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Au: basically everything is the same except Jace doesn't come back to life at the end. Valentine runs off, realising how far he'd come from his humanity and Clary weeps for Jace, begging him to wake up, to not leave her. Alec runs over, having felt the parabatai rune disappear, demanding to know how he died. Clary tries to live, to carry on with a life without Jace, but she's *too* happy. Izzy, Alec and Simon all notice that her smile is fake and inside she's dying. When Clary's alone, she cries for the man she loved. The night before the funeral, Clary realises that she can't carry on a life without Jace, that she just wants everything to go back to normal, except it can't. Because Jace isn't coming back. She goes to the funeral, finally showing everyone just how broken she is. She leaves the funeral but takes one last look at Izzy and Alec, apologising that she wasn't strong enough to live without him. Straight after the funeral, she goes to Lake Lyn, where Jace died, and lies down in the water. Her last thought is of Jace. She feels at peace, knowing she's finally going to see him again.
{sorry for posting late, I'm on holiday oops)
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➰ Jaka jest Wasza ulubiona postać ze świata Nocnych Łowców? Ja całym serduchem kocham Magnusa 😁💘

➰ What is your favorite character from the Shadowhunters World? I wholeheartedly love Magnus 😁💘


All that was left were Bones and Ashes surrounded by Glass where Fallen Angels and Shadow Hunters took Lost Souls and played with Heavenly Fire. ✨


Still I pictured having you for fifty, sixty more years. I thought I might be ready then to let you go. But it's you, and I realize now that I won't be anymore ready to lose you then than I am right now. Which is not at all.
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In other news
I'm a creep 😂

DAY 02: Favorite female character

As you can see, my favorite female character, is no other than Isabelle Lightwood-
Kickass, Beauty Queen and the most reckless of them all 😉 I love her because she is such an outgoing character, a literal beauty icon but nevertheless a real badass. Also, i can't imagine any other character than her being Clary's sister (in heart).
She just slays my life 🥀👠💄

Repost from @kayla_darktale
I love those 😱😂
Also Good morning ❤

Books are our way to escape reality. Without books there would be no fantasy, nothing to curl up to when you feel the urge to get way. Imagine no books. Our world would be a loop. We would repeat our day over and over with nothing new to come home to except the radiation of our TV. Imagine not being able to read a different book every week, or open a new chapter of fantasy everyday.

☄What is your favourite book ☄

I literally spent ages writing this and when i posted it it deleted my whole caption😭

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I decided to join the #clacechronicleschallenge because how nice is that Idea?
DAY 01: All time favorite character
That'd beee... ALEC SALTWOO- Lightwood. I mean Lightwood.
Now why is he my fave? Main reason is that i relate to him in many ways, but also him being salty af and, of course, his international- famous Bitch face 😂 Yep, that gay (i mean guy) got me 10/10.

Also Jace that cockblocking parabitch probably saw Malec having sex at least 3 times

So i wrote a few lines to each of the TMI Main Characters because i was bored and yea 😂
It turned out quit bad but anyways 🤷

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