“You lied to me, and I hate you for it...but I also hate myself..because I believed you, I believed in us...but I hate myself even more for still loving you, for still loving you with all my heart.” ~ Elizabeth Midford ~ (( random tags )) #cielxlizzie #lizziexciel #elizabethxciel #cielxelizabeth #blackbutler #astrexlizzie #astrexelizabeth #lizziemidford #elizabethmidford #lizzieandciel #elizabethandciel #cielandlizzie #cielandelizabeth

// OPEN RP!! // It was late at night, around midnight of so maybe ten minutes passed midnight when the small female found herself staring at the ceiling of her room, she hasn’t even changed into her nightgown yet, or even let out her hair. Her thoughts were all over to the place, and sleeping was far from her mind. She has had a hard couple of days, and today well yesterday? Since it’s already 12 something so it’s already morning for the next day, anyway that doesn’t matter. Yesterday she confirms that the ciel everyone knew for the last three years wasn’t really ciel. The was one of the most painful things she had ever had to do. But it had to be done. That day everyone left for the two brother to talk this through and figure out what’s going on, she was also going to head home but Ciel, the real one asked her to stay for a few days. She agreed happy to spend a bit of time with her real fiancé but she also didn’t want to stay at the same time because she knew she would have to deal with Astre and see him around the manor. And she couldn’t bring herself to face him properly. As all kinds of thoughts came to her head she sat up and swung her legs over the edge of the bed, she slowly stood up and tried her best to be as quite as she could walking towards the door and cracking it enough for her to slip through, she then tiptoed downstairs towards the kitchen and cracked open the door but to her surprise there stood Astre sitting on the bar as Sebastian looked through the cubers, she sighed and stood up straight and slowly back away but before she could get far the dressed in black butler opened the door and smirked his devilish smirk bowing “miss Elizabeth, do you need something a snack? Something to drink?” The butler asked glancing up at the girl who was a bit +

“You lied to me, and I hate you for it...but I also hate myself..because I believed you, I believed in us...but I hate myself even more for still loving you, for still loving you with all my heart.” ~ Elizabeth Midford ~ (( random tags )) #cielxlizzie #lizziexciel #elizabethxciel #cielxelizabeth #blackbutler #astrexlizzie #astrexelizabeth #lizziemidford #elizabethmidford #lizzieandciel #elizabethandciel #cielandlizzie #cielandelizabeth

“I can’t believe she chose him over our ciel.” “She’s so annoying.” “After all our ciel did for her she chose him over our ciel.” “I hate her, she doesn’t care for anyone but herself.” “Ciel And Lizzie that ship shouldn’t exist, she doesn’t care for him. Sebciel forever!” I hear and see all these comments all the time. Now I get where some of you are coming from, but at the same time you have to see where Lizzie is coming from and why she does what she does. Lizzie is not selfish nor as annoying as you think. Yes Lizzie broke curls family ring but she had no idea it was his family ring and at the time she confused and going through a lot, she was still trying to get use to Ciel being so gloomy and so distant from her which she wasn’t used to. But that gives her no reason to broke his ring so I’ll give you guys that, that was kind of annoying. Now for her childish attitude, her loud squeaky voice and stubbornness it’s more of an act, well somewhat an act. I believe she does like cute things but not as much as she shows, she knows that Ciel is trying to grow up way to fast and wants to feel grown up as well, so she decided she would become a suitable wife for Ciel and someone who would protect him, as you see in book of Atlantic and other manga she refuses to wear high heels because she knows she will be taller then Ciel if she does, and how disappointed she is not being able to wear her heels. And the way when Ciel’s back is turned when they went shopping together she was looking down and not so happy, but when he says something about a store she gets all bubbly and hyper as expected of her from Ciel. She hides the fact that she can sort fight because Ciel said he would be scared of her once they were younger and the thought he would find it ugly. So she hides that side of her for him. I believe she is a very mature girl who acts less mature so Ciel will feel more grown up, i feel like her childish ways are mostly an act, not all of it but most of it. Now moving on to why she is siding with the real Ciel, i get it, it pisses people off after all they have been through but look at it through Lizzie’s eyes, when they went misses and were announced dead she+

"He finally returned to the mansion, but he wasn't able to laugh anymore. I love Ciel. I love Ciel's smile. Why is it as though we always seem to end up going in circles? How can I bring back his smile?"

#lizziemidford #elizabethmidford #lizziexciel #cielxlizzie #blackbutler #kuroshitsuji #elizabethmidfordcosplay #blackbutlercosplay

"I wanted to stay cute infront of you forever." And she's going to protect him until their final moments.
We stan a healthy relationship 👌👌👌💜💜💜💙💙💙💗💗💗
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Aren’t we just the cutest, Ciel?

It's impossible to cut the puppet master's strings if you're unaware you're the puppet... #cielizzy #cielxlizzie #cielxlizzy #blackbutler #kuroshitsuji #cielphantomhive #shierufantomuhaivu #elizabethmidford #lizzymidford #lizziemidford

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