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A very special, very happy Birthday to my Husband and soon to be Baby Dady!! Lots of changing bods at the Zoch house, including a 15 week old pear!! This secret has been one of the funnest and easiest to keep thanks to the constant support and love I've received from this guy. I love confiding in you and watching life excite you in new ways everyday. I would marry one hundred times over. I love you @dzoch! #BabysAlreadyAKicker #SeeYouInApril #CircleOfLife

In the circle of life
It’s the wheel of fortune
It’s the leap of faith
It’s the band of hope
Till we find our place
On the path unwinding
In the circle of life - Elton John
Outfit by @aloyoga #aloyoga #yogagirl #yoga #beagoddess #circleoflife

You know those moments that take your breath away, this was one of them...not such a good thing when underwater 🐋🦈 Now before anyone criticises me for swimming with these gentle giants I am aware of the ethical debate of doing so and here are my two cents:

First and foremost I’m not a marine biologist. I can’t even call myself an environmentalist, because doing so would do a disservice to the people who are actually fighting to save this planet. I’m just a lay person who cares about the earth. I believe that climate change is real. I believe that the world’s resources are finite. I believe in living sustainably, to lessen our wants and to use only what we need. I believe that all living creatures deserve our respect. I believe that we humans, like everything else in this world, are just part of a circle, and not at the center of it.

I believe in that, so anything that threatens the well-being of this planet or any of its creatures, I will be vehemently against, and that’s precisely what the experts are saying about this practice of whale shark feeding in Oslob.

After experiencing it for myself, I would have to agree with them, but I’d be lying to you if I said that I didn’t have an awesome fucking time there.

I want others to enjoy the experience but I also want to protect the whale sharks. It is good to see improvements being made in the form of strict guidelines given at a briefing to all those intending to swim with the whale sharks, fines given to those breaking the guidelines, marine biologists on site to oversee activity and limits put on the time and amount of people for each interaction. But there is still a very long way to go before this practice does not interfere with the natural behaviour of the gentle giant.

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Introducing Giuseppe "Baby G" de Medici to @instagram .
🌟Born on July 23, 2017 Harold Moscowitz' exact same birthday 🌟#miracle .
#shihtzu #puppy #newpuppy #puppyfirstdayhome #puppiesofinstagram #puppiesofig #shihtzupuppy #shihtzunation #nycdog #babyboy #circleoflife

TURN UP THE VOLUME!! Two mature male lions were spotted in the middle of an open area feeding on a female Cape Buffalo which they seemed to have killed only a few hours before. #lion #buffalo #circleoflife #big5 #safari #sabisabi - 🎥 Kevan Dobbie

flogging my life possessions today to buy more life possessions tomorrow #circleoflife #glebe


The song featured in this video is SHADOWLAND from Disney's musical The Lion King. But I'm gonna talk about the slime first. •

It's based on Nala, who sings the song. So it's a thick thick yellow butter slime. In the musical, the character is depicted with gold and yellow make up, so the gold leaf is included to represent that. It smells like fresh peaches and vanilla custard. •

Now about this song. I feel this isn't my best video, because I was so incredibly distracted by the glory of this music. This is one of the most powerful songs I've ever heard. It's the type of song that grabs me by the heart and shakes really hard. Every time I hear it I have this undying urge to belt my lung outs and cry at the same time. •

You probably think that sounds crazy, but to me, music is the most powerful thing in existence. It can make us laugh, cry, understand each other, feel strong, you name it. This song is the perfect example. If you have never heard it, let me implore you: PLEASE go to YouTube right now and listen to the whole thing. PLEASE. Then report back and tell me how you feel. I hope you've been moved. •

If you made it through this sappy mess, then you know me a little better. This is real me. And I'd love to hear from you. What's a song that shakes you to your very core? Tell me all about it. •

{EDIT: If you're unfamiliar with this moment, at when Nala goes to look for Simba}

FAQ: The white block is Daiso. I FAQ: The white block is Daiso. I buy it from the Daiso website. Yes, I have done Hamilton. No, I cannot do Dear Evan Hansen, yet. I'm waiting til I see the show. Yes, I've done Newsies. Yes, I've heard of Be More Chill. Yes, I've heard of Heathers. You can safely assume if it's a Broadway or off-Broadway musical I've heard of it. •

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Everything the sun touches is your kingdom, Betty #circleoflife #mountainbeagle


When we were doing lab 🔬 tests on cremated remains planted in trees we needed more samples (because most trees were dying). One of the scientists donated her grandparents ashes to the science. The back story is amazing. Both grandparents were scientists and they escaped concentration camps in WW2 to return to their home town where they were reunited and married and had children. Their ashes were passed down through 2 generations and to our laboratory to the granddaughter Heli who is one of the scientists. Her contribution made it possible to make cremated remains help trees grow instead of harm the soil biology. We learnt that ashes have the same pH as oven cleaner and great Care is required to return them to the circle of life. This is what the spirit of Legacy is all about. Our actions live on beyond our life when we live with purpose. Thankyou Helli and family for your contribution we are eternally grateful.

Breakfast anyone?

reposted from @luiginyc Thx 4 your pics

Introducing Giuseppe "Baby G" de Medici to @instagram .
🌟Born on July 23, 2017 Harold Moscowitz' exact same birthday 🌟#miracle .
#shihtzu #puppy #newpuppy #puppyfirstdayhome #puppiesofinstagram #puppiesofig #shihtzupuppy #shihtzunation #nycdog #babyboy #circleoflife

Pizza is love, pizza is life. 🍕 #circleoflife

Continuing my love story with SCOTLAND....St Margaret's Chapel inside Edinburgh Castle. Built around 1130 AD....Edinburgh is amazing!
#free247lifestyle #SCOTLAND

Saturday sorted 🍩 #donutdisturb #circleoflife

There's a lot going on in this dandelion's world!
#motherearth #balance #circle #circleoflife #theloveofplants #plantlove

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