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Dottie King and SMWC Alum Lynn Morales enjoy a nice reception in Capri Italy. #ciaosmwc @smwcprez

Beautiful! Touring Capri by boat! #ciaosmwc

Deb Lary is all flowered out for the gondola ride in Venice! #ciaosmwc

Happy Mother's Day from Venice! There are 3 mother-daughter couples on traveling on the 2014 SMWC Italy Trip! #ciaosmwc

Taking the ferry to Venice! 2104 SMWC Alum Trip #ciaosmwc

We encountered a strong thunder storm as we walked to the Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi on our tour of Italy. @smwcprez #ciaosmwc

Belen Gonzales sporting her SMWC hat in the rain at Assisi #ciaosmwc

Ciao Assisi! We are all loaded up and ready for our bus trip to Pompeii. #ciaosmwc 2014 Alum Trip

Dottie King and Colleen North enjoy the sites of Pompeii! #ciaosmwc @smwcprez


Dottie King and Alum Elizabeth Jacobi say ciao after a lovely trip through Italy! #ciaosmwc @smwcprez

Ciro and Presidentessa Dottie on the last evening of the 2014 SMWC Alum Trip #ciaosmwc @smwcprez

Our Italian guide Ciro saying ciao to his new friends from the Woods! #ciaosmwc

It's been such an honor to travel around Italy with the most wonderful people I've ever met. I'll miss everyone dearly and I feel as if I've been adopted by 40 new people 😍😍😍 #ciaosmwc #italia

I call this one: Black cat in the sun! Positano was made famous by the movie "Under the Tuscan Sun" #ciaosmwc

More shopping! Jovanna looking at a store in Positano. #ciaosmwc

Beautiful coastline city of Positano Italy on the Almafi Coast. #ciaosmwc

Enjoying our last day in Italy in the town of Positano. #ciaosmwc

Here's to the Woods! #ciaosmwc

Beautiful! Touring Capri by boat! #ciaosmwc

Touring the grottos of Capri by boat! #ciaosmwc

Selfie with Elizabeth Jacobi riding in a convertible taxi to the top of the Island of Capri. #ciaosmwc

Dana North makes a wish at the Sphinx in Anacapri in the Villa of San Michele. #ciaosmwc

Dottie and Wayne enjoying dinner with the #Globus group in Capri! #ciaosmwc @smwcprez

Our #Globus guide Ciro entertaining Belen and Lynn during dinner at Weber Hotel in Capri! 2014 SMWC Alum Trip #ciaosmwc

Belen Gonzales looking lovely in Capri Italy! #ciaosmwc 2014 SMWC Alum Trip

President King addresses the group traveling in Italy at a reception in Capri #ciaosmwc @smwcprez

Dottie King and SMWC Alum Lynn Morales enjoy a nice reception in Capri Italy. #ciaosmwc @smwcprez

The Green Grotto of the Isle of Capri. 2014 SMWC Alum Trip #ciaosmwc

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