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Brought my watch to service & I saw this , My new motivation , I'm so gotta bring u home 😭

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Nilai! We will take you down! 🤘🏻 #CK_Ltd #Forex #ProveThemWrong #Nilai

Perserverance, elegance, brilliance.
A definite performance.

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First lou sang wif partners
2017 together we achieve high
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要嘛干 要嘛滚 千万不要混!

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If you want to be extraordinary you surely have to try stuff ordinary people are not willing too. You may recieve alot negative comments and opinion at first but the only person you have to convince is you yourself. Stepping out of your comfort zone is the only way you can achieve great things.
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New ideas pumped in 💭💭💭 STAY TUNE is not by saying but it is about actions and attentions which show that THE BIG THING is REAL! 🔥🔥🔥 #MindsetAttitude #CK_LTD

What if that one opportunity could change your life ? #modayBlues #thehalfFace #modayestilo #morningvibes # #CK_Ltd

If you want to go fast , go alone!
If you want to go far, Go together! !


#USDCAD I'm LONG in this pair. You can refer my previous post on USDCAD for entry details

PS: CAD has BIG news later 8.30pm Malaysia time. Make sure u have SL in place

#EURJPY deep pullback & rejected at 88.6%

I've enter a short 📉

The path to success is to take massive, determined action.

#USDCAD has came to a strong weekly support. I'm expecting a breakout of descending trendline as shown in chart. Pls read chart for details.

#DXY crashed as expected! It came to weekly support now. I'm expecting a reversal from this area as shown in chart. Most likely will happen next week. Will need to monitor lower TF how the price forming.

#GOLD update on this trade. Anyone follow? 🤑

A quick update on my entry on #AUDJPY SL was hit during AUD news a moment ago, now reentry for a short. Be aware that BOJ has BIG news today. I advise you to stay away. Otherwise you can SHORT if price broken the lower trendline. Trade safe!

#EURUSD SELL the breakout! Pls refer chart for details 😏

A quick update of my view on #GOLD currently (19th July 2017)

You may SELL once the price broken the lower trendline

1) Pls refer chart and understand before entering trade.
2) Pls move SL to BE once you are in profit + 20 pips
3) Jaga MM :D

Thx & Good Luck!~

Note to fellow new traders : Mistakes are proof that you're trying 😏👍🏻

A follower sent me this, coz he made USD 724 today because he follow my signal ☺️ I'm happy to see he is making more than me 😅 (his lot size is bigger than me 😏)

You 👉🏻 Yourself is responsible for being in Poverty instead of Wealthy!

#靠自己 #财富 #努力

#GBPJPY currently 160 pips++ * At first opened 3 positions and move SL to BE. Dang took off my another 2 positions and dive down hard 😤 Luckily still got 1 entry for profit 🤑

#GBPCAD Pls move SL to BE and let it roll

#GBPCAD Sorry for the late update. I've enter SHORT on this pair inview 4H candle closed and broken below trendline. SL & TP as per chart

#AUDJPY Potential SHORT setup

Currently still holding 3 pairs. Will hold it over the weekend! 😎

Are you born to be what you are right now?

Do you have the power to overcome the obstacles that stand in your way?

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