Ugh.. I feel like I have to get dark for a moment.. Sometimes I just have to share my thoughts. It feels like some kind of therapy and I feel that if there is someone out there feeling the same, she/he will know that he/she is not alone. I think this is one of the reasons of social media, to understand that most probably you are not the only one doing something or feeling something. Not to make this super long, I will write what this photo means to me in the story. Let's start a conversation. Up for it? Hehe.
P.S. Before and after is also in the story.

Few weeks ago (5/11), a creative community gathering with YB EXCO Sheikh Omar was organised by @kreat.my to provide a platform for local creative community to exchange ideas. Check out how the laneway at Jalan Tan Hiok Nee/Jalan Dhoby was transformed during the event.

#citylove #citymakers

A beautiful view of a beautiful city with my beautiful wife.
#stl #stlouis #cityview #citylove #nighttime

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