Part of todays circuit class!
1. Squat jumps with burpee
2. Plank knees
3. Sumo sqaut-shoulder rotations
4. Quad leans with tricep extension
5. Russian twist

30 seconds each exercise try for 4 to 5 rounds!

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Plank Circuit!
1. Plank knee taps
2. Plank knee lifts
3. Plank glute lifts
4. Plank shoulder taps
5. Plank jacks
30 seconds each exercise try for 4 to 5 rounds.
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All you need is a set of dumbbells!!! #cdlfit #circuitmax #circuittraining #consistency #fueledbyAdvoCare

4th and final circuit for vacation week!
1. 3pulse jump squat-burpee
2. Tricep push ups
3. Plank jacks
4. Plank shoulder punches
5. Plank oblique knee to straight leg crunches.

I did 1.5 miles of hill intervals to begin and completed this circuit 5 rounds, 30 seconds each exercise!!! #cdlfit #circuittraining #circuitmax #consistency #fueledbyAdvoCare

Vacation circuit #3!! 1. Burpees with tricep pushups
2. Seated cable upright rows
3. Tricep dips
4. Crab plank leg lifts
5. Double knee double straight leg crunches

Each exercise 30 seconds, 5 rounds!
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Vacation circuit #2!
1. Narrow to wide jump squats
2. Plank with glute lifts
3. Squat hold with underhand grip row
4. Chest press
5. Dolphin planks :) I ran 1 mile to warm up, then I completed 5 rounds 30 seconds each exercise!! Muscle gain with fresh strawberries for post workout!

#circuitmax #circuittraining #vacamode #fueledbyAdvoCare

I dont care that is rainy and cool out. Todays workout is going to be HOT! Lets go get it!!! #cdlfit #circuittraining #circuitmax #drinkyourspark #fueledbyAdvoCare

No equipment circuit!
1. Jumping split lunges
2. Plank with glute lift
3. 3pulse squat/burpees
4. Hip bridge walk outs
5. Cross leg lower ab roll

Each exercise 30 seconds try for 5 rounds!
#cdlfit #circuitmax #circuittraining #fueledbyAdvoCare

Try this yoga ball circuit.
Exercise one is yoga ball wall squats while pressing dumbbell overhead. Keep the stance narrow to target the top of quads. When you squat down aim for about 90 degrees at the knees. Keep weight in the heels. Keep dumbbell actively pressed to the ceiling.
Exercise two- back flys on toga ball. Take feet to wall and place hips on top of ball. Squeeze glutes and hamstrings to stabilize. Maintain good posture and relax neck. Take the dumbbells up to shoulder height as you squeeze shoulder blades together.
Exercise three- yoga ball plank with glute lift. Push out until your shins are on top of the ball. Keep back flat and neck neutral as you squeeze glutes up. Switch half way.
Exercise four- yoga ball double knee crunch. Maintain plank position and now curl both knees to the chest working the lower abs.
Exercise five-plank roll outs. Set knees down on floor and place forearms on ball. Maintain a straight line from shoulders to knees. Roll the ball out and use your core to bring the ball back in.

Do each exercise for 30 seconds and try for 4 to 5 rounds!
Make it happen today!!!
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Who is ready to do some lunges today? Come join me and the crew at 10 a.m. at sherando Family Fitness to get your fill of lunges today haha!

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A small snapshot of the awesomeness/craziness of todays circuit workout. Remeber....we are stronger together!

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A little bit of today's workout!
1. Plank walkouts with plank jacks. Start Standing Tall keep the knees bent and place your hands on the floor, walk out into a plank where your back is flat and your shoulders are over your wrists. You will Jack your hands and feet out and in three times. Push your hands down into the floor as you walk yourself back to a standing position.
2. Tricep push-ups with a glute lift. Get in a plank position or shoulders are over the wrists and back flat. Tuck elbows to sides of body. Keep your core lifted. Switch leg lifts half way.
3. Plank punches. Stayin in a full plank position, keep your hips square to the floor and punch by the ear.
4. Kneeling tricep dumbbell extensions. Squeeze glutes and keep abs tight. Elbows face forward. Drop the dumbbell to the back of the neck and extend above the head.
5. Leg drops. Lay on the floor and press the dumbbell high. Keep belly button pushed down to floor. Curl your knees in, and extend your legs. Scissor your legs while keeling weight pressed high.

Try 30 seconds each exercise 4 to 5 rounds!

#cdlfit #circuitmax #circuittraining #fueledbyAdvoCare #saturdayworkout

Its a good day to do some squats!!! #cdlfit #circuitmax #circuittraining #fueledbyAdvoCare

The calm before the storm! We are about to make it happen this morning!
#cdlfit #circuitmax #circuittraining #fueledbyAdvoCare

This was part of our circuit max class this morning!

1. Squat jumps with one foot on step: take a mid to wide stance. Knees face forward. Keep your core centered between your feet. Take the hips down and back. Keep chest lifted and core engaged.
2. Repeat squat jumps on the other side
3. Push ups: start with a plank position. Shoulders over the wrists and back flat. On top of the step you will keep elbows tight to the body for a tricep push up. When you step your hands down to the floor you will take your hands apart for a wide push up. Tap your chest to the top of the step.
4. Bridge-leg raises: take your heels to the edge of the step. Squeeze glutes and press hips high. Keep legs long. Switch legs half way.
5. V-ups: keep body long and core tight. Good posture.
30 seconds each exercise try for 4 to 5 rounds!
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This is what I use every night! Perfect after a killer workout like this morning's!

#welnesswednesday #circuitmax #cdlfit #fueledbyAdvoCare

Sunday Funday Circuit!
1. Back stepping lunges with knee lift: keep full foot on the step. Keep front knee behind the front toe. Drop the back knee straight down, dig the heel into the step, and bring the back knee forward to the chest.
2. Repeat lunges on opposite side.
3. Tricep push ups with glute lift: keep the shoulders over the wrists, belly button lifted, and back flat. Squeeze the glute and lift the heel as high as you can. Switch glute lift half way.
4. Resistance band front and side shoulder raises: keep knees bent and maintain a strong base. Full range is shoulder height.
5. Repeat front and side raises on opposite side.

Try each exercise for 30 seconds. Aim for 4 to 5 rounds.

#circuitmax #circuittraining #sundaygainz #fueledbyAdvoCare #cdlfit

Yoga Ball Circuit:
1. Modified pistol squats: keep knees together and dig standing heel into the ground. Keep the chest up and core tight.
2. Back extension: take feet wide against the ball, and put hips on top. Squeeze with hamstrings, glutes, and lower back. Keep arms by the head to work shoulders and upper back.
3. Push ups: the further you roll out from the ball, the more pressure you will feel in your upper body.
4. Ab rolls: keep knees together, belly lifted, and focus on lower abs to pull your knees to your chest.
5. Crunches: balance with feet against wall. Hands above head for extra resistance. Maintain posture and press chest up towards ceiling.

30 seconds each exercise try for 5 to 6 rounds!
#cdlfit #circuitmax #fueledbyAdvoCare #yogaball

@nattybaby3 is the best! Rocking this total body circuit!!! 30 seconds each exercise try for 5 to 6 rounds!! #cdlfit #circuitmax #circuittraining #compoundexercises #fueledbyAdvoCare

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