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what countdown should i do??
vc tikis edits

brooke davis doesn’t need a man
bare with me for the next few edits...
vc: me!~ ac: yt~

so i just woke up from my napppp
vc AV

i’m starting to post on @videoxofoth again so go follow !

i’m gonna go take a nap until 5:30 (it’s 4:30 now) so comment some things for me to post! like updated countdowns, spams, etc :)
vc oth edits

hey guys it’s riley! i’m gonna start being very active now yayy. but in the last few months i wasn’t active and in those months i went to 2 oth conventions! one in may & one in october. i met a whole bunch of the cast members:)
vc tree hill edits

name a hotter cast, i’ll wait
sorry for this scrap, i’m learning 2 new softwares
vc: me!~ ac: idk~


vc pleasant edits
- riley 💓

a beautiful episode
dt @haleybjscott and @xothedits
ac demqn
cc maliexotic

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