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Chocolate pudding with cinnamon ice cream for dessert ☺️ #dishoom #cinnamonicecream

Cinn-fully good. #CinnamonIceCream

Forget homework, I want more pie
#julianpie #pumpkin #peachapple #cinnamonicecream

Pietrippin with @vanessaballi. # julian #applepie #cinnamonicecream

Been coming here since I was five, even though it's become a bit of a tourist trap it will forever hold a special place in my heart ❤️🍤🍺😊 #cinnamonicecream #home #familyadventures #love

3.14.17 #piday2017 #DutchApplePie with #cinnamonicecream since they ran out of vanilla


Dessert last night was the famous @biritecreamery on 18th street! From the line out front and around the corner I knew I had to have it 😂 this little ice cream shop had amazingly unique flavors! I got a scoop of milk chocolate peanut butter which had fudge and chocolate peanut candies (reeses pieces) and a scoop of ricanelas which was cinnamon ice cream with snickerdoodle cookie chunks inside. I've had the salt and straw cinnamon flavor and this was just as good, if not better. As you can probably guess, I can't tell you which was better!! They were both insane. The flavors were so loud and strong. I loved the crunch of the peanut candies in the chocolate pb flavor and I loved the snickerdoodles in the other ice cream flavor as well. Definitely check out bi rite if you can it's so delicious!

This Cinnamon @graeters flavor continues to be my favorite seasonal variety - they bring it out annually, around the Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday season; and since I placed this current @graeters online order back in early January, when the flavor was still in the online shop (and set the delivery date for May), I didn't have to worry about waiting another full year to enjoy it😈. To me, cinnamon ice cream should ALWAYS be sweet - not spicy/hot like Big Red gum, Red Hots candy, etc. Sorry (not sorry), those candies just aren't my style - ESPECIALLY in a frozen treat. A lot of people rate this particular @graeters flavor unfavorably, saying it's too "basic" & doesn't have enough cinnamon🙄. We're all entitled to our own taste preferences, of course; but I LOVE the fact that this super thick, frozen custard-like Cinnamon ice cream embodies an indulgent (yet NOT overwhelming) cinnamon-sugar, sweet cream, and vanilla flavor & aroma. While I do prefer to enjoy this flavor around that Thanksgiving/Christmas season (there's something about that sweet cinnamon-sugar aroma/taste that screams, "HOLIDAY BALANCED INDULGENCE ALERT!"), I definitely still enjoyed my portion right now in May, as we get even further into summertime ☀️. On the plain-yet-fabulous scale, I rate this Cinnamon flavor a solid 9/10 - a creamy, sweet, cinnamon-sugar delight🍦. Keep that spicy/hot Big Red & Red Hots candy vibe far away from MY frozen desserts!🙅🏼. Please stay tuned for more food/ice cream reviews! Thank you for reading & for your support🙌🏻.

Vietnamese Cinnamon Gelato for your Tuesday tacos

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