Juvenile Ophiodon elongatus (lingcod) caught alongside Pacific sand lance and our target species, juvenile Chinook salmon, during a Lopez Community Salmon Team beach seine on July 11th at Watmough Bight. Lingcod are unrelated to both cod and ling, rather they are in the Hexigrammidae (greening family) and are only found along the Pacific Coast of North America.

I felt great when people care enough to avoid running over wildlife. I immediately pulled over and ran to pick her up. It was 64F but the road was warm, (weird coastal weather) that’s why she was just sitting in the middle of the road. Many cars stopped and yelled “SNAKE!” While I was holding her and ran across to the other side of the highway, where she was headed. Anyway, how I took this picture was I placed my camera on my hoodie(aka tripod) and shutter speed was 8 seconds to get the motion from the car in the background. Several attempts actually to get the shot I like.
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Thanks to all for being here today! We made some good progress: we refined our "Saul's oaks" site description: discussed how to select a site, how to select the species (including calibration and indicator species); we marked the site; described the site (location relative to other ecosystem keys, etc); identified the main species; selected our species and more... We'll enter the data, and share all that with you, as well as we'll give you the details about how to join the "EwA at the Fells" phenology project (on the National Phenology Network's platform) and where we record the data... Stay tuned! I'll send an email to our citizen science group this week! And we'll post pics too (Thanks to Dan for taking pics!!!) As for the observation of the day: That has to be the vulnerable species of twelve-spotted tiger beetle 'spotted' by Joh, and snapped by Dan!!! Just beautiful! 🐞 💚 (And looking forward to seeing all of the other biodiversity records of our dear citizen scientists being pulled on the "EwA at the Fells" iNaturalist project (https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/ewa-at-the-fells)... Exciting!
#citizenScience #biodiversityMapping #phenology #biodiversity #conservation | Earthwise Aware w/ the Friends of the Fells — at Middlesex Fells Reservation.

Day 15 of Plastic Free July

Cut back on plastics in the kitchen by shopping at bulk food stores that allow you to bring your own containers or if you have to try buying in bulk to cut back on your plastic around the house.
#PlasticFreeJuly #PlasticFreeWithBen #ChooseToRefuse
Seeker Discovery Nomadica Films

Yesterday I spent the day swimming with my nephew Paul guiding me in the kayak. Read all about it on my latest blog on benlecomte.com

Howdy folks! You might already follow me @waxwingboheme ... but I got tired of flooding the feeds of all my non-fungi friends with photos from my nerdy mushroom life. I wanted to feel more free to post a lot of fungi photos and videos and stories, so I made this separate account!
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‪Have you checked out The Waterbug App yet? ‬
‪We're in the process of updating it for data entry, but it's great to download and practice some waterbug IDs with the ALT key or Speed Bug!‬
‪Available FREE on Google Play & Apple App Store #waterbug #waterbugblitz #citizenscience#citscioz #aquaticmacroinvertebrates #riverhealth #catchmentsmatter

Birthday Waterhole is one of those hidden gems close to Alice Springs. You'll need a high clearance 4WD to get there, or put in some hard yards underfoot, but is well worth the effort. As a semi-permanent waterhole on the Hugh River, it is a hugely important ecological site. Patrick was out there late last week and collected another #outbackwaterproject sample allowing us to learn more about the relative permanence of this site. Cheers Patrick!

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¿Cómo estuvo el buceo hoy?
Recuerda que tus observaciones son útiles para el estudio del mar en
Foto: @marcelocosas
#chile #buceo #ciencia #buceochile #citizenscience #cienciaciudadana #buceoconciencia #oceaneyes

New species! I found it on the edge of my backyard, where I rarely venture but happened to be today. Eagerly awaiting ID from the experts on Mushroom Observer. #mushrooms #mushroomsofinstagram #mycology #nature #🍄 #citizenscience

Here is a water sample from Manly that we had collected during our launch. The brown bits in the tray are bits of seaweed, while the white bits are pieces of microplastics. There’s quite a fair bit don’t you think? 🤔.
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Hello SciCommunity!
I’m Brittany Wickham (@beethescientist), and I’m a Science Interpreter at @franklininstitute in Philadelphia. I interpret big, complex scientific ideas into language that everyone can understand by performing big demonstrations, writing lessons for the museum floor, and talking to the general public! My role models are Bill Nye, Miss Frizzle, and Fred Rogers and I hope to one day join the ranks of these impressive science and education communicators.
I fell in love with informal education when I started interning at The Franklin Institute as a student at Temple University’s College of Education. (@templecoe) I always knew I wanted to teach, but thought my energy would be too cooped up in a typical classroom setting. I had no idea that museum education was so open-ended! I love working at the museum because I get to interact with so many interesting people and learn new things every day.
We feature approximately two traveling exhibits a year, so I get to dive into new topics all the time. I love doing my own research online about our traveling Currently, we are hosting Game Masters, an exhibit about video games, which allowed me to create a #citizenscience activity to teach guests about Ludomusicology (the study of video game music) and the scientific method. If you’d like to use this in any of your #scicomm efforts, go to bit.ly/citscidata!
The majority of our educational interactions are through our floor volunteers, who range from high school students to retired engineers! I help to train all of them on our science content so that they can use it to make personal connections with our guests. I’m so lucky to have such a social job where my extroverted nature can shine!
Need a fun demonstration to explain a complex topic to the general public? Need help making your lesson more interactive? Feel free to message me!

Thanks to citizen science, anyone can help researchers make new discoveries! Visit the museum or look online (link in bio) to find out how you can help with projects ranging from baby monarchs (monarch larva monitoring project) to baby galaxies (galaxy nurseries)! #umn #citizenscience #sciencesunday #cfans

Spent the last 6 weeks looking for that little white speck of a needle in a large milkweed haystack. Monarch egg no. 1. #ocvn #ocvncinti #mlmp #naturerx #citizenscience #monarch

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