🦌Double stag doubles🦌 with the incredible @octanejane94 🖤
📸 @fxmixer

Guess who has two thumbs and got to finally shred Venice skate park this morning after four years of waiting? 👍 THIS GUY 👍 thanks @cibvenicebeach @ciblosangeles for timing your meetup perfectly! It was so good to see so many rad people who inspire me every day on insta. #chicksinbowls #caitiandjamiedousa #venicebeach #cibvenicebeach #ciblosangeles #sheshredscocrew @sheshredsco

@octanejane94 and I practicing this backbend/handplant move at Venice today. Inspired by @caitfish & @jadedvanna93 💗 sorry about the loud wind!

Less then a year ago skating a huge bowl like this was only a dream...and now my dream has come true! 💕 First time in Verdugo skatepark and I fell in love with this bowl. Can’t wait to go back to come up with new lines and pump it harder. 😃

Here’s some video footage from @our.daily.shred ‘s #summerofsin2018 this past weekend! The future of this sport is bright and limitless! Featured skaters— @indyjammajones @olivia.wardlow @shellbeach_sk8 @bitzy18 @hellotoanewadventure and myself
#180air #ditadeathdrop #travellinghoho #wallride #millerflip #handplantsplit

A handful of photos from this weekend #summerofsin2018 starting with 🧀
I loved exploring the farm almost as much as skating the ramps!

#summerofsin2018 with @our.daily.shred at the gorgeous Dos Pueblos Orchid Farm was unbelievable. I soaked in enough good vibes to carry me for awhile. What an amazing sport and community. Can’t wait to sort through all my footage to share some highlights!

I finally did it: went to a skatepark all by myself and dropped in. Thanks for the confidence boost @iguessimalyssa @squigggy @ciblosangeles! •
#ganzallein #moxirollerskates #moxilolly #ciblosangeles

Welp! I got a pretty bad cold for my birthday weekend and missed out on some pretty sweet skate opportunities due to it..😿 but, Thank you to everyone who reached out to say Happy Birthday and my friends for checking up on me. Thank you to @derekdaymusic , @meander_sylph , @nikkbest , and @amber_nicole_adams for preforming at my birthday. I couldn't have asked for anything more perfect than all of your preformances. ~
NOW, this incredible artwork was gifted to me last night by the most amazifying, weirdiest, lovingful, beautifulastic @gabbitrabbit ! Thank you for this giant sticker (and beautiful card) that I will cherish forever. 🍕
We all struggle with mental illness of our own. Whether it's the small obstacles or the giant mountains that we have to cross to get right with ourselves, we all face issues. Thanks to roller skating and the friends I've made here, this was one of my favorite birthdays yet and got me through a dark time in my life. The gift of this community means everything to me.🖤
#rollerskates #orginialartwork #gabbitrabbit #birthday #mentalhealth #community #chicksinbowls #ciblosangeles #rabbit #pizza #love #friends

So excited to get back to skating this weekend! 11/11 days of work in a row, almost complete. And vacation on the horizon!

save the date!! saturday june 16th starting at 8am, @cibvenicebeach will be hosting a shred sesh at venice skatepark! as always, all levels and all wheels welcome (except maybe bikes 😔) ~ more awesome goodie giveaways from both @wickedskatewear AND @moxiskateshop !! can't wait, see y'all there! 💘🌟

#ciblosangeles #cibla #chicksinbowls #rollerskating #thingstodoinla #losangeles #venicebeach #wickedskatewear #moxiskateshop

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