Tomorrow I’ll be showing my wares the people’s market! Hoping for sunshine and calm winds :)

Got a few shots of a fruit bowl recently posted on Etsy. One of a few new designs I’m rolling out for my shop

Ever wanted to ferment your food?!? Its the best way to get the most nutrition out of the foods we are about to be pulling out of our gardens this season ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 these 1.5 gallons go for just 175- and they come with fermentation weights and a water seal lid! Time to bring back old school technology to a modern world! Ferment your Food, Love your Mother!

Fermentation weights and cat purrs. Happy studio day to you all!

These are some corked spice and herb jars ranging in size from 4 fl oz to 32 fl oz. gearing up for Saturday markets in two weeks!

I got these little juice cups for your sipping pleasure :) these are about 6 ounces or so. Keep an eye out for me at the hand made part of the down town farmers market! Looking forward to seeing you in the sun 🌈❤️🌈

My new line of mugs :) these are for those of you that like your mugs of coffee like i do.....extra large and steaming hot ☕️ these larger sizes are just $35. Ceramicists usually let pots like these go for $65 or more!

Cracked the door on my latest kiln. About to do a full spread photo shoot. Lots of images to come :)

I’m at it again! Back to back kilns make me sleepy 😴.... but it’s totally worth it! This baby is firing up on Tuesday! More shots to come 🌈❤️🌈

My latest soda kiln was a success! Now it’s time to start documenting and updating Etsy! Whoop whoop!

Been working hard making lots of stuff and it’s finally made its way to the kiln! Getting excited for Christmas this Sunday ;)

Hanging out with my studio cat 🐈she’s been a studio cat from the very first day I took her in at the pottery teacher camp position I was working 4 years ago in Pennsylvania! She’s my little muse ❤️This is the 16 pounds in 21 seconds fermentation crock all finished up! Thanks always for all the support ❤️✌️❤️ small steady actions can truly build into your dreams coming true. It’s your destiny to follow your bliss! The universe is always basking in your adventure 🌈✨🌈

15 pounds of clay in 21 seconds! My next fermentation crock is in the works! Just got this one special ordered by a new supporter from California! Thanks Etsy for making connections happen! ❤️🌈✌️

I applied to an artist residency program here in Missoula mt! Here is a sneak peak at the images I used for my application! Wish me luck!!!! ❤️🌈❤️

Help me hone my craft!! More rivets or less? More is to busy or more is more? Let is boring or balanced? Let me know what you think on these beer steins ❤️🙏❤️

Got some more 2 pound coffee mugs in the works. . . For those of you that search for the never ending cup of coffee. This is as close as it gets hahaha, psych! But a damn good place to start :) rivets to come! Thanks for staying tuned ❤️

Rolling out some new work! Excited to reveal it tomorrow when I’m all finished with this next round! Can you tell what I’m making?!? Don’t tell mom hahaha ❤️❤️❤️🌈🌈🌈❤️❤️❤️

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