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Wow! What an amazing view! Makes me get all romantic and stuff... The music helps too. 😱😍 Tremenda vista! Me pone romántica, aunque la música también ayuda! 🎶🚣🏼#ClubLatinoDeLakeland #CityOfLakeland #TelenoticiasTampa #TelemundoTampa #ReporterLife

How do you get things done in #lakeland ? #teameffort #cityoflakeland and #posto9gastropub working to find utilities solutions. By @davidtweeted

still no power but we're safe

Mayor's prayer breakfast.. #cityoflakeland #sunnfun

A BIG THANK YOU to Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company for their donation of $190,000.
They have selected our community for their philanthropic gifts to renovate Webster Park! We are so excited about this generous donation. It is because of partnerships like this that Lakeland enjoys the beautiful public spaces that we do.
University Property & Casualty Insurance Company is a Florida based company that is in 11 other states. #parksandrecreation #philanthropy #websterpark #cityoflakeland

VIP.. road Bhopal lakeview #cityoflakeland


Employee Spotlight: Meet Cliff Boatwright

On the recommendation from a friend to apply to work for the City of Lakeland, Cliff Boatwright did and after 25 years, has never regretted it. •
Meet Cliff Boatwright, a Multi Craft Operator (MCO) for My Lakeland Electric. As an MCO, Boatwright is responsible for daily operational and maintenance tasks associated with power generation. He works in the Control Room at the Macintosh Power Plant and communicates with seven employees in the field that monitor equipment and report their findings to him, ensuring the plant runs smoothly. •
When he first started with Lakeland Electric, he was a Plant Helper, learning about generators and turbines and the intricacies of producing electricity. Over the years, his job titles have changed and the learning continued. Even now, Boatwright says “it is not a drudgery to come to work. We are learning all the time; every day is something different.” •
With all the knowledge he has acquired over the years, it would be easy to become complacent; but with steam, hot fuel and oil, generators running at 3600 RPM and electricity, he knows he and his coworkers have to stay alert and focused. Those A-Shift coworkers are one of the main things he loves about his job. They spend a lot of time together outside of work, so when they are at work, it is an enjoyable environment. (Continued in comments.)

Congratulations to the Flying Tigers sports turf crew and City of Lakeland Parks & Recreation employees on receiving the Best Municipality Award for the 2017 season.
Florida State League (FSL) President Ken Carson and the Sports Turf Crew Awards Committee made the announcement, which is given to be the best city or county operated sports turf crew in the league. The Flying Tigers sports turf crew is made up of City of Lakeland Parks and Recreation employees and is led by Sport Turf Manager Bryan French.

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This is the final week to book the Back to School special! I know that kids started school in August, but after Irma I feel like it's a restart for everyone-not just school resuming. Take some time for yourself this week and book an hour or hour and a half to relax, unwind and let the stress melt away. Don't forget to mention Back to School at time of reservation!
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Love my city of Lakeland and also here’s a picture of a duck and all her kids. #cityoflakeland #downtownlakeland #photography #foodtruckrally

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