“To Be Human...” #shadowhuntersrp #clacerp

“And You call me up
Again, just to break
Me Like a promise
So casually cruel
In the name of being honest
Im a crumpled up piece of paper
Lying here
Cause I remember it
All Too Well..”
#shadowhuntersrp #clacerp

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Eleanor Bradley was sick of being herself or well lack there of. She constantly was trying to fit into this mold her parents wanted her to be in. Her parents were cold people. They only ever cared about their careers and what society thought about them. That’s why the marriage they had failed. They divorced when she was 10. Her mother was a lawyer and was now married to a real estate tycoon. Then her father was a very successful businessman and was married to a girl that was only 3 years older than her. It made her sick. Her parents never really talked to her unless they wanted her to attend some boring event and basically use her as their personal prop for the evening. She tried to have as much of a normal life as possible. She went to school full time to be an ER doctor and had a part time job as well at a local bookstore. She didn’t need to work but it was nice to know not everything came from her parents. Today was one of her only days off. So she decided to go into the city to find a present for her roommate. She smiled walking up and down the street when she realized some guys were following her. She tried to loose them but she was having no luck. She quickly went into the first place she saw. She walked in quickly her body shaking lightly. She looked around and realized she was in a tattoo shop and looked very out of place.

+Please be literate and give quality replies.+
Kenzi looked down at her boyfriend. He lay still in the hospital bed. He had for about a week. He had gotten in a huge fight with his brother and his brother put him here. Now her boyfriend was in a coma. Her parents hated her so she basically lived with him and his family. His parents loved her and let her stay there and let her go see him and stay in the hospital room.
She was so thankful for them. She couldn't help but feel guilty for this though. His brother and him were fighting about her.
His brother had tried to force her to do things she didn't want to do. That's when he had the last straw and hit his brother. The fight didn't end well for her boyfriend. She sat looking at the boy. Doctors had just told her he probably wouldn't wake up. She took his hands and put her face to his. She cried. "Baby wake up.
Please. I need you. Please don't leave me all alone. Come on just wake up for me." She whispered over and over. "Please. I love you." She added here and there. That's when she felt him squeeze her hands she smiled. "Baby?" She whispered.

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Mallory had been best friends with (your character) since they were little. They had always done everything together. He spent the night at her house and she spent the night at his. It's just how it always was. Today was her twin sisters wedding. She didn't have a date because she had just broken up with her boyfriend so *(your characters name)* said that he would go with her as her date. She was glad to be going with her best friend. But the night got weird when they were dancing and she leaned up to kissed him. She looked at him. "I'm sorry." She said nervously pulling back and walking away, going outside to breathe. She was completely embarrassed. She had been in love with him for a long time but she had never shared her feelings with him. She was too scared. Now she stood outside in the freezing cold scared to death that their friendship was ruined now.

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Clary walked to the institute it was quiet. That wasn't normal. She walked around looking for people. She didn't find anyone. She didn't even see Church. She found that very odd. She had started to become worried. She decided to walk up to Jaces' room and knocked on the door. She didn't even know if he was there. She hoped that he was but it was so quiet today at the institute so she didn't know. They had a lunch date planned with him but he never showed up. That wasn't like him. Tomorrow was her moms wedding so he knew how stressed she was with planning it. Now she was worried and confused. The war was over and things had been normal for a few week but it being this quiet in the institute worried her.

Kat McNamara && Clary Fairchild
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Tessa Gray && Adelaide Kane
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The angels did not interfere. At least, not since Jonathan the Shadowhunter. After that, there was no reason to. They gave the nephilim the tools they needed to protect their world. It was up to them to keep it safe from the demons. That is, until the demons brought heaven to ruins. With know where else to go, the angels came to our dimension, falling from their holy towers and losing their glory. Their wings were broken and tattered. With the cold peace at an end, a new war broke out. It was the angels against the demons on earth, leaving the Shadowhunters and downworlders in the center of it. Many downworlders grew all too eager to side with the demons, and a few Shadowhunters were weary themselves. After all, wouldn't the war the angels seemed to suggest fracture the mundane societies which they sought to protect? In attempt to muffle the unrest, the angels begin offering a certain incentive to change the tides of the war. They offer the gift of returned life. They promise to return passed nephilim back to life if only they agree to fight with them. Will it be enough?
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{{{{{Biographical Information}}}}}
*Birth Name;
Clarissa Adele Fairchild/ Morgenstern
*Other Names;
Clary Fray
Clarissa Adele Fray
Clarissa Morgenstern
Biscuit (by Magnus)
18 years of age
*Date of Birth;
August 23 1998
Co-head of the New York Institute *Places of Residency;
East Village, Manhattan, New York City (former)
Apartment in Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York City (former)
Institute in Manhattan, New York City (current)
*Known Relatives;
Valentine Morgenstern (father, deceased)
Luke Garroway (stepfather)
Jocelyn Fairchild (mother)
Sebastian Morgenstern (brother)
Valentina Graymark (illusionary sister)
Seraphina Morgenstern (paternal grandmother, deceased)
Granville Fairchild || (maternal grandmother, deceased)
Adele Fairchild (maternal grandmother, deceased)
The Fairchild Family
The Morgenstern Family
Unavailable *Significant Others;
{{{{{Physical Description}}}}}
*Hair Color;
*Eye Color;
Around 5'2

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Top Left; Family
Bottom Left; Enemies
Top Right; Friends/ Acquaintances
Bottom Right; other
Center; Significant Other

#shadowhuntersrp #claryfrayrp #clacerp #mortalinstrumentsrp #jaceherondalerp #jacewaylandrp #izzylightwoodrp #aleclightwoodrp #sebastianmorgensternrp #claryfairchildrp

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