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— 1.01
first scene :”)

Voy a empezar esta sección, chicos/as 👐 #curiosidadnefilim (mi sección, las otras dos admin puede que tengan otra propia) e irá sobre curiosidades tanto de los libros (mayoritariamente) como de la serie, etc.
Si os gusta mucho subiré esto más a menudo y si no.. pues también, porque a mi me llama la atención 👋 -Alec.
The institute is a consecrated place, so the vampires, warlocks and werewolf cant enter...but, in the serie Simon, Luke and more downworlders enter in frequently.

#cazadoresdesombras #shadowhunters #aleclightwood #jaceherondale #claryfray #isabellelightwood #simonlewis #magnusbane #matthewdaddario #harryshumjr #dominicsherwood #katmcnamara

[2.01] || #shadowhunters
Jace’s Family will always
be the Lightwoods 😭💕
#qotd Favorite under
appreciated character?
• Raphael

Ps: vou ficar sem Wifi por um tempinho (acho que alguns dias), espero que vocês não me abandonem 😊, assim que voltar ao normal, volto a postar muito. ❤
#Shadowhunters #DomSherwood #DominicSherwood #JaceWayland #KatherineMcNamara #ClaryFray #Clace @domsherwood @kitkatsmeow #Katnic #JaceHerondale #JaceLightwood


Should I start watching Friends? I've heard it's a lot like himym and I love that show
FC: 2538


I love this scene so much they were so little omg

Its like a role reversal, who's rolling eyes now. So just got back from the wedding a half hour ago. I didn't realize how long its been since I've seen everyone til they all started mentioning it. Its been around 12 years since I've seen most apparently. I don't really remember anyone and I kinda felt bad cuz as soon as some people saw us they started crying cuz its been so long and everything and in just like uhhh hhii I don't remember you. My biological father is a pretty chill dude now. Meeting him was kinda awkward the first time seeing him, since I was idk 4 maybe, was really chill. He was opening the door for people and we walk in and he's just like hey how you doing? And we're all like hi. It was so nonchalant for what should have not been a nonchalant moment 😂. After the ceremony my mom, sister, and I went to JBs I think and then we walked around the mall there until 6 then we went to the dinner and left when the dancing was starting. It was nice seeing everyone after suuucchhh a long time. But I'm exhausted from all the interactions with people. #matthewdaddario #katherinemacnamra #shadowhunters #themortalinstrunents #tmi #claryfray #aleclightwood #alexanderlightwood

go check it?? kay thanks

— [ 2.12 ]
#q: Movie or show Isabelle?
#a: Show! I didn’t like movie Isabelle 🤷🏼‍♀️
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So my friend V told me and my friend S that we act like were in a relashionship, and that I act like I'm a bottom. Then my friend S goes "it's platonic". Then I go " she wants me." Then S goes" you wish Kenzie". Friends are great.

i dont appreciate simon lewis a lot but i love him 😥. this is literally from @/banewest on tumblr so!! you gotta thank thesoulsword for making me post lmao

➝ [ #shadowhunters | 2.05 ]

⋆ when this scene appeared i was like "i have to edit it"
⋆ it's 2 am and i wanted to go to sleep earlier like 1 am so i can wake up at 10 am tomorrow so i don't sleep too much but oh well

#qotd ; no one ever answers them but wth, favorite sh character?
#aotd ; izzy

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