Freedom! My submarine finally left without me! 6 years! One year and ten months (or 758 days) cumulatively spent living under the ocean. Two years of Nuclear power school, two deployments, eight countries, endless underways and I’m finally free! After 2017 being deemed the Lost Year having spent 8.5 months at sea alone, 2018 is the year of Freedom! On Wednesday I finally got my Honorable Discharge from the Navy but I couldn’t believe it until my ship left without me! I learned a lot the last few years being chained to a Naval nuclear reactor, the main lesson being I never want my life to revolve around work ever again! No matter how prestigious or great a resume bullet is, the only thing worth chasing is experiencing life to its fullest daily. No more being stuck in an engineering space dreaming of the wild outdoors for months on end, from now on every day will be a adventure lived in the present! From here on out, it’s nothing but following my Wanderlust to Adventure! #wanderlust #wanderlustadventures #freedom #civiliandivision

Freedomfest!!! 5 days left in the navy!!!! #freedomfest #freedomcountdown #civiliandivision

Kelsey caught me celebrating as I finished packing my seabag for the last time. A few more weeks at sea, then I’ve completed doing my duty serving this majestic nation and I’m a free man! #freedomcountdown #patriot #civiliandivision #aquaprision #sixandout #permanentshoreduty

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