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When you had me,
And I had you...
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Feel these words in public.
I dare you.
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Part 1 just below it, in case you were busy on Valentine’s Day 🌹

The art of being human.
To feel, to be inspired, to create & connect.
Valentine’s Day poem up on my blog.
More to come, so stay tuned!
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Happy love day everyone ♥️

This was too good for just my story this morning. @lewishowes always asks "what is your definition of greatness?" and I think I've found mine.
If we can give when we think we have nothing, even if that person is ourselves, the world will be a better place.
Who you are to the world > What you have.
Thanks for sharing this @rawjuiceguru

Some conditioning circuit training with @daniella_divina today! We both brought some different elements to this circuit and we both left trying some new exercises for the first time.
I'm usually one for solo workouts, I enjoy the peace it gives me. But lately I'm loving the feedback of energy you create when you're able to challenge and inspire each other.
Oh and she brought me treats, what's not to love about @daniella_divina 💜
Oh and we did this 5 times 😳

Back & Chest circuits. Cardio, stretching and some bosu ball work of course.
Filming my workouts helps me understand what I need to work on when it comes to form. Practice will bring you progress!
Plus it's always satisfying to see you kick some ass 💪🏽😜

All of life is an act of balance
[📷: @prcpt.n]

Slowly but surely 💪🏽

When @mais_clark77 inspires you. Erase what you once thought was impossible!

Start strong, finish stronger! Leg day warm up with bosu ball jumps 💪🏽

I believe I will always
be in search of
who I am.
I find a certain comfort
in knowing that.
-d.c. | neverending
✍️ @darencolbert
May this month bring you continued self-love and discovery & continued motivation to accomplish all you set out to do ❤️

One of the most complex yet beautiful circumstances was having to end my relationship in the name of growth, as both my partner and I had healing to do that could not be done together. Some of the most necessary life lessons & clarity has come from detachment and delving into self-love & a new path of discovering who I am, where I'm going & what I want to be doing with my life. Each day has brought me something new to think about or ways to re-frame old thought patterns. Detachment has been a prevalent thought (I just started reading "#TheMasteryOfSelf" by @donmiguelruizjr), as it's not something I've ever been good at. When we choose to let go, we actually gain more control over our lives and the situations at hand. Through all of this, though, I'm learning that there really is such thing as being/falling in love at an inconvenient time...but that it is entirely possible to still love quietly at a distance from a place of peace and understanding.
"Law of Detachment:
In detachment lies the wisdom of uncertainty. In the wisdom of uncertainty lies the freedom from our past, from the known, which is the prison of conditioning."
Repost: @farawaypoetry ❤️

I had an amazing opportunity to house sit for a few friends while they were away for the week. I never understood the idea of a staycation but I totally​ get it now! It was great to have a change of scenery while still being able to carry out the daily grind. I made sure to plan some much needed r&r each night as it's so rare these days that I have the chance to just be alone. A bath, a book, some tea (or wine 🍷?) is my perfect recipe for unwinding and reviving my mind, body and soul. A real holistic treat 💕 Having a self-care routine is so important for reducing stress and re-focusing. I'm so thankful I had this time to give myself some much needed love & attention.

What are your favourite R&R rituals? ❤

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