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What are you working on this week? For me it's trying to magically make myself levitate with one arm. Still have a lot of progress to make but I'm happy where I'm at. 😀
If what you're working on includes flying, make sure you get into @maya_movement_arts this week! Classes all week to help you achieve whatever aerial or acro goals you have.

Week 6 of #pilatesfordeepstretches with @thichapilates and myself!

This week, we cover the topic of hamstrings for splits. Let's review the video above.

The first clip demonstrates an #oversplit on the ground with the front leg elevated. Here, I used my active leg flexibility (with help from my back hip and front quad) to press my pelvis down as my hamstring elongated. Once down, I reached forward I focus on squaring off the hips to stretch the front hamstring before coming back up.

The second clip shows an over-split using the wall. This is a more passive stretch for the legs as I get more assistance from my arms to press my hamstring and quad to the wall. Once again, I focus on actively squaring off my pelvis in order to avoid over-loading the stretch on the hamstring.

And in our final clip, we have the ultimate active flexibility extension test for the hamstrings. Similar to our wall strerch, but this time we press the bottom leg into the chest, rather than resting the best on the leg. The more you press the top leg away from center, the more active this pose becomes. Our hamstring is firing on all cylinders here.

There are many muscles that are involved in achieving splits and over-splits. Our hamstrings are just ONE part of the muscle groups we wanted to shine some light on.

A friendly reminder to all: the clips above are end range flexibility demonstrations. These are not poses you should just pop into without doing a fair amount of proper strengthening and stretching drills.

For beginner and intermediate hamstring drill using the #Pilates method, please head over to @thichapilates page and check out her current post!

Let us know what you'd like to see next week!

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Here are some highlights of my straps routine. A link to the full video is in my profile. Thank you @thevivafest for creating such a wonderful event that brings together our circus community in such a positive way! Thank you coach David @strapsninja and Alyssa @alyssamarxgray for all your help!! #vivafest #circus #circusgirls #circusaroundtheworld #cirquegram #circusinternational #straps #strapstricks #strapsninjagirls #strong #stronggirl #awesomecoaches #cirqfit #cirfit #cirfit_apparel #cirfit_usa #cirfit_lifestyle #verticalwise #aerialbeauty #cirqueduinsta #peopleareawesome #dreambigprincess

Happy Family Day!
From our Fly Fam to yours!
Class is on tonight at 6:00pm - beg/intermediate silks with @glorydearling & air conditioning @ 7:30pm

What an amazing @thevivafest weekend! Today I won 1st place in student straps! I'm so excited to be part of an amazingly talented group of straps artist! Thank you coach David @strapsninja for being my coach and teaching me so much! And thanks to all my friends and family for comming out to support, cheer, high five, and hug me! Thank you for all your kind words. I am over the moon excited and appreciate you all! #cirfit_apparel #circus #circusaroundtheworld #circusinternational #straps #strapsnation #strapsninjagirls #awesomecoaches #dreambigprincess #strong #stronggirl #girlpower💪 #vivafest #thankyouall #cirqueduinsta #cirquegram #cirfit #cirfit_lifestyle

@freymes we miss you 😟💕

Opened @rougetheshow to some killah crowds this weekend @adlfringe !!
@annalisemooore @chrisacarlos

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