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Manuel Reyes #36ford 3w coupe!! #circlecityhotrods did some adjusting on the #rideheight and now it sits perfect and steers perfect so Manuel can drive it now! #hopuplive #hamb

Hanging at the Folks house this weekend going through some old photos came across these . This was in the 70's Pops was gunna buy this old roadster for $1500 and passed on it. That's when Hot Rods weren't worth that much , glad to see times are a changing and these old junk Roadsters and Kustoms are reclaiming there fame and fortune #eddiedyeroadster #circlecityhotrods #eastbayspeedandcustom #ambr!! Update these pics where from 74 or 1975

Jim Bobowski with his Eddie Dye Roadster taking home the Bruce Meyer Preservation award and AMBR best paint award. #gnrs2018 congratulations to the team at #circlecityhotrods Jimmy White, Omar, and Dice @circlecityhotrods And @eastbayspeedandcustom for paint. Just missing the big AMBR, i know this car was peoples choice for it. #brucemeyerpreservationaward

In my opinion (and in many other’s as well), the Eddy Dye Roadster was the Best In Show. Big shoutout to Big K and all of Circle City Hot Rods for the excellent work. #eddiedyeroadster #grandnationalroadstershow #circlecityhotrods

Pulling for #circlecityhotrods for the win. Class never goes out of style. #ifitaintbrokedontfixit hopefully these are first and current #ambr #1950/2018 #eddiedyeroadster #billneikamp #firstambrawardwinner #gnrs2018 #grandnationalroadstershow2018

#grandnationalroadstershow a couple of survivors making their return at the grand stage. #eddiedyeroadster #johnbarnes3window #rockabillyjesus #circlecityhotrods

My pick for the AMBR and absolute favorite.. Outstanding work from @circlecityhotrods and everyone involved in this build.. Thanks #circlecityhotrods #gnrs #hopuplive

The Eddie Dye Roadster waiting for thier AMBR trophy!👍🏻#circlecityhotrods

I am not exactly sure what to say except that I am very proud of my very talented friends @circlecityhotrods @hotrodford @omarcarb @dice43 @eastbayspeedandcustom for the amazing job on a very tough 2 year restoration of an incredible hot rod originally built in 1951. I've seen the car almost everyday since the project began and seen the pain and life it took for these guys to make a wretched pile of metal into what we see here.
I spent the past two weeks or so helping anyway I could to get the car done. It had been entered in the running for the most prestigious award for hot rods called America's Most Beautiful Roadster at @grandnationalroadstershow which is the longest running indoor car show in the USA. We had all said all along that a traditional style car like this couldn't win these days against contemporary style builds costing a cool million clams. We'll we barley made it and once we saw the car done, outside, in motion we were all stunned and found ourselves looking at what we all feel now is a contender. Not that it's all about winning, but this car turned out beyond what I think any of us thought it would be. It's so unique and intense while being classy, I'm sort of a loss for words!
Anyway, very proud to call all involved friends and grateful to lend a very small hand in its history. We'll see what the weekend brings 🤔🏆😎 #eddiedyeroadster #cchr #gnrs2018 #circlecityhotrods

Another epic day yesterday on #boogalootours we started off with #circlecityhotrods @hotrodford was so good to us even though he is very busy. Then we went to mooneyes and we're left to roam the machine shop!

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