When warm-weather hostess duty calls, slip into this bright, classic, piped collar top for a sweet, put-together look that takes no time at all.
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Back to basics.... @williamwolfwhiskey

So Ma Dukes is in Atlanta this year so we decided to send her and my Auntie some @ediblearrangements for Mother’s Day. This is how they left the baskets, on the garbage can. Now if I could get a hold of the driver I would take them out to the village square and stone them to death! Who would even think this is appropriate? The store and corporate is working with us to smooth this over. But the driver needs to be dealt with.

First edition Cool Greys.

This is what happens when divorce goes wrong!!

What Makes You Happy?

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Family First....

Time for another unDS.

Perfect pick for the beard. Keep yo beard from looking like ground beef men.

Day 1 - Album 1: Jimi Hendrix Experience - Electric Ladyland

I forgot all about these. #airjordan14 #Nike #Retro

When will I unDS these?

14 shows deep..... @mogul_squared We Create The Content.... You Create The Lifestyle

Random Tips: *If you have to tell someone that you are serious when it should be obvious they probably don’t respect your gangsta! * Never buy the shirt in a box with a matching tie. * Never eat the pasta from a strip club. * Never eat at a strip club. * If you ask about a previous boyfriend/girlfriend and a smile appears on their face, change the subject. Quickly. * When buying shoes wait until after lunch, when your feet have swollen to their maximum size.

Jewelz of the Day....

The woman... classic, timeless... on point in fashion...

May the best of my today’s be the worst of my tomorrow. #ClassiclyCool

#ClassiclyCool - A person who lives their life casting a calm, classic reflection no matter the situation.

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