For all the graduates of the #classof2018 i want to say CONGRATS, 🍾🎊 here’s an old food review from zohaib from zohaibs food review’s graduation from yesteryear. #throwbackthursday #staydelicious #stayinschool #classof2016wishingclassof2018muchdelicious

Finally found away to display my Graduation stuff! #unt #classof2016 #dance #education #teacher

Throwback to my first graduation shoot in ‘16! If you need graduation photos, DM me for further information! 📸🎓🥀

I graduated in december #2016 from the university of Khartoum faculty of #science department of #mathematics and physics.
I learned many things and met many people, One thing I learned from the faculty of science is that #education makes you more discipline.
The #bachelor's degree is done and this is just the beginning.
#graduation #bachelors #classof2016 #justthebiginning #picoftheday #likeforlike #l4l #followforfollow #f4f #commentforcomment #c4c #cool #love #inspiration #instagood

Here’s another thing I did during my senior year as a project in English class: my Senior Memory Book. We had to write about our life and senior year in these books. To make mine more interesting, I added actual items inside mine. After I show off the binder, you’ll see the part of the book where I describe my senior year (you will notice that although I put Rocky Horror things on the cover, I was a little too shy to fully state that I did go to the Rocky Horror convention in New York City, since at the time, I was a little embarrassed to share with others that I liked that movie, and that’s a quirk of mine: unless I’m on social media, I will not talk about some of my interests openly in real life), as well as the items I put in the Senior Memory Book. The first set of items represent my elementary school years, the second set of items, which includes an art project I did in eighth grade and figures of Mikuru from Haruhi Suzumiya and Cure Peace/Glitter Peace from Smile Pretty Cure!/Glitter Force, the third set of items, which contains my cheering bow from when I did cheerleading, movie tickets for the Madoka Magica movie and Equestria Girls, and the Pendant of Hope (an item I made up for a fake magical girl anime based on The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which was a pendant that gave Columbia magical powers), and the fourth set of items contains items reflecting my senior year. I also put in a picture of my bedroom in 2016. If you look closely, you’ll see my earliest “itabag”, which had pins of Star Wars and Rocky Horror characters. #Classof2016

Since graduation is coming up for most high school students, I would like to share some pictures from the school year I graduated in two years ago. The first image is me and my twin sister (@kirattoplushiechan) in the senior photo alongside my friend from school who I forgot the name of (she is on the right next to me [with the short hair and red shirt], my senior quote (which is from the end of The Goldbergs episode Jimmy 5 is Alive), my Honor Society group photo in which I am wearing a My Little Pony shirt and a Yo-Kai Watch, me at my senior prom, my graduation cap, the dress I wore to graduation, and me and my twin sister at graduation. #Graduation #Classof2016 #Prom

In honor of all the graduates these past few weeks 👨🏻‍🎓 #classof2016

So proud of you & can’t wait to watch you play lacrosse in college!! 💛💚#classof2016>;>

I can't believe it's been two years since I graduated from @cabriniuniversity! Time is going by way too quickly 🎓✨ #cabriniuniversity #cabrinicollege #cabrini #almamater #stillacollegetome #cabrinialumni #alumna #graduation #classof2016 #howhasitbeentwoyears

Both of my daughters have officially graduated !! #classof2016 #classof2018

#throwback😍 2 years ago today. In my opinion the best Salutatorian to come out of LHS #makeupcamealongway #salute #classof2016

Had to shoutout the homie, now Specialist Bell on her big promotion #congratulations . She Graduated from Aldine Sr High School here in Houston #classof2016
She is currently a Utilities Equipment Repairer #mos91c She inspects and repairs a/c electrical and vapor systems, refrigeration unit electrical systems, portable heater fuel/electrical systems and fire extinguisher recharge systems and valves. She probably has more certifications than most of her classmates from Aldine #thatshadetho and that’s not even the best part.
Specialist Bell still has her Post 9/11 GI Bill and Hazelwood Act that she can use to walk into whatever school she wants to here in Texas and walk out with a free Masters Degree #whatstudentloans #freecollegeisthebestcollege
She’s currently living the life at Fort Hood, TX, about 3 hours north of Houston. She has previously been stationed in South Korea.
If you trying to get on SPC Bell’s level, you need to be calling me up

Staff Sergeant Lacy
Greenspoint Army Recruiting

#houstonnative #hometownhero #usarmy #livinglifetothefullest #worldtraveler #wentoutanddidthedamnthing #aldinehighschool #eisenhowerhighschool #carverhighschool @ssg_rodriguez_jorge @airborne_recruiter @

Ulta goodies🍭✨☺️

Missing those college golf days! #seminolestate #easternmichigan #classof2016 #takemeback

Got to meet up with two of my favorite people today for a late lunch—two of the loveliest, sweetest, most dynamic young ladies you could hope to meet...even if they do go to UF and Bama. Can’t believe they’re juniors in college! #reunionlunch #classof2016

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