process, and possible as long as I stay in fit spiritual condition.⠀
To all of those that believe life without drugs and alcohol isn’t possible, I am here to tell you that it is. It may not be easy at first. But it gets easier, and I can promise you it is worth it. You are worth it."⠀
Yes! Thank you for sharing your story as hope and inspiration for others @xswiftyy ✨⠀
We DO recover and we CAN live a joyous life without drugs and alcohol!! 🙏⠀

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