Because y’all know...on Fridays, we hair flip! CIZE LIVE Round 20 is locked and loaded. If you’ve ever wanted to teach dance fitness, I have 4 upcoming opportunities to train with me:
May 20 - Virtual Training
June 3 - Dallas
June 20 - Indianapolis (Beachbody Coach Summit)
July 15 - NYC


As much as working out at home is the jam...there’s nothing like the energy of a live group fitness class!!! Have the best of both fitness worlds.
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Hair Flip Friday! 💁🏻‍♀️ CIZE LIVE Round 20 in the making. Hands down my favorite form of exercize (you see what I did there?) is and always will be dancing! My soul is on fire when I dance. I love that I get to choreograph and create movement for others to dance their cares away too! Happy FriYAY!!! 🖤🖤🖤
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I’m going virtual today! Setting up for our CIZE LIVE virtual training where all of our new instructors will be training at home (which is awesome for those who are snowed in) and taking my master class online.

Doing what I love.
I don’t even have to leave my home (it’s storming today too!)
I get to wear my fuzzy slippers.
I get to use my foot massager under my desk.🤫

My next virtual training is May 20.
My next LIVE in-person trainings are:
June 3 Dallas, TX
July 14 NYC
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The comfort of working from home! All dressed and ready for my Virtual CIZE LIVE training right from my home. I get to wear my fuzzy slippers!!! But I’ve got shoes ready for when we need to get up and dance!!! So excited to train our next group of CIZE LIVE instructors!
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Team Blush or Team Black? Which one will win today for CIZE LIVE filming? Oh and this is the 80 DAY OBSESSION set but just I’m borrowing the mirror.

Outfits aside...taking a moment to express gratitude for waking up to an incredible day ahead living my passion, doing what I love to do!!! My heart is full and my soul is on FIYA cuz I’m about to dance my a$$ off today! TGIF 😘
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I’m so excited to announce my next CIZE LIVE instructor training...right in your living room. That’s right, I’ll be in your living room { virtually } training you to be a CIZE LIVE instructor.

It’s group fitness. It’s dance fitness. It’s cardio dance. This class is for EVERYONE no matter what level, she, or CIZE 😉. I have the BEST time teaching and now is your chance to get trained without leaving your home. Register at website on photo.

My next in person trainings are:
June 3 Dallas
July 14 NYC

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CIZE IT UP UK edition 🇬🇧! We had the BEST time dancing and living in the 8’s together. I’m so proud of all our new CIZE LIVE UK instructors!!! Such a treat to work with fellow Master Trainers @julie.pye @jaybankspt !
London has been so good to us (besides the weather 😂). I can’t wait to come back...when it’s a little bit warmer. #Reverse by @sagethegemini #beachbodylive #beachbodyuk #cizelive #cizeformatexpert @beachbodylive @beachbodyuk

🇬🇧 Exactly one month from today I’ll be back in the U.K. meeting up with my team and up-and-coming teammates...and of course CIZING IT UP!

There are a few more spots left in my CIZE LIVE Instructor Training. This will be my only training in the U.K. so I hope to see you there!

3 FEB in London

Register at beachbodylive.com
(Event is listed under JULIE PYE but I’ll be there leading the training!)

So excited to get back to the U.K.!
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Sick. No makeup. Chapped lips. BUT STILL SMILING! I’m the worst sick person...resting is not my thing and idle time makes me cray BUT I’m now up to date on all my shows😉.

And I’m smiling because this new jacket makes me proud and incredibly grateful. I do what I do because I love it...if we don’t love it, don’t do it! Riches come from living our passion and following the path of our true heart.

Being the CIZE LIVE Formate Expert makes my heart and soul happy. Thank you to all our #beachbodylive instructors for being awesome ambassadors of fitness and sharing your passion with others. THANK YOU to my @beachbodylive family for my new jacket...I’ll do anything for a jacket especially with my name on it.💙

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A little preview of our new CIZE Cardio class #MiGente by @jbalvin @willywilliamofficiel feat @beyonce that we’ve added to our CIZE LIVE format.

We have our CIZE LIVE Choreo routines AND our *new* Cardio routines so no matter what level you’re at, EVERYONE dances and everyone sweats!
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EAT. SLEEP. CIZE. REPEAT. So excited to spend the day training the next group of CIZE LIVE instructors in NYC! And excited about my new tights and shoes 😉 (both @reebok ). #cizelive #cizeformatexpert #alwaysadancer

All dressed and ready for camera to film CIZE LIVE Round 17! We have a jammed packed day of dancing and filming today because NOW we have added CIZE CARDIO DANCE. Now you can either do choreography OR cardio dance moves for a full out sweat fest without having to memorize choreography. Yes that means double duty of filming for me today but it’s sooooo worth it! As the Format Expert, I’m always working hard to keep y’all CIZING IT UP no matter what level you’re at.

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🇬🇧 So excited...I’m making plans to head back to the U.K. very soon. Workouts, team meet ups, trainings, selfies (of course!), and fun! I’m still in the early stages of planning but I’m DEFINITELY coming back...and if you recall my IG stories a few weeks ago, we left a ton of stuff in my London hotel room so I’m happy to get those back. 🤦🏻‍♀️
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@Regrann from @taniathemachine - Because it's Sunday FUNday, we are CIZING IT UP! Can you tell we love to dance? It doesn't matter what CIZE 😉, shape, or age you are...it's about LIVING!
Live your passion...ALWAYS!
#cizelive #beachbodylive #cizeformatexpert #taniamademedoit - #regrann

Because it's Sunday FUNday, we are CIZING IT UP! Can you tell we love to dance? It doesn't matter what CIZE 😉, shape, or age you are...it's about LIVING!
Live your passion...ALWAYS!
#cizelive #beachbodylive #cizeformatexpert #taniamademedoit

Two opportunities to train with me to become a CIZE LIVE instructor...and for only $99 (reg. $249). I've scaled way back my schedule so these are the only 2 CIZE trainings I have for this year.
Sale ends 8/3
Future *Virtual* online trainings are not yet confirmed.
I can't wait to CIZE IT UP with you AND teach you how to CIZE IT UP in your classes!
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CIZE LIVE Round 15 is in the books! I know I say this with every round, but I really do love this one. Working (and dancing) with these two pros and fellow Master Trainers @ashleebuchert and @rapilado and our entire @beachbodylive team is the icing on the cake.
We are always so excited to bring you more opportunities to CIZE IT UP! Become an instructor or find a class where you can live in the 8's!
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All dolled up and ready to film CIZE LIVE Round 15! Crossing my fingers that I get to stay in this outfit...things sometimes change once we are on camera.
Be sure to follow my IG stories to see all the behind-the-scenes fun at our @beachbodylive studio!
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Pre-Summit Kickoff! I couldn't think of a better way to start off the week here in NOLA than CIZING IT UP at our #beachbodylive retreat. After teaching I became the student and got my INSANITY, P90X, Core De Force, Country Heat, Turbo Jam, and PiYo LIVE mashup workout done. My legs are toast now!
Can I get a 🙌🏼 if you love our Beachbody LIVE formats!!!
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CIZE LIVE Round 14 is here!!! We had so much fun filming this round and we can't wait for our instructors to teach it AND we can't wait for YOU to CIZE IT UP in class.
This class is for everyone as long as you're not afraid to have fun and sweat your a$$ off...and forget you're even working out until you feel your legs, booty, arms, back, and hair (LOL) sore the next day. 😉
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