Let me just put this on my 👉🏿wall 👈🏿, so that people can’t say that they don’t know .
I don’t care if we JUST FUCKED , for the FIRST time , or MILLIONTH time , if you ain’t got it all , it’s DEUCES , straight up. I’m not a hit and run type of guy , but I AM a Brotha that learns from past mistakes . I am under NO OBLIGATION ( PRE-fuck , or POST-fuck ) to deal wit no chicks that ain’t got no sense . I’m grown . I got kids . I’m playin for keeps . Meaning : I ain’t just TALKIN to you to be talkin . I be lookin to see wifey potential. Step Mother potential . Lifetime potential . And if you’re struggling to figure out BASIC shit , I ain’t yo daddy , baby 👶🏿,- now don’t get me wrong : life experience , I got you . Learning finances , I got you . Figuring out what you wanna do with your life from a career perspective, I got you . Discovering your identity in a confusing world (maybe ) I got you . But all that other shit that you was supposed to have learned when you were FIVE -😅😬😬 Sorry FOR ya...🤓👋🏿🙏🏿 #iwishyouthebest #goodriddance #byefelicia .
You gotta be GROWN .... to REALLY wanna fuck wit a grown man. It ain’t just about yo age . You gotta at LEAST bring the BASICS to the table. You can be YOUNG , and still be the ONE , - but a lot of these chicks these days , don’t even have the BASICS down . #stepyagameup #tooreal #problem #me #honesty #honest #facts #grownman #grownmanshit #takingonefortheteam 🤣 #yourewelcome #ladies #fellas #igotyou 👊🏿💪🏿😈 #comecorrect or #staythefuckawayfromme #getoutyofeelings #emotional #goodmorning #goodmorningpost #newyorker #newyorkstateofmind #clarity

I’ve been on the Gold Coast in Queensland now for five years but still feel like a tourist...this gorgeous lighthouse is at Cleveland, southeast of Brisbane...do you act like a tourist in your own backyard? I need to remind myself to do more of it! It totally rejuvenates me and gets me out of my typical routine which I tend to do 💙💙💙

Sometimes we’re so caught up in our own thoughts we can’t see clearly what we need to learn to move forward.
I was recently reminded of that myself. I was running in circles with my business and couldn’t see what’s the missing piece.
And then I was reminded by my coach that sometimes it’s not about what you do or don’t do.
🌸 Sometimes it’s about what you have to learn from this shitty experience you’re in, so that you can move on to the next one without the same pattern. 🌸
We all need a safe space to process what’s going on.
To be seen. To be heard. To give voice to our desires and fears.
And it’s so much easier when there’s someone with us who sees us at our best and asks us the right questions so we can come up with new answers.
This is what I do for my 1:1 clients. I help them figure out what they want in terms of their work/career/business. I help them find clarity among all the jumbled thoughts.
There are 3 spots open for my 1:1 coaching package. Would you like to move forward with your stuff? Let’s talk! Apply today :) I’d really love to get to know you :) More details in bio!

Underwater feels , there's a very different stoke being in waves under the surface ...... #teloislands #clarity #🐚 #northsumatra #lp's @telosurfvilla @phil_goodrich_art #yoda


I've been MIA lately because i really had to create space for myself and my own spiritual growht and journey. It was like i lost myself in helping people other than myself. And i honestly felt drained.
So i had to create space for myself to get allot of situations, and layers of my life clear. I had to let go of people, old dynamics, missaligned thought patterns. And really focus on what i needed, so that i could move forward with a clear vision.
And i'm still in the process of it all, but i can say that i feel much better now that i have allot more clarity in multiple layers of my life.

One of my core values is to have inner peace. Having inner peace makes me happy, and feel connected. That is my base.
So i build my day and intention based on inner peace, and does that feel good!

The ascension journey is no joke but it is an amazing process. ⭐This card the king of crystals represents the energy of clarity, vision, flow and allowence to receive whatever comes your way. It's important to listen to your intuition, and to stay open at this time.
It can feel uncomfortable to let go of the old, but you honestly have no choice. You are being pushed by every cel in your body to move forward and leave the old behind.

So surrender, be honest to yourself, and let go. So that you can move forward with clarity and create your own amazing multiverse on earth.

Wishing you an amazing day filled with clarity and high vibes.

XOXO Damaris ❤

Have you really let go of the past?
Maybe the past is preventing you from moving forward or meeting that someone new. Is it time to cut the energetic ties that bind you to your ex?

Check out the link in my bio for more information.

Its okay to grow ...sit back and reflect.
Compare and Contrast. .

We often talk about the #power of the #mind but when you really tap into it properly and use it wisely, things unfold beautifully like a piece of art!
#life #direction #clarity #focus #grounded #gratitude #wireit #fireit
#love and #respect 💖😊🙏

Bars® Boosters for pre-exams next Thursday 10-4, Chelmsford! #clarity #space #defrag #nostress #ease #relax #bars #somethingkindandwonderful

Grapat morning mindfulness ❤️ I’ve struggled a bit with brain overload this week and I find these mandalas helpful in staying calm and getting clear. Onwards and upwards! ~
Happy Thursday everyone 🙂
#modernwaldorfparent #mindfulness #calm #clarity #healthymind #mandala #focus #fun #creative #satisfying #symmetry #wheeloflife #waldorf #toyart #woodentoys #openendedtoys #waldorfinspired #grapat #grapatmandala #grimms #grimmswoodentoys #celebrationring #looseparts #palos #slowliving #waldorfhome #letthembelittle #conscious_craft #consciouscraftclub #ccclubloot

Shruti Atri - Become the Ace
It's easy to be good at many things,
It's sad to be known for just a few;
It's alright to try everything once,
But it's hard to be an Ace among the crew... #fromtheheart #beace #ace #pinkdiamond #rosegold #cadcam #earrings #stud #jewellery #designer #innovative #empoweringwomen #confident #feelgreat #power #ownit #healing #clarity #strength #relationships #diamondsareagirlsbestfriend #pave #set

Cupping: •promoting blood flow •getting deeper into the muscle
•oxygenating the tissues
•stretching tight fascia
Great for neck pain, back pain, overall stiffness, tension, headaches.. ⠀⠀
To get maximum benefit see only a registered Acupuncturist or a practitioner specifically trained in Cupping therapy. 🎓👓

When we want something, what is it we really want? Whats behind, beyond, the want for relationships, money, security, possessions, achievements? What do we think it is we’ll get when we have these things? The answer is always, ultimately, love, peace, happiness, freedom. None of which can be acquired from the outside world. All of which can only be realised within. All of which we ARE, already. The true self doesn’t want what is already is.❤️

💪💪#ನಮ್ #ಬಗ್ಗೆ 🤔🤔#Clarity 👍👍#ಸೀಗೊದು 😎😎 #Quality #ಇರೋರಿಗೆ #ಮಾತ್ರ😘😘

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