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Awwww yeah!!!! Had a great year at @ahsutah ☀️#summertime #classof2020

rally #Classof2020 💚

Last time we went to Disney together, I busted my nose and Sarah was and still is cooler than I am!🐢🐧 Now she's officially a college freshman! Love ya, love ❤️ •
All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them - Walt Disney


#disneyworld #babes #friends #graduation #classof2020 #classof2021

no longer a friggityfreshmannnnn

If you're not first you're last #welost #classof2020

What more can I say then it's been an amazing year. I'm so thankful to have all the friends I have now. I have learned a lot this year. Fuck those that hate you because you always got better things ahead of you. My first year of high school has been a great experience. I met real friends, I joined cross country ( one of the best sports ever lol), and I sang with an amazing choir. I'm so proud to be a meadowcreek mustang, and cannot wait to to do it all over again next school year. Thank you to all those who love and support me. I love you guys right back💞 #classof2020

She's just as thrilled for me to take her picture on her last day as a #freshman as she was on her first day! 🙄🤷‍♀️ haha #lastdayofschool #sophomore #classof2020 #mybabygirl

Where's the paparazzi when you need them? 📸💋✨(@gracexmarie)


Game 2 boys! Go Gabe! Go D-Bat! #classof2020 #summerball 🌴⚾️ #pitcher

Only 3 more years and my babygirl will be the one graduating!😟😧😢😭 #classof2020 #timepleaseslowdown

Love this class, but it's weird how it seems like just yesterday we were freshmen...😕😂😆✌🔥#sophomores #classof2020 #summervacation #goodtimes

Thanks for an amazing year Dragons! You guys were all amazing people to spend the year with and I'll miss you all like crazy over summer! This year had its ups and downs and overall it was fantastic! Thank you all for such a great year!!

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