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This may look a photo of the girls getting along nicely but the reality is Ottilie has instructed Delilah in her own way (ie shouting and pointing) to push her around the garden as fast as Delilah's little legs can manage. No guessing who the dominant twin is. They are both wearing their new little shoes from @clarksshoes they’re so sweet and versatile and the girls are chuffed with them! #ClarksKids #ad #ottilieanddelilah #motherofdaughters

Oh those first pair of proper walking shoes. Such a bittersweet moment, laced with a little pang at the realisation that your baby is fast hurtling towards to toddlerhood, but ultimately filled with so much pride at those early tentative steps. I've always been a fan of the very iconic #ClarksKids and love how their shoes are geared towards the cushioning and supporting of delicate little feet as they go through an important period of growth. I still fondly look back on the lovely experience we had when we took Tallis in store to get fitted for her first ever pair and am delighted to be continuing the tradition with Byron. Happy to be introducing their #clarksfirstshoes campaign with this cute little animated image by the very talented illustrator @cherylrawlings. Head to any Clarks store for a fitting, send a message of your little one wearing their new shoes to the @ClarksKids Facebook page and get your own personalised version too. #sp

Crossing our legs in @clarksshoes 👩🏼👦🏻👧🏼Clarks has been around since 1825!!! I would love to see the archives - that is a long time to be in Shoe Business 👠👟👞👡👢New blog post on my kids shoes and my love for their feet (link in bio). And yes my daughter has seemed to have inherited my love for metallic shoes (wopwop!) ❤️@clarkskids #ad #shoes #dresslikeamum #clarkskids

I am a little bit in love with this. 💚Years and years ago, back when she first started on instagram I by chance found @cherylrawlings work. I thought it was amazing and commissioned her to make me six special prints that I put up in our hallway. I still love them to this day, although we have since moved so I need to find a new home for them. (Although I might ask her to make me some more!) The other day I got an email from @ClarksKids saying that they were working with Cheryl on a fantastic new milestone moments project where you can get a little personalised animation of your child’s first shoes that they can keep forever. Clarks is a brand that genuinely has a special place in my family’s hearts. I went with my Grandma to get Mads and Lottie’s first shoes, and in fact she took me to get mine from there when I was little. I still remember getting my school shoes from there when I was little too, my Mum used to leave it till the last minute and we would be the ones on the last week of the holidays grabbing the ticket from their little machines and realising we had about 100 people ahead of us. ;)
So when they asked me if I wanted to make a little animation of our baby boy I of course said yes- firstly because we love Clarks and secondly because we really love Cheryl too. 💕 This is such a lovely, lovely partnership. All you need to do is send a photo of your child over in their new shoes (head to the Clarks Kids FB page for more details) and they will create it for you. I love the little video so much. PS He still isn’t anywhere near walking but he needs little shoes as he has a habit of wanting to crawl on the ground wherever we are. ;) And I think the girls new sprinkle wall is going to be my new go to place to take a photo when it is raining outside. ;) #ClarksFirstShoes #ClarksKids

Ciiiiissss😜😜😜 Ootd anak kicil:
Top @littlestu.id
Skirt @sugarbibs
Socks @fiestatutu
Shoes #clarkskids

NEW BLOG POST! • I'm talking baby milestones, when Oscar took his first steps (and how I wasn't there 😢) and his obsession with shoes as I collaborate with the brilliant British institution of a brand, @clarkskids, via the link in my profile • meanwhile, Oscar's "noo shoes" pictured are the Magical Tor Sandals - perfect for summer adventuring! #ClarksKids #sp

Comic Cool #ClarksKids

Cuando algo te hace sentir bien, no te lo quieres quitar! #ClarksShoes #ClarksPanama #ClarksMultiplaza #KidsShoes #ClarksKids

first attempt into town ❤ #ootd #bodenbyme #littlebirdbyjools #clarkskids


Очень стильные макасинчики,которые подойдут буквально ко всему👌
Для самых стильных малышей!
✅Clarks макасины для мальчиков,натуральный нубук, кожа и текстильные вставки,удобная застежка на липучке.
Цена: 10500 тенге
☝️️Благодаря использованию уникальной стельки Ortholite® с открытопористой структурой обеспечивается амортизация, поглощающая ударное воздействие при каждом шаге. Благодаря антимикробному составу, повышенной воздухопроницаемости и системе управления влажностью ноги во время движения остаются свежими и сухими.
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sales masih berjalan sampai 28 Julai 2017. hari ni dah mula pengeposan seperti biasa.

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Милейшие туфли-пинетки для самых маленьких малышек😇,супер легкие и не весомые на ножке,мягкие и гибкие,не отяжеляют ногу,а это самое важное при первых шагах😍
Вид застежки:Липучка
Материал подкладки обуви: натуральная кожа
Габариты предмета (см): высота платформы: 1 см; высота подошвы: 0.5 см
Материал подошвы обуви: резина;
Верх:натуральная кожа;
Материал стельки:натуральная кожа;
Вид каблука:без каблука
Форма мыска:круглый
Тип подошвы: рифленая
Вид мыска:закрытый
Модель туфель:с застежкой на лодыжке
Сезон: демисезон-лето🌿🌸
Страна бренда:Соединенное Королевство
Размеры:17.5(11 см по стопе)
Цена:7500 тенге
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Clarks Kids FOr GIrls
all ready stock

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