Let’s talk about gear!
Why do I love @topodesigns daypack?Comfort is everything and I love LOVE my Ollie and how it feels.
(Yes, I named my pack 💪🏽)
• Heavy duty hardware
• comfortable contoured padded shoulder straps
• Zippered exterior pocket
• Outer pocket for my KleanKanteen water bottle
All of their daypacks are handmade in Colorado! 🙌🏽
Get yourself one!
Photo by @wildrootscoaching #hikingthenorth #madeforyourmap

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I'm not about this heat wave life at all, and I'm in search of a icy watering hole to jump into. I was tempted to wade into this after 4 miles of StairMaster hiking. But I thought better of it when I remembered that I was more than twice as high as Niagara and would probably be swept off a half mile high cliff to my death. Hard pass.

So say you are on a life path. Since we all can only live once, we're all on paths we've never been on before. So, how can we be so sure we know where ours leads?
I suppose that it has to do in part with having a little faith. And, we experiment from time to time along the way; testing the shortcuts on the trail. But we always seem to find it again.
Recently, I've had what are probably irrational worries that I was on the wrong trail, or heading in the wrong direction on it. And was I starting off the wrong way when I was abroad? Or when I returned home?
It's not clear to me. Like this trail above, it's thick and shaded and flat. And even if I did know which direction was the right one, what does that even mean? It's not that I think 'career' and 'children' are mutually exclusive. For me, it's more about whether the direction I'm going is one where few people in my life today will still be able to recognize me tomorrow, least of all me.
I could really continue down this rabbit hole, as it were. But I guess that I'm venturing to say that a little faith and staying true to myself will keep me on the path, going the way toward my goals.

Summer is here and we have your Topo Designs gear! Who doesn’t need a waterproof wallet? I mean just the beer being spilled alone......... #summertime #highinthefoothills #waterproof #newgear #topodesigns #shopsmall #shoplocal #elehartphotography #nellybellegeneralstore #classicmountainmodern

I think we all have lost the path at some point (or are lost now, perhaps) for one reason or another, whether on purpose or incidentally. The trick is to not be frustrated with yourself when you have found yourself astray. And to use your instincts to try and find your way back.
Now, if you're questioning whether you're taking the path in the right direction, that's another thing. And I'll probably talk about that tomorrow. (Yesterday was an awesome reflection day for me.😊)

A childhood dream realized.

For someone who wants to be an urban planner, I really like mountains. 🤔

Actually "insta" for once. My friends and I met Vermont celebrities today. Given his protective behavior, I think this one was Baylor. Most days, he and his brother Sampson follow hikers from their home at the base up and down the 3 mile Stowe Pinnacle trail off-leash and usually end up serving as guardians of the peak, posing for pictures for the cost of head rubs and drinks of water.

I saw a boat slowly cutting its way through a frozen river and at the same moment a friend said, “Love breaks the ice”
I met up with an old friend yesterday who was kind enough to share really amazing and accurate information about me (and people born on my birthday, generally) from a book she has, which also happens to feature practical guidance and exercises like this meditation. Isn't it oddly poetic that despite how much you may feel misunderstood, looking to the stars can make sense of everything down to the most minute detail of yourself? I'm feeling so understood today. And it's very empowering.

“Remember, there are no mistakes in life, just happy accidents.” - B. Ross 🎨 #takemebacktolastsummer PC: @killur

Of course it would be raining today, the day I officially go back to work. So I'm running away from Monday, back over to Sunday just as fast as I was when trying to escape the rain for cover in the woods.

Heavenly activity of infinite potentiality on display.
Since moving back to the US, I've been sort of re-exposed to certain key elements of my upbringing. My brother just graduated from a Jesuit university, where the speeches in the various ceremonies touched upon "magis" -- Latin for more or greater. Growing up going to a Jesuit high school, I am more than familiar with the term. But I couldn't help but be moved (and to feel validated in a way) when I remembered that its meaning has essentially been my own approach on life during these last 10-15 years (and more so in recent years).
People who strive for the magis are ambitious and always want to be better and to take risk. It might sound like overachieving Type A behavior. But, it's quite the opposite. It's an exercise in humility. If you can imagine a degree of commitment that is beyond our ability to make, then we are less likely to think that we have our lives figured out. We are always coming up short. And we always need something bigger than us to take us to where we want to go.

Happy June 1st and new beginnings! I'm officially moved back into Burlington. And my new apartment is so cool that I'm already naming it "The Jump Off."
[Editor's Note: I do not recommend jumping off of steep cliffsides. Except for that one time in Greece where it was the only way down...@dimitris_papageorgiou99 ]
[Editor's Note 2: I'm confident you haven't experienced quality videography until you see @iz.harris work here and on YouTube. If you're more into "story" than "method," she has that in spades, too. I won't spoil it. Just check her out. It's the best advice I can offer today!]

Our first day hike up 2700 ft elevation gain on the Upper Yosemite Falls Trail was no walk in the park. But strenuous day hikes are one of my favorite activities when I visit a new place. In any event, that day we saw all sorts of people along the way. Young, old, small, big, really big, fit, unfit, European, South American, Australian, Middle Eastern. It's always humbling to see America's natural attractions bringing in all walks of life to summit the 6600 ft high falls. So, whatever you're struggling with today, know that it's probably all worth it for something. In my case that day, it was to clear my head, disconnect from my phone, and get that view!
📸: @bqueezy9

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Basically if I'm left alone at home on a rainy day like yesterday, I will find a way to spend my money and hastily plan a trip. Can't wait to beast around the mountains in a pick-up truck with @bqueezy9 because this city life ain't for me.

Boy looks to nature to gain clarity on difficult life decisions, like whether he wants pizza or tacos for dinner 🤔

Some fun facts about @topodesigns Klettersack: It’s handmade in the good ol’ USA. It’s constructed with durable 1000D #CORDURAbrand fabric. 👊 It was recently featured in @gq’s “14 Workwear Buys for Right Now” article. 👏 And it will put a HUGE smile on your face every time you travel with it. Swipe 👉 for proof. Photos courtesy of @topodesigns. #LiveDurable #TeamTopo

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