It’s Monday! I missed Fxmixer Friday last week... so here’s @kianayouwanna ‘s other idea, #marshallmonday !

Got a moment to stop at North Pas after going to the paint store. Trying to get my chops back after working for 6 days straight with no park skating :( At the end I hit the coping with my skate because I’m still terrified of hitting the coping fakie. Any tips for fakie stalls?🖤

B•L•U•E @rhinolaces
Loving this wrap around to 180 I saw @chloeopal rocking—definitely a new favorite!

Looks like I’ll be skating again in a few days! Nothing broken!
180 to toestop stall to 180 📷 by @fxmixer

Split Stall ☠️
Thanks for the shot of me smelling the floor @fxmixer

🌞 Photography by @fxmixer

W r i g h t w o o d 🌲
This tiny little park up in the mountains was so beautiful and therapeutic. Can’t wait to go back 🖤 Who wants to plan a trip?!

Wish I was here right now

❤️+💙 Double one-handed hoho’s with @kianayouwanna ! Featuring: Doubles by @gabbitrabbit & @oldmangnarly // @letidroid & @iguessimalyssa 😭💕 📸 @fxmixer

Surfing the concrete waves 🌊
Loving the curves and motion by this shot by @fxmixer. Loving that my #vertexwheels consistently get me to the pool tiles/coping

Sunset skate 🌞 🎥 by @hellotoanewadventure

Twin road rash 🤟🏼
📷 by @fxmixer

Concentration face 🧐
This is the first time at Venice I’ve tried to do much in the deep pool aside from carving around. This weekend I repeatedly got my feet on the coping and landed a 180 handplant couple times. This trick has not come naturally to me but I haven’t given up! 📷 in the flow bowl by the one and only @fxmixer

Working on some street skating this morning!! 🐾

It’s not every day you meet someone you look up to so much. I can’t truly express the amount of gratitude I have for this last weekend. @ladytrample you are so wonderful and kick ass. Thank you for creating @chicksinbowls so I could be a part of @ciblosangeles and meet so many people who have forever changed my life. 💕 As always, thank you @fxmixer for capturing this moment.

With a fever and a healing ankle, I probably had no business being at @ciblosangeles meetup, but I missed my skates and I had been looking forward to it for weeks. Always a treat to see so many badass skaters. Of course, the coolest to watch @ladytrample doing her stuff in person 🤩

Hands in the air if you’re excited for tomorrow’s meetup in LA!!! CIB founder is on route to hook up a killer session with the @ciblosangeles crew including @iguessimalyssa who’s already got her hands raised up high 💁‍♀️👌
Capture by @fxmixer ・・・
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So stoked to see so many skaters out at Venice this morning! Thanks to @rhinolaces for making my skates look spiffy with these unbreakable reds. They have metal in them and if you can manage to break them, rhino will replace them for free.

Swishy dress spins 👗

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