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Today's thrift store score: barely worn purple docs. #win #drmartens #thriftstore #score #purple #circlethrift


From Martha Grace, our Director at Circle Thrift: “Circle Thrift celebrates Christmas with a staff party each year (this is our 14th Christmas!) and I was inspired again by this amazing group of dedicated people. They love each other and work hard every day to build community, solve problems, and raise money. Each one brings a lot to the table and they are all so special and uniquely gifted. They care a lot about our neighbors and customers, and many were neighbors, volunteers, or customers before joining the staff. Their humor and joy and great attitudes even on hard days have given me a lot of hope during this season of waiting. I see Christ's compassion in each of them and am grateful for the space they make in the shops for connection and love to happen daily. Huge shout outs and high fives to all of them for another wonderful year!" #circleofhope #philadelphia #circlethrift

I’m a knocked up #harlequin #goddess. In a box. In a thrift store. #thriftfinds #books #circlethrift

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