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Who was the Most Disappointing or Forgetful #Marvel Villain in The #MCU ? 🤔 Comment Below your Thoughts, I gotta say #BaronZemo from #CivilWar and The #Mandarin from #IronMan 3 ! #MarvelCinematicUniverse 💥 #Villains

Would you like to see Iron Man 4 ? 👀

😂 - What did we all think of X-24?

Ok Kid what should we do with this little sucker... I caught him messing up the inside of my suit! #ironman #civilwar #antman #avengers #rdj #tonystark #tonystarkcosplay #cosplay #phoenixcomicon #comicare #spiderman #spidermanhomecoming #spidey @azpeterparker @comicare @phoenixcomicon

This is the cutest thing ever ok!! From the Mexico version of Empire Magazine!

Translation from @hazkingofroasts: "She is the person (Marisa) I ask advices about girls and relationships.
I was dating a girl in London while I was filming the movie and evertime I got a question I called Marisa and ask her what I should say or do, she is so cool. She was like a real aunt for me."

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I know we're not perfect, but the safest hands are still our own - Steve Rogers

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//NEW - MAY 2017//
Trailer of the movie Logan Lucky. I'm so freaking excited you guys have no idea 🙈😍

RDJ shared this painting..?? I want to call it painting but its more like photoshoped version of a moment in the movie civil war. So its a picture then. This would seem weird. (What isn't about me, right?) I believe that anything.. any tiny thing that happen to you. Says something to you. You are indirectly learning a lesson from it. The message it deliver. "Indirectly" yeah... Curse or boon i try to find the message deeply buried under. Point.. this is me trying to deduct a msg from the picture.
Civil war was a good movie. As a cinephilic and a fan of superhero movies I really enjoyed it. So many fan moments. Between Rogers and Stark? I was a Cap fan ('was'). My friends major part is on Stark side. It always frustrated me. I know stark is cool and yeah "Millionaire, Playboy,Genius.." But I never understood why I am not. Then I saw. It striked me. The picture says it all. Stark is all about brain. But never Cap. He always followed his heart. Right from the beginning. And movie civil war was all about different views about a single situation. Steve sees through heart Tony doesn't.. He don't want things to be complicated (When it comes to heart everything is complicated, right?) Why would he need that? So he uses his head.
The picture is a conflict between heart and head to me. That's right conflict between heart and head. Tony symbolising head and Cap heart. Both stubborn about themselves. Head to the facts and Heart towards love. Never falling for either of themselves. Always fighting each other constantly about.. about anything. Both are right and also wrong. And haha.. I am not sure I am a CAPtain America fan anymore nor going over Ironman. It's complicated for me. Head and Heart. Its like the movie says between those two which is greater I would never know. Both go hand in hand. #LoosingMyShit #Geeking #CivilWar #Head #Heart #CaptainAmerica #Ironman #MCU

I'VE HAD TO WRITE THIS CAPTION THREE TIMES NOW OH MY GOD INSTAGRAM WHYYYYY anyway I have exams coming up next week so until the end of that week I'll be on a mini hiatus also please ignore the ugly attempt of my watermark at the end 😂💕💕

ac; something the way you move - ellie goulding
cc; gxthams
dt; s(ass)y squad gc 💓


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