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Did you know we have a channel on YouTube? You can find all kinds of great videos on there- tutorials to help you with different sewing techniques, help on how to complete steps in some of our patterns, and even tips on how best to care for your finished garments! You can find us on YouTube by our channel name which is Tiffany Shannon. Got a great idea for a video or tutorial? Leave it in the comments below!
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Uhoh her she comes!!! #LCMH #mover #crawling 🚼

Two white tip spotted on the lower gum, that makes it a total of 8 little teeth!! That explains last week horrendous sleeping pattern and the crankiness. And wat now? The new stunt of sticking/playing with tongue. oh my... parenting is such fun with all these contant challenge!

Someone's feeling talkative this morning haha<3

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